The Tribune newspaper in Nassau reports that the Bahamas leads the Caribbean in the number of recorded rapes, according to a report by the National Task Force for Gender Based Violence.

The Tribune says that "over a 10-year period, from 2003 to 2013, there were 1,109 reported rapes, according to police statistics. In addition, from 2008 to 2012, annual police reports documented 9,045 incidents where females were the victims of assault in the country. These reports also alluded to there being numerous cases of domestic violence of a non-sexual nature."

Rapes in the Bahamas increased in 2015 when compared to 2014.

The report stated that “the Bahamas has the highest incidence of rape per capita in the Caribbean. The UN Woman narrative on gender-based violence in the Caribbean cites ‘while the worldwide average for rape was 15 per 100,000, The Bahamas has an average of 133 (per 100,000)."

The rate in the U.S. Is somewhere around 28.6 per 100,000. There are almost 5 times as many rapes in the Bahamas as in the U.S. per capita. 

The Bahamas also had a record number of murders last year, which were primarily in Nassau (New Providence). The murder rate in the Bahamas is far more than 30 per 100,00, compared to the U,S, per capita rate or around 4.5 per 100,000

These statistics are something to keep in mind during your next cruise to Nassau. 

  • Marrgaret French

    Why is there so much crime in the Bahamas, it is very sad when I hear people in America talk so bad about the Bahamas. I live in the US but I am proud to be a Bahamian. What happen to the beautiful place that I still call home. There are people in the Bahamas who don’t have a good meal to feed their children every day an now the Bahamas Government want to tax food, come on, food is high as it is. when I visit my family I only buy what I need for the moment ” well except for fish or conch I don’t care how much the cost I buy it, still when I was growing up u got more for the money. Please don’t make the Bahamas a third world country, tighten up on the laws and don’t let the criminals take over.

    PS; the real gangs are the crips and bloods the Bahamian boys won’t stand a chance.

  • Tilly-USA

    Unfortunately Margaret French the worst problem the Bahamas faces today is the corrupt PLP government which is running the country into the ground by the day, and turning the Bahamas into a Socialist state. The PLP is a political group built on a foundation of racism, greed and corruption by their founding father the late Lynden “Little Greedy Motherf****r” Pindling as he was well known to his colleagues. He was the first Prime Minister of the Bahamas after their independence from Britain almost 50 years ago; worst mistake ever in history. When the British were in charge the Bahamas was a true paradise, but after it was handed over to Pindling it is what it is today; a,crime ridden ghetto where criminals have more rights then the victims. What can you expect when their first leader instead of doing what’s right for his will of the people decides to become Columbian drug lords instead for his own personal gain. The Bahamas will only get worst, after so many years of corruption, the ones who dear to challenge the corrupt system will become shark s**t or wild pig s**t; it’s a lost cause.

  • Coreen Diaz

    My husband and I just came back form the Atlantis Hotel in Nassau, and glad to be back home. Yesterday the Bahamian people were rioting and protesting at Cabbage beach because private properties legally closed an access road to the beach. It was scary as hell, the people started to fight with the police and they even drew their semi-machine gun weapons against them. This country is truly unhinging, at night all we herd was gun shots in the distance from Nassau village. I think this will be our last trip to the Bahamas, we’ve seen this place just go down hill over the 7 years of visiting there; truly sad.

  • MJ
    It looks like 2016 is also going to be another “worst” year for the Bahamas; a paradise lost. When will Bahamians get serious and vote in a real government to replace the thieving pirates they call Parliament?

  • TC

    It is virtually impossible for you to hear gunshots from Nassau Village if you’re staying in the Atlantis hotel. This site is issuing false information and that seems to be a fun hobby for Americans. Instead of trying to destroy The Bahamas with false slander and lies, how about you post positive messages like how crime is down or how unemployment is down. Get your facts together before you post random rubbish. Every time i come on this site, its just pure negativity and this should be reported.