Hospitals NassauA U.S. citizen was reportedly the victim of medical malpractice at a large public hospital (Princess Margaret) in Nassau, Bahamas and is now telling the world about his ordeal.

As explained in a local Fox News station and in a gofundme page, Jake Tyler (Beiersdorf), a young man from Minnesota, traveled to Nassau in January of this year to work at an annual poker tournament. After he experienced severe pain in his right lower flank, he was taken to Princess Margaret Hospital where he reportedly faced a medical nightmare. Here is what the online information contends happened:

Jake "waited 14 hours until they finally decided that he had a ruptured appendix and needed surgery. They opened him up down the center of his abdomen from his breastbone to the top of his groin. Following the surgery they thought it was best to leave him unstitched . . . for the next 4 (yes, FOUR) days. That Monday they finally gave him just 13 loosely sewn, superficial epidermal stitches (with several open gaps remaining and where at least 35-45 staples were required), and zero inner stitches reattaching the fascia (muscle and fat layer) within- which helps keep ones ‘insides" from basically falling out."  

After this ill-conceived surgery, Jake was reportedly sent to a "(filthy) communal room" with many other patients where his friend reportedly came to see him and witnessed "unbelievable unsanitary surroundings. It was just plain gross . . ."

His friend obtained his eventual discharge but had to return him to Princess Margaret for a final checkup and determination whether he was fit to fly back to the U.S. His checkup was held in what is described as an "unsanitary storage closet with random items strewn everywhere."

Once back in the U.S., he underwent emergency surgery where it was discovered that the surgeons in the Bahamas did not stitch the muscle layer beneath his skin and did not even remove his appendix (which had not ruptured as they claimed).

If you are an ill or injured cruise passenger (like in a moped accident or taken from a cruise ship) in Nassau, you do not want anyone to take you to the Princess Margaret hospital!  We have heard complaints from many cruise passengers over the years who have ended up there. There is a saying in the Bahamas that Princess Margaret hospital is "the reason local Bahamians pray not to get sick."   

It is better to use travel insurance and get back to the U.S. As a last resort, be prepared to pull out your credit card and be admitted to a private hospital (like Doctors Hospital) in Nassau which may be inferior to U.S. standards but is a definite step above what you will experience at Princess Margaret.  

March 9, 2016 Update: The Nassau Guardian published an article today about this story, stating that the Public Hospitals Authority and the Princess Margaret Hospital will be investigating the allegations. 

March 10, 2016 Upgrade: The public hospital denied everything today, except admitting that Mr. Beiersdorf was not seen for an extraordinary period of time according to the Nassau Guardian. A well known local Bahamian surgeon not involved in the medical case claims: " . . .  very scurious allegations defame the professional integrity of an entire institution, a number of medical professionals and a country as a whole." My thoughts?  Denial and misplaced patriotism.  


Video: Article and video Fox9  

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  • Lori

    Unbelievable! Thank you once more for sharing information we travelers need to know.

  • Joe

    It just seems that Jim Walker’s Cruise law news has it out for the Bahamas. If he would only look at every place else in the world, he would see that things happen. It just looks like whatever happens in the Bahamas he has to make it a real tragedy and make people think that the Bahamas is sure a horrible place to visit. To let you know the Bahamas is made up of over 700 hundred Islands and not just Nassau. It’s like saying because I had a bad experience in Florida that the whole United States is bad. Wake up and look at every place else and stop picking on the Bahamas

  • Joe:

    The majority of people who read this blog are cruise passengers, and many sail into Nassau on a cruise ship. They don’t visit the family islands of the Bahamas. Many who become ill or injured during the cruise from the U.S. are dumped by the cruise lines in Princess Margaret Hospital. These families deserve to know what Bahamians like you already know, that this public hospital is a filthy dump in a dangerous city. Yes, there are other dangers which cruise passengers may encounter while cruising in the Caribbean. I try my best to warn them about that too.

  • tinikini

    WOW!!! So sorry for this man. My thoughts and prayers go out to him for a speedy, complete recovery!!!

    I live in a small town……….our hospital will kill you. That is why we all travel 120 miles to receive decent medical care. So yes Joe, there are horrible hospitals every where. Everyone should know about the dangers of horrible hospitals no matter where you live or where you travel, it’s called staying alive. Health and Travel insurance are just a must these days, no matter what the cost, so you do not end up in this situation and be treated poorly.

    When we travel we buy the best policy we can find that includes air evacuation. We generally pay between $250.00 – $350.00 each, depending on what we are doing and where we are going. We are not rich, we save and travel every other year. It is a small price to pay for your piece of mind, as anything can happen. Thanks for the info, Jim!

  • Corrica

    He’s absolutely right. I’m a Bahamian and I agree with Jake. It;s unsanitary and the waiting process is outrageous. When I am sick, I stay home and take care of myself the healthy old fashioned way. Some of the nurses and doctors are rude. They’ll walk pass and don’t call them cause they’ll ignore you.

  • alinda



  • Axel Krack

    That’s incredible… pure horror.

    I’m just out of our hospital and I’m very lucky about our health system here in Germany. OK, you’ll find hospitals… and hospitals… so keep your eyes open, always.

    I had the same as this young gentlemen, couple of years ago in Ushuais – Argentina. But, I survived the surgery – laparoscopy.

    Please have look on the web page of this hospital…

    – A friendly environment –

    The Department of Surgery at the Princess Margaret Hospital offer the most advanced equipment and a surgical team dedicated to providing high quality care.

    Whether you are admitted as an inpatient or out-patient for an elective surgery, you’ll receive sophisticated care from our specialized surgeons and a team of dedicated support professionals. Our five large operating rooms and state of the art equipment, allow our surgical team the environment to simply focus and care for the patient.

    Huh, should I laugh or weep?

    I always keep in mind, that my insurance tranport me home, if possible.

    Many thanks again Jim, for your report

  • star

    So are you saying that Doctors Hospital, the private hospital is “inferior” to US standards? Not likely #tryagain

    FYI, PMH is the typical public hospital, which means it is crowded and sometimes understaffed based on demand. Which is a common problem at many hospitals in the US. This is a negative situation but it could happen anywhere. #bereal

  • Empty Pockets

    Proving once again that Americans are the dumbest animals on the planet. They think it’s America all over the world. Why anyone would go to a 3rd world country like the Bahama’s is beyond me. My wife’s family, which I call the Magoo’s, goes on an annual cruise to the Bahama’s every Sept. which is also the peak of hurricane season and the morons never buy travel/evacuation insurance . That’s why I call them the Magoo’s and they are running on a death wish. This also goes got idiots that go to Mexico, Costa Rica, etc. Thank You very much for kicking the rock off that hospital but Doctors Hospital on Nassau probably isn’t any better.

  • Suzi

    Here is a link to the Freeport News that tells the story of a family that lost their child because of negligence at Princess Mary Hospital:–family

    When the family finally was able to have a hospital in Miami consider repairing the faulty work done at PMH they refused to release the records! It is a butcher shop there at Princess Mary Hospital. They should be shuttered.