Jim Walker Cruise LawyerCrime Watch Daily is a new program which focuses on stories of crime in the daily life of average Americans. 

It just published it’s first show regarding crime on cruise ships.

Today it aired Cruise Ship Crime: Hard to Prosecute, Convict about the difficulties prosecuting crimes on the high seas.

Laurie Dishman, a friend and former client, talks about being sexually assaulted during a Royal Caribbean cruise.  Former Disney Cruise security officer Dawn Taplin talks about being told by her supervisors not to call U.S. authorities when a Disney crew member molested an 11 year old girl while the Disney Dream was still docked in a Florida port. The Disney cruise ship then sailed on to the Bahamas where it flew it’s crew member back home to escape prosecution.  

Photo: Crime Watch Daily




  • Wayne

    Hello Mr. Walker,


    128 murders so far for 2015. But as you can clearing see the Bahamian media and government are keeping it low key, their not mentioning the murder count anymore. Anytime a government hides the crime happening in their country from visitors and tourist is a sign of a dishonest government. A government who’s going agenda is to get the money these foreigners bring and not caring or doing anything to protect their safety. If you read all the Bahamian newspapers everyday like I do, you can see their government is in deep trouble, they have lost all control of the crimes and murders occurring in their nation. The criminals have no fear from a worthless uncaring government; criminals are bold enough now that their shooting at off duty police officers in an attempt to rob them. If the police who are armed and have a license to kill are targets, than the visitors and tourist are sheep’s amongst wolves. Thank you for your time and service, and God bless America. http://www.thenassauguardian.com/news/60444