Navigator of the SeasI have received inquiries on Facebook for information regarding a person overboard from the Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas who apparantly disappeared into the water late last night.

Passengers on the ship are stating that there was an “Oscar, Oscar, Oscar” (man overboard) announcement around 11:00 P.M. The cruise ship began a search. Lighted life preservers were thrown overboard. The Coast Guard was notified and a helicopter arrived on the scene after an hour and a half. Passengers commented that it was very dark and difficult circumstances to try and rescue anyone.

The cruise ship has returned to port in Port Everglades without rescuing the overboard person or locating his or her body. It is currently unknown whether the person is a passenger or crew member.

Cruise lines may be unable to prevent overboards but there is technology available to automatically detect and quickly respond to these type of emergencies. Take a look at one such system which is readily available on the market. Unfortunately, cruise lines like Royal Caribbean seem to have invested only in virtual balconies, fast internet, the FlowRider and other bells and whistles designed to WOW the customers.

Photo Credit: Ahecht CC BY-SA 4.0, creatiive commons / wikimedia

March 6, 2016 Update: Royal Caribbean released the followings statement:

“On Friday, March 4, 2016, at approximately 10:55 p.m., a guest onboard Navigator of the Seas reported that they had witnessed another guest going overboard from their stateroom balcony. A review of the ship’s closed-circuit camera footage observed a 46-year-old male guest from the U.S. going overboard from deck 10. The location of the ship at the time the guest went overboard was marked on the ship’s Global Positioning System (GPS), and the ship, along with the Coast Guard, conducted a search for the missing guest. Early Saturday morning, the ship was advised by the Coast Guard that they would be assuming control of the search and the ship resumed its journey to Port Everglades, Florida. Royal Caribbean’s Care Team is providing support to the guest’s family and our thoughts and prayers are with them. Navigator of the Seas sailed a six-night itinerary that departed Port Everglades, on February 28, made a port calls to Georgetown, Grand Cayman; Falmouth, Jamaica; and Labadee, Haiti.”

  • Owen

    Jim, I”m sorry but i don’t agree with you on this one. If someone thats unbalanced…or is trying to do away with could it possibly be the cruise lines fault??
    I”ve taken over 20 cruises, and never had a problem, I found royal caribbean, to be very courteous and to go out of their way for me, on many occasions…..its not the cruise lines fault, if someone is nuts……PERIOD!!!!

  • Marie

    Its unbelievable all these people going overboard. On one of my cruises, a crew member jumped overboard during the night, but he was rescued and sent home the next day.
    They are not all that lucky, unfortunately. Looks like its become a habit.

  • Adam

    We were on this cruise. According to a close source a 20s male was upset and jumped from 10th deck right in front of his mom. We stopped for a couple hours then left again. He did it intentionally.

  • tinikini

    For the life of me I can not understand why the ships do not put in the MOB systems. People in general have to know what happened, as well as the poor families left behind, it is just human nature. I lost my brother to suicide….he was not nuts, OWEN, he was bullied. Did your parents not teach you any compassion???

    These ships should put these systems in to cover their own azz. If someone intentionally jumps, they jump. If someone is being stupid and/or intoxicated and they fall, then they fall. If someone is thrown overboard, then they are thrown. If someone is murdered and then thrown overboard, then they are murdered and thrown. Wouldn’t you want to be able to prove what happened if someone jumped at their own will? If people were being attacked and thrown over wouldn’t you want to know so you could correct the problem and actually help with an investigation and prosecute?

    I have a good friend who works for a company that makes the security systems and cameras for the cruise lines along with countless other entities, so you are on camera all of the time on the ships and they know exactly where you are and what you are doing. They have footage of events, they lie and say they do not.

    My point is, is that no one will ever know what is going on with overboards and people missing, until you actually find and rescue them, and hear their story or find a body for an autopsy. Without MOB systems we all know what the likely hood in rescuing them is. The cruise lines say the system is unreliable and sends out false alarms. We are talking about a person’s life here. Are we really all to believe that every person that goes overboard on a ship is a suicide, a drunk, or a fool?

    I understand that each side has a duty of personal responsibility and conduct. But, when you serve the public you must protect them from themselves, and yourself from them. When you have crew in these working environments you must serve them and protect them as well. Not because you have to, it should be because you want to and want to avoid lawsuits and investigations. It just seems so simple to me when you have bizillions at your disposal and a reputation on the line. Business is business, take care of it. It kills me how they continue to sweep things under the rug and sail on with no public outcry.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends and crew during this trying time. I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Stacey

    We were on this ship as well. One of the crew staff told us it was a man in his 40s who was vacationing with his mom.

