The Jamaican Observer reports that cruise ship passengers were injured today "when the Toyota Coaster tour bus they were travelling in was involved in a four-vehicle collision on the Carey Park main road in Trelawny."

The Jamaican newspaper says that "one of the cruise ship passengers was rushed to the Falmouth Public General Hospital."

The newspaper article identified a "grey Toyota Corolla motor car, a white Freightliner truck and a Cruise Bus Excursion Accident yellow Toyota Hiace panel van were the other motor vehicles involved in the collision."

We have learned that the tour bus was on an excursion taking cruise passengers from the Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas (in Falmouth) to Dunn’s River. 

Royal Caribbean released a statement, indicating that one passenger was killed and three others were injured:

"Today 21 guest from Independence of the Seas participating in an excursion were involved in a traffic accident in Falmouth, Jamaica. We are saddened to report that a guest passed away. Three other guest were injured and are being treated at the local hospital. Crew members have gone to the hospital to assist. Join us in keeping them in our thoughts and prayers."

There have been a number of bus excursion accidents in Caribbean islands involving Royal Caribbean and its sister company Celebrity Cruises over the last 6 years.

Photo Credit: Jamaica Observer / Mark Cummings



  • David Stelling

    RIP the person who was killed and best wishes to those injured. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. I took my family on the same tour to Dunn’s river from Freedom of the Seas in August 2015. The bus driver was a complete lunatic who drove in the most dangerous way imaginable. Overtaking on blind bends and when approaching the crest of a hill was a speciality. I believe RCI must take some responsibility for this tragedy as they sell the tour and appear to not monitor the standards of the tour operators. On a side note I thought DRF was the most appalling tourist trap I’ve ever had the misfortune to visit, certainly not worth risking the lives of my wife and family to see. If I never set foot on Jamaican soil again I’ll be happy.

  • Renee Johnson

    Very bad..She had 4 very young kids.

  • tinikini

    How terribly sad this is. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and the other injured passengers as well. I agree with David, except for Colon, Panama has to be the scariest and most appalling port ever!!!

    Proper vetting of companies carrying cruise ship passengers should be on the cruise ship industry. Their staff should ride along on these tours and participate in them incognito and then they would know what goes on when the passengers leave the ship. It is called morality, and the cruise industry has none, or a conscience either, for that matter. Until they clean up their act in a variety of areas, we will continue to chose to refuse to cruise.

  • Larry Jerden

    Sad. Very tragic. Interesting that first two comments want to blame the cruise line, even before the details are known. Other news reports indicate the driver of a dump truck lost control of his vehicle and slammed into the tour bus. If that is accurate, hardly can blame RCI. Why the rush the judgement when it is a cruise ship operator? Just wondering.

  • tinikini


    Because the cruise industry doesn’t give a chit about you or your family. They only care about your money. The show must go on to make their billions. I understand that accidents can happen at any time, no matter where you might be, that is all part of life. However, the point I was trying to make is there are some that can be avoided if proper vetting is done. While I am not a professional cruiser I have gone on approximately 10 shore excursions, all booked through the cruise line. In Costa Rica our bus slid off the road and down into a embankment because of the slick roads from pouring rain and flowing mud. We all could have been killed. But thankfully no one was injured. Instead of calling off the tour they sent another bus to get us and on we went. Kinda stupid don’t ya think???? Not too long ago a lady died zip lining because a strap broke and her safety harness was not attached to her. I am sure if you do some research you will find that the cruise lines hire these companies and then never look back. My feeling is if I pay the cruise line more money than I would pay if I booked it myself, I should be paying for some peace of mind that they have fully vetted a company and continue to watch that company’s performance, and actually give a chit about my family and I.

  • Susan Fuchs
  • PMR

    I was on this ship in fact stayed on the same floor down the hall from the person who passed and I wanted to say RCCL does care the entire crew and ship was shaken by this. Crew members as well as passengers cried for this family. The lines take such good care of us we often forget when we step off the ship how dangerous it can be. I’m so sorry for the loss to this family I hope they find peace.

  • Daniel Chernisky

    I disembark this ship today. As a passenger I must agree we were all shocked by this, and the RCCL crew tryed to help us in anyway they could.

  • SunshineInGA

    If anyone would have gotten ALL of the facts before blaming the cruise line they would have known that a dump truck lost control & ran into the tourist bus. It had NOTHING to do with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line! Everyone is out to make a dollar…that’s how we pay our mortgages & feed our children! But the cruise line was not at fault & neither was the tour guide. Please people, say a prayer for those who lost a loved one today!!!

