Cayman Island Cruise PierAccording to the Cayman Compass, the premier of the Cayman Islands says the government intends to build a huge, monolithic concrete cruise pier in George Town harbor.

The environmental impact assessments indicate that the controversial dredge and fill project will cause significant and irreversible environmental damage to the ancient beautiful reefs in the Caymans.

The cruise industry is itching for the Caymans to start on the project.

One of the comments to the article says: "Shameful is all I can say. The very thing thing that attracted me and so many others to Grand Cayman is being destroyed by short sighted people whose only motive is money. Sad day for this great Island. When you let the cruise lines dictate to you, you have lost!"

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Photo Credit: Cayman Compass


  • Lu-Ann Day

    It is very sad that they are doing this. I personally will never go to Grand Cayman again or show any support for Cayman Islands. That they would even think this is a good idea is beyond me. The reefs will never be the same again, and they will lose so much marine life that will now have to find new ‘homes’. The island will lose all appeal for any person that cares anything at all about the world and the creatures that live on it. They will lose in the end…..

  • Eddie

    Massive Catch 22.

  • Jim Bartholomew

    I liked the idea of building a base out when the ships park now and the bring the people in on chair lifts to gondola.

  • As a professional underwater photographer with over 5,000 scuba dives in Grand Cayman since 1983 I can attest to the beauty, health and uniqueness of the 30+ acres, including ancient reef structures that will be destroyed. It is the highest profile, shallow water reef that we have and it is the only suitable site for the glass bottom boat and snorkel tours that we have. This plan will destroy the very same in-water attraction that the cruise ship passengers currently enjoy. What are they thinking!?!? Honest question… and they’ve been shown a much, much better solution in the Cayman Sky Bridge proposal. See photos of the reef that will be dredged out on my Facebook page.

  • Anonymous

    i would like to remind everyone that a large percentage of locals are completely against this!! We are fighting and we have been fighting very hard to stop this project.

  • Shane Deinstadt

    Public opinion can stop this project, if everyone simply states publicly that any cruise ship line that promotes building this facility will be boycotted.
    A majority of the cruise lines are owned by one major cruise company I believe that is Carnival so perhaps we should start there.
    Having been to Grand Cayman a couple of times yes it is a lightering port and some days due to weather ships have to cancel the call but hey that is one of the attractions of Grand Cayman . Lets get an on line petition going.

  • Melanie Carmichael

    Couldn’t agree more with the title of this article and the underlying comments!

  • There is a large petition with over 23,000 signatures so far… Be a part to stop this utter nonsense…

  • Elisha Hunt

    It’s sad how the Government wants to cattle people in Rather than protect the island natural resources. No amount of money can replace what will be destroyed because of this.
    It. Makes. Me. Sick!! SHAME on them.

  • Jeri Bovell

    How can this short sighted decision make any sense what so ever? More Cruise tourism into the GT port? Why? We have so many other alternatives for attracting over night visitors, it must be inclusive of the stunning reef structure. The port plan is simply ridiculous. The entire reef system will be destroyed, 7 Mile will be irretrievably altered for the worst. The only area is to industrialize GT – move people out west and do the same thing to the south and east side. And then it will be lights out Cayman.

  • gord

    The cruise ship I am on my tie up at your pier, but my wife and I will no longer be getting off the ship and spending any of our money. Just how dumb, stupid, and idiotic can you people running the Cayman islands be.

  • Martin Sutton

    Stupidity doesn’t start to describe these actions. They are far worse and incredibly short sighted. But reefs obviously don’t pay kickbacks. Shame on these stupid politicians.

  • Craig

    I enjoy visiting The Cayman while on a cruise, however this this is not something that should be built! The natural beauty of the island and the reefs should not be the sacrificed to make more money.

  • Kelly

    As a constant cruiser and diver, the Cayman Islands are my absolute favorite destination! However, that being said, it would absolutely RUIN vs enhance my visits/dives if this horrible structure was to be created! Please do not destroy my favorite destination with such a monstrosity.

  • anonymous.

    I was at the luncheon where this announcement was made and what ALL of you fail to realize is that it was stated that they would find the BEST solution that causes the least amount of damage! So many people in this world are afraid of the do NOT know by any certainty that there will be as much damage as you are all implying. Most of you simply go by hearsay and that’s truly unfair. There are several countries in the Caribbean with ports and NONE of them are suffering! Do your own research before you jump on the bandwagon. And to all of those who do NOT live in the Cayman Islands, should you wish not to come back that is your decision but how selfish can you be to say you will not be returning because we are attempting to HELP our economy. And for those who are saying most Caymanians are saying no….take a look at the Pro and Anti Port Facebook pages please – more people are agreeing than disagreeing.
    -A CAYMANIAN’s opinion!

  • Rick Webb

    There has been so much opposition to this pier / pet project that the issue should have been closed by now. Unfortunately, since this project seems to be moving forward it can only equal one thing… CORRUPTION! The few whose pockets will be lined with cash will decimate the livelihoods of the many that are not part of their clique and destroy a natural resource that took thousands of years to develop. What a shame that in this day and age, greed triumphs over truth. To those that hold the power of making the final decision on this issue; PLEASE, reconsider what will ultimately become an environmental disaster.

  • Dana Burkey
  • Chasta Schneider

    This saddens me beyond measure. Why would you destroy the very thing that people visit there for. They aren’t coming to see your town, they’re coming to see the gorgeous water and amazing marine life. Without the coral, you won’t have that gorgeous water or the amazing marine life. No one will want to come anymore then because your water will be dark with bad visibility and nothing to see. I know I personally will not go there anymore and neither will many of my diver friends if this comes to fruition. What could you people possibly be thinking? Such short sighted “leadership” is ridiculous. Try caring for the planet that sustains us all for a change. It’s not like the cruise ships will stop coming if you don’t ruin your ocean for them. Think about it.

  • Linda
  • Socajunkie

    I am ashamed of my Government. Ashamed that they would not listen to the experts and are ruled by their wallets. #Hangingmyhead

  • Brendan Rudolph

    This is a stuiped i love the views from the ship and the tending boat I hope that they don’t ago throughout with it or else I am not going to go so sad

  • Cathy Church

    the survey you reference at the Pro and Anti Port Facebook pages ONLY has a BOX for AGREE!!! There is no way to disagree. So of course, the poll would look like there are more in agreement. However, more Caymanians disagree with this port than agree.

  • Janice McGrath

    Having the cruise ships come into Cayman Island will destroy the reef/coral Eco system that your island relies on for tourism. Devastating the reefs for profit, does not make global sense.