  • Owen

    I”m sorry folks.and I truly am sorry for any families losses…..I”ma vietnam veteran, and have seen horrible things in my life, and perhaps I”m to old school, but i truly believe ones responsibility is for oneself, I’ve been around along time and been through a lot, and I”m sorry, but I don’t believe the cruise lines should be responsible for ones behavior, as when you go out in public,I”ve done more the 27 cruises….and thats the way I feel

  • Lisa

    I was also on this cruise, and heard it was a 47 year old man who had not had a drink in about 10 years, and decided to drink on this cruise. He supposedly got into a fight with his mother, and jumped off his 10th deck balcony. Royal Caribbean, especially the captain and crew did everything possible to locate the male.

  • Tara

    We were on this cruise as well and were told that two people (at least one in their 20s) were fighting and one fell overboard.

  • Anonymous

    It was a 45 year old man on a Christian retreat. His mother was with him when he jumped. He was a recovering alcoholic that had been struggling for years with his addiction. On the last day of the cruise he succumbed to his illness and slipped back into the bottle. His Mom and him got into heavy discussions regarding his drinking. She was trying to calm him down as he was distraught to let his fellow Christian group and family down. He was crying and became angry with himself. His Mom was as you can imagine upset to see her son slipping back into bad habits, so words were exchanged. He told his mom he could not fight it any more or be a disappointment anymore. And jumped. I am very close to this situation. The rumors are flying and the family is expected to release a statement as soon as they are reunited on shore. Please send your prayers as you can imagine this is a very tragic situation. I hope I have put a stop to the rumors. The staff on the boat were very attentive to the Mom, giving her all the help and support she needed as well as a doctor and social worker and online pastor.

  • J raya

    I was on this cruise and I feel that Royal Caribbean,did everthing they could do to rescue the person. I just wish they would let us know who it was and their age. I will prayer for this family ..

  • Jayme Past

    Thank you for the confirmation. My heart has ached for this individual since the Capt’s announcement. My thoughts and prayers go out for him and his family. #godspeed

  • Cab

    Flow riders and rock walls are why I book RC
    You can spend all the money in the world but never be able to control human emotions

  • Keren

    Thank you for clarifying this tragic situation.
    I’ve been thinking about it all day and actually met a son (around his 40s) travelling with his mother in Jamaica (red stripe beach) and my boyfriend wanted to know if this was the person.
    Thanks again for commenting on this.


  • Sue Ford

    All Royal Caribbean ships have navigation computers and extensive CCTV systems with precise time codes. It should be possible to pinpoint the exact location of where the person jumped. If he was drunk and suicidal of course he may not be trying to stay alive.

  • Silverio

    God bless their terrible decision.

  • Adam

    Thank you for the true story. I am very sorry and will continue to pray for everyone involved.

  • Owen

    whats going to be next??……..dining room police to make sure you don’t over eat??
    people, there has to come a time when one takes responsibility , for ones self….
    it seems to me, that george orwell”s book “1984”……..seems to have come to fruition
    very sad.Indeed……

  • Michael

    I also was on this ship at the time of the event. I was in the picture gallery when the urgent “Oscar Oscar” message came on. I obviously didn’t know what it meant so I just continued business as usual. As I was walking back to my cabin I noticed that the ship was slightly tilted and I thought that was quite odd. I looked out off of the balcony and saw lights flashing in the distance so I thought we were at Ft.Lauderdale already. When the captain announced that there was a man overboard then everything clicked into place. The boat was tilted because it was turning around, and the lights I saw were the life preservers. I stood out there with my brother and mother for a while trying to see at least something, at the same time, a rescue team was being loaded into the water. After a while I think that everyone knew that their efforts were fruitless and no one could survive 20 minutes in the ocean, and it was much too dark to find a body. When the Coast Guard arrived we turned around and headed to Port Everglades.

  • Bill

    My wife and I were on the 8th level below the individuals room. Our door was open. We heard arguing and a lot of noise. Figured it was just too much partying on the last night. Shortly after we heard the alert. Unless all passengers are provided with personal monitoring devices, I don’t think tragedies like this can be avoided. Then the PC Police would get involved. I can only imagine what was going through the gentlemen’s mind after being clean for so many years and then surrendering to his addiction. He has no more problems, my thoughts are with his mother and family.