  • DJ in IL

    I too was on that cruise, in fact we were on the large tour bus just behind the accident and came upon it within seconds of the situation. The local truck driver was the cause of the accident and RCI did everything to comfort the families involved and all of the rest of us on board. I have been on several cruises and several shore trips, with no incidents, but as we all know accidents can happen anywhere. The line was not at fault and those pointing fingers without facts should stop.

  • carrie

    Are there any other news stories telling about the other injured passengers? My table mates never returned to the formal dining room or the children’s area. They were considering this excursion but they were uncertain.

  • Lisa in PA

    I was on this ship and we were all so saddened by this tragedy. We did a different excursion in Jamaica but there seemed to be no safety measures taken and the drivers were all pretty wild. Several people told us that the locals were robbing the bus that had wrecked which is just unbelievable.

  • Neecela

    Really sad. My heart goes out to the family of Crystal. May her soul RIP and God’s continued strength upon her family and love ones.

  • Judith Woodson

    The cruise line distorted the number of passengers that were injured. I saw more than 3 entering the ship bloody soon after the accident.

  • Leana McNealy

    We where on this ship when we heard this very sad news.
    We would like to extend our condolences to the families.
    Our hearts go out to you all.

    The McNealy family

  • Julie

    I was a passenger on this ship and on the island the day of the accident. I became friends of one of the injured earlier in the week. The situation surrounding the accident is that the driver of the tour bus had two choices. He could either have swerved one direction and taken the entire bus off a cliff or swerve the other direction and roll it in to a ditch. Thankfully, he chose the lesser of two evils and saved as many lives as he could. The locals were standing around taking pictures and pilfering what they could from the victims. NO ONE stopped to help these people!! The Captain and crew were very gracious in the effort to help those who were injured and to those who were left in the hospital. Let’s not forget that there was another cruise line docked at the same time who probably had passengers on the same tour bus. I am personally offended by the last statement of this article! It is not the cruise lines fault that this happened….it was an accident that could have happened to anyone. Royal Caribbean is a wonderful cruise line and I would recommend them to anyone!

  • Tony Manzo

    I was on this sailing with a group of 75 … My bus was coming back from the beach … Only minutes in front of the crash … We had 14 in our bus from the group … Very scary when we returned to the Ship … We did not know if any of our group was on that bus . We had friends and family go to Dunns River, Montego Bay and The Beaches … Only when everyone was counted for was I able to rest … My group was sick when we heard of the passing of the Mom and the injured … The captain said we would be delayed and explained what happened … our prayers go out to the family … So so so sorry … So so so sad …

  • Tony Manzo

    RIP… Our condolences

    The Manzo Family from Rhode Island

    We were on The Ship

  • Dr. Charlene Johnston

    The transport that my party was traveling in must have passed the accident site just after it happened. We encountered several bleeding persons boarding the ship.

  • Our condolences. Hopefully nothing tragic like this in our upcoming cruise this coming months.


    I was on the bus that horrible day. I just remember the loud crash and that was it. I was bruised, sore, and I am having neck pain. My wife is about the same however, she has a fractured right elbow. RCCL treated us at the ship hospital good but told my wife her arm was not fractured that was not true. After returning home we had more xrays done and it was fractured. They also said they would fly us home which they did and told us they would ship car back to Alabama, Not True, they flew me back down 5 days later to pick it up and I had to drive it home 11 hrs. Our cruise was great but if I would have known Dunn River Falls was 60mi from port I probably would not have gone that a long way to drive on the narrow Jamaica roads. RCCL has not treated us well POST ACCIDENT and denied responsibility for the accident and has told us that we need to deal with the tour company or trucking company. I think there was horrible neglect on RCCL because we never saw EMS, POLICE, or FIRE at all and were taken back to the ship in private vehicles. The girl that died was also picked up by a passing tour but by a passer byer in another tour bus by a doctor and his wife and taken to the hospital where she died. I think RCCL has a responsibility to insure that passengers who leave the ship on tours that are advertised on there web site in case of trouble or accidents that they will receive adequate treatment and care if so needed. This was my first RCCL cruise and most defiantly my last. They have not treat us well at all and it is now Jan 28th I I have not hear a word from them what so ever. My heat goes out to the family that lost there mother and the husband that lost his beautiful wife. I only new her for a short time but she was such a beautiful girl and did not deserve to die the way she did. It still brings tears to my eyes as I am writing this letter. RCCL you need to make some changes and take some responsibility for the neglect and failure to insure that passengers are safe and will be cared for property in case of an emergency.

  • Wendy Elliott

    I’m not surprised. Have gone on many tour buses on many islands and have held on to the edge of my seat. Not pleasant.

