Anthem of the SeasA passenger aboard the Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas contacted me yesterday evening stating that:

“On the Anthem of the seas. The ship had to come back a night early . . .  there are 4 critically ill passengers on board . . . Captain not saying anymore then 4 critically ill and pleaded we understand because if this was our family we would want the same.”  The captain specifically stated that  the passengers were in “critical” medical condition.

The passenger subsequently stated that two and possibly three of the passengers had died. There was no information whether the passengers had been injured or were sick.

@PTZtv indicated that the cruise ship returned to the harbor in New York early last night for “medical emergencies.”

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It’s surprising how little insight we have received on this story, as one other blogger notes.

Photo Credit: Dickelbers Creative Commons 3.0 via Wikipedia



  • Liz Houlbrooke

    We also travelled on this cruise and can confirm that we had to return to port early due to “4 medical emergencies that required critical hospital attention.”
    Please could you update us on the specific reason we needed to return early. We’re their indeed deaths and if so, through what cause?
    Many thanks.

  • anne

    I was wondering if these people were so critically I’ll why were they not taken off the ship by helicopter, and why has there been no mention of this in the media. Or have I missed something?

  • Lizzie houlbrooke

    I totally agree. I think we at least should be given a valid reason. Don’t get me wrong, I would hope that anyone critical got help, but it left the ship in panic and questions unanswered. Are they trying to @hush it up?”

  • Norman Berry

    I’m surprised that they weren’t medivaced by helicopter if they were that ill, that would have been quicker. Perhaps it was a “family affair”.

  • Johnny Beefsteak

    Maybe food poisoning?

  • Someone in the know

    It was Dialysis at Sea

  • Sharon Johnson

    The cruise following this one had to go back to a port for apparently “3 separate emergencies” that Royal Caribbean would not discuss due to privacy laws. But….my fiance’s parents were told that no one could go out on the decks because they were being “washed down”. Weirdness continues….His parents have stated that this was the worst cruise ever and that there weren’t even tissues in the room to use and no one would provide them with any

  • John

    You people are unbelievable.. I want the crew to do whatever they can to get me to port as soon as possible if something happens with me.
    It is just indecent to speculate on what is going on, captain clearly explained that they do have an medical situation.

    Sometimes it is just not feasible to medivac with helicopter due to the patient is not stable enough to go through that risky manoeuvre.

  • Linda Basile

    My husband & I were on the cruise that returned to port on Saturday 11/21/15 due to the medical emergency. As noted in the stream of comments, the captain announced that the emergency existed & that it was determined that the individuals required medical assistance that could only be provided in a hospital. We were heading to NJ early. He asked that we all be understanding – and I believe most of us were. To this minute I have no idea what the emergency was, but as far as we are concerned, everyone involved, that we are aware of, acted in the best interests of the individuals requiring the medical assistance, as well as the rest of the passengers. The ship and crew were amazing. As for not having tissues in your cabin – all you had to do was ask your cabin steward! I can’t believe that the person making that complaint didn’t know that??!!!
    I refuse to speculate on what happened – I hope everyone is fine. I believe everyone did their best.
    Thank you RC for a cruise vacation we will always cherish.

  • Carol Johnson

    Just returned from 12 day cruise on Anthem. My friend saw on the news that a dead body was being removed from the ship when we docked Dec 12 in NJ. We heard that there had been a medical emergency earlier in the week. Most of our fellow passengers were elderly, many passengers in wheelchairs. 4,000 + guests so the odds of a medical emergency are high.