Yesterday, a jury in Seattle awarded $21,000,000 to a cruise passenger hit in the head by an automatic glass door on Holland America’s MS Amsterdam in 2011.

KIRO Channel 7 reports that the passenger suffered a traumatic brain injury which included debilitating headaches, problems with his balance and fatigue.

His lawyers at the Friedman Rubin Law Firm showed the jury that sliding doors injured 30 others across Holland America’s fleet of cruise ships in the three year period before the accident. 

Holland America Line said in a statement that it is "committed to the safety and security" of passengers, and that it will appeal the verdict. 



  • Kristin

    Only came here to mock the guy who got tapped on the side of the face by walking into a door. “Brain damage”?? Give me a BREAK. His lawyer(s) did a fine job of showing the jury he was “permanently disabled”. I hope the ship line has their own insurance investigators who will catch him doing Soduku puzzles and playing Jeopardy! along with the TV contestants at home. Guy looks like a typical “sue-er” if you know what I mean. On the other hand, that IS a pretty off-sensor door, but 21 million dollars? Pfffft. You can see him turn around, NOT knocked unconscious, and look at his wife, apparently right then and there he did not see stars, but dollar signs!

  • jb

    Just think, if he had died, the cruise line could have breathed a sigh of relief because they would owe only a fraction of that amount thanks to DOSHA. Good ole DOSHA the cruise lines best friend!!!