  • anthony delacruz

    So we are back alive, just barely…. from our spring break vacation cruise. This will probably take a few posts due to the character limit. So everything was nice up until our Jamaica port day. We boarded tour van/bus 327 for what was to be a trip for tubing and climb the Dun’s River Falls. Right from the start the tour guide Patricia was in a big hurry and pressuring the driver Marsen to get going. We did however unsolicited get to find out the best spots for weed and where along the route the drug planes fly in, that made mom upset…. So the drive started off typical island style speeding, erratic lane changes, and close passing of other vehicles all on two lane roads. So of course he tried to pass another tour van and didn’t have the engine power to complete it. Unfortunately a semi was coming head on at us now but being along side the other tour van there were limited options. Luckily the semi went into the shoulder and blared horn at us as passing as we ducked back in behind the van we couldn’t pass. I figured that would be it but then 15 minutes later, Pat was back in her hurry up mode because we needed time for shopping. WTF shopping was not listed as a part of the tour. More on that later.

    So now Pat in her less than helpful way signals to pass another vehicle. Well there was already a white car passing us at the moment. So we sideswipe the car, swerve all over the road and end up back in our lane. Those guys end up in front of us, slow down and pull off. Pat indicates to Marsen to keep going, and Marsen says to the tour “Don’t worry we’ll go back later”. Given that we nearly wrecked off the road that still managed a few chuckles. Great we’re now witnessing parties to a hit and run accident. So i’m watching thru the rear window the white car guys stop and start to get out, but then they go out of view around the turn. Few minutes pass and now the same white car is working its way thru traffic behind us. Pat tells Marsen to get off the highway and go thru town. She is telling him to go left and turn in more to the coast. He’s confused as the falls are on the highway entrance. I’ve been to Jamaica several times and studied the maps prior so I knew this was not the right way to be going. We are now trying to dodge from the guys and get away. As we come out of town they catch up and after getting on the highway entrance they catchup, cut us blocking the on ramp and its on. Pat is telling us not to worry the guys we hit are not properly licensed they cant do anything. Oddly we did pass a police station right before getting back on the highway. Pat and Marsen were completely at fault for this and tried to get away.

    Now cut off and the road block to all cars behind us three of the scariest Jamaican Rastafarian hoodlums jump out and start screaming banging the van pretty much scaring the shit outta all of us. For several minutes the tour guide and driver argue with the guys. They finally agree to follow us to the tubing drop off so they can settle the matter after we are dropped off. When we get to tubing the same screaming resumes. We bail to get on the tubing and away before some craziness shooting or worse breaks out. I spend the next 30 or so minutes sitting on a tube going down the white river just worrying about what is going to happen upon return to the van or if it will even be there, and how bad if any ride back to the ship will be.

    So at the end of the tubing after a short walk down the beach to our surprise the 20 passenger van is there waiting at the Shaw Park Beach Hotel and Spa. We have a lunch that is really the worst BBQ jerk I’ve ever had, but these pineapple cookie pastries were very good so i had about a dozen of those.

    Now its on to shopping. I protested again but dammit several women on the tour wanted to go shopping and Pat was determined to get us shopping. We leave the rafting spot which was only 2 miles away from the Dun’s River Falls to travel several miles down the road to the Taj Mahal Mall this chews up another 50 or so minutes. Shopping was not suppose to be part of this tour. I suspect Pat with her special reserved spot gets kick backs for diverting tourists to the shopping spot. Finally we make it to the falls and are given one hour to go up them…. NOT ENOUGH TIME….We made it only a little past half way then had to scamper back to the tour van. I tell Marcel to please drive good on the way back and go to sit up front with him to keep him in line. Unbelievably he nearly hits a silver pickup truck in the same manner as the white car if it wasn’t for me warning him about it already occupying the on coming lane and him weaving back into our lane. We finally make it back to port and I go right to the excursion desk to complain.

    I file my report and the girl at the counter says it sounds like a refund can be made and we will be contacted. The next day we get a bumbling broken english message from Helen the manager “Thank you for reporting the trip details we use these reports to evaluate the experience Thank you.” NO acknowledgement, apology or offer or refund. I go down and complain again and get another call back for 10% refund, after detailing the story again it goes up to 20%. Still not good enough. I then make an appointment with Lisa the next level manager missing most of the show since that is the only time she is available and finally get 100% offer.

    I will now if I ever go on an excursion, before the bus even pulls out of the parking lot, stand up and loudly let the driver and guide know. I value my safety, above being late, rushed, or even missing the boat. That dangerous driving will not be tolerated. I recommend everyone else to take this approach also.