SantoriniThere are lots of things that can go wrong during a shore excursion. Some are foreseeable, like injuries on a zip-line or being robbed during a stop-over on a Caribbean island. But some things are not.

The Greek Reporter covers the bewildering story of a German tourist, a 67 year old woman, who was killed yesterday during a cruise in the Aegean Sea when she and her husband went ashore on the Greek island of Santorini.

The Greek newspaper reports that "a donkey, used by tourists to navigate around the island, freed itself from its owner and ran away . . . the animal hit the 67-year-old woman and then trampled her while its owner was frantically running behind it trying to subdue the animal."

Her husband, who celebrated his wife’s birthday one day ago, was left alone and bewildered. He was helped back to the unidentified cruise ship, holding only his wife’s watch and jewelry. 

Photo Credit: Berard Gagnon via Wikipedia Creative Commons 3.0

  • Lorraine

    went on one of these donkeys about eight years ago, on the way up the hill the owner of the donkeys sent all the other donkeys down the hill and they came galloping past us and damaged my leg, still got the scars now.

  • Tricia Stockman

    How did he get her back to Germany?

  • Katrina

    Absolutely tragic and my heart goes out to the husband and family of the deceased woman.
    It is not surprising to hear of the donkey attempting to run free though as a problem that many are not aware of is the treatment of the donkeys in Santorini. They lead a life of animal slavery and this is an ongoing problem that needs to be addressed.

  • Lynn Murphy

    We were there 2 days before she got killed. There was a crazed donkey running up and down the stairs frantically. I yelled at my bf to get out of the way seconds before it would have plowed him down from behind. I wouldn’t doubt that she was trampled by the same troubled donkey.

  • Angela Upton

    These poor donkeys are so ill treated, overworked, given no shade, food or water and herded up and down all day long -no wonder they’re crazed. Their owners are brutes not interested in their welfare or that of tourists – just the money. An absolute disgrace to Santorini.