Adam GoldsteinRoyal Caribbean’s Adam Goldstein was on FOX Business’s @MorningsMaria yesterday. The FOX analysts questioned Mr. Goldstein after the terrorists’ attack on the airport and subway in Belgium yesterday.  

Mr. Goldstein, the President and Chief Operating Officer of the cruise line, explained that his company makes a lot of effort into its security. Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships call on approximately 500 ports annually. Like other companies, it makes judgments based on the security information it has received prior to calling on a port. Occasionally, it will decide that it is not in the best interests of the cruise line and its guests to go to a particular port, like the recent case of Bali which its Celebrity Solstice and Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas  avoided.

Most places Royal Caribbean sails to are "absolutely safe," Mr. Goldstein claims.

He said that after the terrorist attacks last year in Paris, there was a "brief" decline in business of a week or two from Northern Europe countries. He said the effect on his cruise line business was "de Royal Caribbean Jim Cramerminimis."  He does not expect anything different after this latest attack in Brussels.

The FOX News panel also questioned Mr. Goldstein on the effect of the Zika virus on bookings. He also downplayed the effect of this serious medical problem, which is believed to cause abnormally underdeveloped heads (microcephaly) in newborn children.

Mr. Goldstein said: "We are not aware that we ever saw any sort of impact on the business and it doesn’t seem to be a conversation today."

This is an interesting perspective. Yesterday, another financial show on CNBC, Jim Cramer’s MAD MONEY, suggested that although cruise lines deny that the Zika virus has affected their operations to date, it will severely impact cruising in the coming months

You can hear Mr. Goldstein below.

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  • Peter45

    Mr. Walker,it looks like the corrupt Bahamas can be bough even by terrorist, as long as the money is green for the PLP government, they don’t care if the blood of the innocent is red. A nation for sale, a port for the pirates of the world and every dishonest human on earth. I love your blog Sir, it’s one of the most upfront truthful information site on the web, tells you about the reality of the cruise world and it’s ports of call.

  • Andy Smithers

    RCCL puts a lot into security of where they port. That is a good one line and worthy of a big belly laugh.All you have to do is read Cruise Law for a week and you know how untrue his statements are.

  • tinikini

    So….notice how he says if it is not in the best interest of the line or the guest we won’t go there. He says the “LINE” first and then the guests. Obviously the line means more than the guests. Like I would trust him and his line to keep me safe. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RL

    @Peter45 Interpol apologized and indicated that they made a mistake and that the brothers were citizens of Morocco, not the Bahamas.