  • Susan harmon

    I was also on board this ship. When the lighted life preserves went overboard my heart sank. I knew someone was in the water. We watched them search, hopeful they would find him. I didn’t know this person but it was a terrible feeling to turn around and head back to the port. I’m sorry for the family’s loss.

  • Suzanne

    The cruise line is not at fault. All the technology in the world can’t prevent someone from ending his life. I have sailed with Royal Caribbean many times and they are extremely safety conscious. My condolences to the family.

  • Anonymous

    A reputable crew members told me that there were cameras that said he did not commit suicide. Just to clarify it was NOT suicide, it was an accident. There were camera’s that got it all on camera, they show him trying to get into the boat holding on and his Mom trying to pull him in. So for you all to speculate otherwise is sad, if it were a member of your family you would not want them to tell the lies that you are telling. I am sure that this family is in enough pain that they do not need to be seeing stupid things like this on the internet that will always be a part of this mans history. So who ever says they were close to the situation did not tell the truth about how it really happened. If or if he didn’t have a problem with alcohol is not the world’s business either. But, the facts are he did not mean to go overboard. It was an accident. Quit putting these things on the internet that are further hurting this family and their friends.

    Do something useful for the family not hurtful. You can pray to find his body so they can give him a funeral and burial and give them peace in an already devastating and difficult situation. Cameras don’t lie but as it seems here on this website some people while they might think they are telling what they perceive that happened, it didn’t happen that way. Don’t put things out there that are not true.

  • Priscilla

    My husband and I were on the cruise and we also heard the captain announce Oscar three times it was a tragic situation we saw the cruise ship rescue boats and coast guards from our balcony it was so sad our prayer go out to the family for their lost

  • Don D. Ada

    Condolences to the victim and their family. Battling a substance addiction is a soft spot for me so my heart really goes out to the victim and their loved ones. If reports are true re decade long sobriety and then relapsing, on a Christian retreat to boot… what a heart-breaking and tragic situation. The variables/demons involved in that situation are so explosive, and imho when combined together they end up having an exponential effect on each other. I can’t help but think about it from the victim’s POV, in the sense that they’re possibly trying to grasp all these thoughts/emotions/realizations at the same time:
    relapse after significant dry period
    with family there
    possibly in an emotional/heated exchange
    among a group full of support (but also the guilt/pressure you put on yourself)
    in a surreal environment (10th floor of a larger than life cruise ship, at night, towards the end of the vacation)

    Suicide is never the answer, but pls say a prayer for the troubled soul (and their loved ones). I pray that a lot of the above isn’t what they were actually feeling at the time. God bless

  • Nicknames

    There could be more than 15 – 20 languages spoken ‘under the same roof’ onboard 24/7 year by year, if anyone is going to pay attention in details of all those disappeared, overboard, abandoned or gave up before the term (passengers, staff or crew members) perhaps shall discover that more than 90% were and ARE professionals, strong background experience, qualified, several years work experience in the field, medium to higher educated.
    Not everyone can understand or be part of fan of 15 – 20 languages or more as a cruise ship it is like a small town or even small country, where each individual make a pressure for own fan, own savings, own budget, own comfort, own schedule and resources management, the education and training have an impact over the individual as a professional most of the time used to be focused on each detail, the same as for the individual on duty under pressure of time, personal interests and among the other 15 – 20 or more native languages speakers having the same schedule, pressures and interests. Offshore, most of the time it is optional for each individual who would interact with, while onboard there are many choices but not many choices as most of the time there is someone watching someone else.
    Except the Hotel and Restaurant Industry no other business would resist in such environment 15 – 20 languages or more spoken at the same time, plenty dialects that require attention for understanding and next step, or places that sometime it brings under the same roof all categories of people no matter education or behavior may have with no alternative options for moments up to hours while offshore or days or months (months for team members) while onboard the ship.
    Some parts of world failed strong or even stable economic background because of the multiple languages in use or even multiple dialects used in manufacturing and production environments, around professionals and high skilled workers, it looks like the nice looking and sociable person does not cover all the needs, the understanding of another is expressed in a common language but the understanding may differ for each individual resuming to less-more unsatisfactory for critical domains and critical time.