A video posted by a passenger on YouTube shows a man holding on to the support bracket of a lifeboat when his hands apparently slip and he falls overboard from the Oasis of the Seas last night around 1:00 A.M.  

The video (warning, graphic content, available on Sun-Sentinel) taken by another passenger from a higher balcony cabin records a confusing set of circumstances taking place as the man tries to hold onto the side of the lifeboat, apparently loses his grip, and falls into the water. 

"He’s there! He’s there! Stop! Get the lifeboat! Get the life ring! Throw it over!" yells the woman videotaping the terrible ordeal after he plunges into the water.

ABC News quotes Royal Caribbean saying that the incident occurred "17 miles east of Turks and Caicos Islands (when) a 35 year old male guest from Brazil went overboard. He was spotted by Oasis of the Seas crew members intentionally going over the side of the ship.” 


  • CHRISTEEN Rossington

    Here we go again.
    Why oh why in Gods name is there not Man Overboard Systems in place.

  • John

    Huh why do people climb or jump overboard and crew members must go rescue them them and risk their lives in high seas for their stupidity?! Nobody “falls” overboard. I have no sympathy for people who monkey around overboard and end up in the water. This guy disturbed the vacation of about 6000 people onboard. I hope he is banned from cruising ever again. What’s going to be the next request after this? Suicide nets all around the ships? Maybe we should just have inside cabins for the passengers and no open decks – that would solve it.

  • Mark

    Hate to point out the obvious, but he was seen going overboard by multiple people, guest and crew, so the alarm was raised immediately.
    Even if there were proven and reliable ‘man overboard systems’ this incident should highlight the fact they would not guarantee the rescue of that person. There is still a long way to go from knowing someone went overboard, to getting them back safely onboard.
    By all accounts avaliable, the individual went over the railing intentionally…
    Rather than blaming the ship for making it possible for a person to climb over a balcony railing, at night, whilst at sea, how about people take some responsibility for their deliberate actions?
    And before Jim jumps up and down about this post being a conspiracy, for full disclosure I work on a cruise ship (for a competing company), am currently onboard… and as it turns out, am the fast rescue boat commander (leader of the team that will launch in potentially dangerous seas to rescue said people) so believe me, have a vested interest in preventing these kinds of tragedies

  • John

    Jim, Don’t you think we know that you can see IP from where stuff is posted. You really think PR is posting this? You should be happy to get some insights from people who are actually on ships and know what they are talking about. I don’t know why you are so sold on this man overboard technology either. Everyone has vested interests including you making good money out of lawsuits. As the previous poster pointed he does not like to risk is life either. I have been in the same position as him and had to respond to these things. None of us enjoy picking up bodies and risking going down in less than ideal conditions. So yeah we all have vested interest but the system you keep on asking for would not change the outcome in most cases. I’d would like suggestions on how to prevent people from jumping in the first place as opposed to “possibly” be made aware since most jumpers won’t survive the fall anyway. Lastly pointing out the source of a post will only discourage people from posting to your site. So if you want to encourage open discussion my suggestion is that you don’t “out” crew-members.

  • Paige

    Regardless of how the guy ended up out on a ledge hanging on to a life boat railing….he DIED. A human life was lost and to tear into him and rant about his problems that NONE OF US KNEW PERSONALLY, makes me see that anyone at anytime can need help too…and what you put out in life…You better hope karma does good by you.

    Rip to this passenger and the staff who put forth effort to deter him before he fell.

    And for those thinking it’s okay to put your two cents in on this ….try having compassion for his family who lost a child, brother, cousin, and his partner who will have to carry on.

  • tinikini

    AMEN PAIGE!!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself!!

  • Georg

    first of all, RIP! but can someone tell me the advantage of MOB cameras? they know exactly where he fell into the water and didn´t find him… so sad…