Royal Caribbean’s Splendour of the Seas caught on fire this morning as the cruise ship was sailing in the Mediterranean near the Greek islands. 

“There’s thick acrid smoke all over the cabins," reported an Irish passenger according to UTV in London.

“We can constantly smell smoke. Smoke here. Smoke everywhere. Everywhere on the ship we can smell smoke," added the passenger.  

A crew member contacted me after the engine room fire, saying that it was a "big fire" and the crew were summoned to their emergency stations for many hours. The ship is now heading toward Venice.

There were no deaths and the cruise line claims that there were no injuries. However, a passenger commented that "many elderly and disabled passengers appeared to be struggling." 

Spllendor of the SeasHe added “everything is smoke. damaged. The smell of burning plastic and burning rubber was very thick on our floor so everything in our room is contaminated.”

Royal Caribbean tweeted: "#SplendourOfTheSeas experienced a fire this morning in 1 of its engine rooms. Fire was contained & extinguished, all systems are functioning."

Royal Caribbean experienced a large fire in July when the Freedom of the Seas erupted in flames as it approached Falmouth, Jamaica.  In May 2013, the Grandeur of the Seas sustained a large fire which the crew battled for over 2 hours as the ship headed to Jamaica.

Photo Credit: Ivan T. Creative Commons 3.0 Wikipedia 

Update: The CruiseNeeds website reports that consumer expert Clark Howard, who is a passenger on the cruise ship, reported “We had a severe engine fire that lasted just under two hours . . . We were adrift at sea for a good while, and now we’re moving on less than half power.”

Royal Caribbean subsequently disclosed that "1 guest, 19 crew treated for smoke inhalation and released. 1 crew still being treated."

One passenger commented "currently running on one engine, very rocky. It’s hard to walk around, very many people are sick."

  • Cas Buchanan

    We are due to join Splendour of the Seas on Saturday 24th October (2 days time) and are concerned about the reports of today’s fire, especially the smell of smoke and burning plastic as reported. Will our cruise be affected?

  • former rccl engineer

    In 2013, RCCL decided to cut salaries and privileges of most of the technical positions. Since them the most of the skilled employees left the company, opening room for RCCL to hire a bunch of inexperienced people in order to fill the gaps. Now you see RCCL ships having issues all the time, does anyone asks why? Good luck RCCL! Maybe one day you will look at the past and see what a big mistake you guys made.

  • Susane Vass

    Cruising on this ship on nov28 will repairs be completed by then ? Will cruise be cancelled? Thank you

  • former_Splendour_crew

    I did four contracts on the Splendour OTS, whose safety officer was Ted Potter. I remember how he used to take his job very seriously, which kept the Splendour and all of us safe. Sadly, he passed away earlier this year.
    We used to have weekly drills back in 2008, but in the last contract I did on the Splendour back in 2012, we only had them once or twice a month… I felt like safety was becoming secondary.
    I still consider RCCL the best cruise company in terms of work conditions, salary, and ethics, which demonstrates there’s still a long way to go for other cruise companies, especially Italian companies such as Costa and MSC.

  • Helene

    Does anyone have any updated info as to whether the October 24th cruise will be sailing?

  • E

    Nobody yet, at least not on this forum, knows the cause of the fire.

    But, considering that the ship sails under own power towards port that tells me that the crew where well trained and, they should be called heroes.

    Amongst thousands of passengers you will always find someone complaining……

  • T

    i am on the ship at the moment. If anyone complains, they may have just because it is life threatening!!!!!!!!!

  • Arcadin

    Its a curse for Rccl from their ex crew member who seriously got injured while working and rccl cheated him on his compensation and in future it will be worse till rccl do pure justice to him.

  • Ray Dober

    I am cruising on the splendor from venice Nov 21 and would like to know if repairs will be made at that time

  • Michael Alden

    Helene — the ship will sail! RCCL will NEVER cancel a cruise and be forced to refund anyone’s money. The dollar, above all else. I was aboard their last ship fire in July. We sailed on despite tremendous damage. And they sailed the same day we returned home — without repairs…and have sailed every week since.

  • AcuDoc

    I have crewed on cruise ships for 5 contracts over 4 years…the crew is trained from the minute they step on board and have training and drills constantly throughout their contract. I have never served on the Splendor but I have served on other RCCL ships….the crew are professionals and take their job and position on the ship very seriously…as far as problems at sea…if you look at the number of days and the number of people that ships cruise it is far safer then automobiles and airplanes….

  • E

    Att T.

    You don’t know that do you? You smell smoke but, unless you are a part of senior managment you are only guessing………

  • JStewart
  • crew member on the splendour

    I am on splendour at the moment and i was involved in helping extinguish the fire along with all the other brave men and women who did so also. Not one of you people that have wrote here were there and i will say that they are most professional and highly skilled people that i have ever worked with. Not one person could be faulted during the emergency and the fact that 12 people who were trapped got saved by the people who risked their lives to save them. As one person above stated the ship never stopped moving and we have been keeping it going for the last day and will continue to do so until venice. So in terms of bad mouthing the people that are here and saying they are not as skilled give it a rest because you were not here and you do not know the cause of the fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Passenger on the Splendour

    I was a passenger on the Splendour when the fire broke out. From my experience the situation was dealt with in a professional manner. The Captain kept us informed with updates every 15 minutes and as far as I know without withholding any crucial information. We unfortunately had to skip the last stop in Argostoli but many thanks to the Captain and his team for keeping us afloat.

  • Angela Smith

    I was on the ship at the time of this fire. I was travelling with a disbled mother. I never saw anyone showing any signs of distress & personally was very impressed with the calm and professional manner in which things were handled and the way in which we were kept informed – even down to being told the arrangements which would be made to evacuate my mum should it become necessary. Everyone was given a cabin credit & hours of free internet time to compensate them for the inconvenience. Congratulations to all officers and crew on the splendid ship

  • Karen Dunn

    I was on the Splendour of the Seas at the time of this fire. Our cabin was on Deck 2. We were led to our muster station by a crewman. It makes me angry when I read about people being unable to cope with the stress of the situation and how they are saying about the “shambles” of the muster.
    Everything was handled very efficiently and professionally by all the crew. I get the feeling that some of the contributors are ambulance chasers. Royal Caribbean could not have done any better.

  • Carolyn Walker

    I have been updating regarding our upcoming cruise in December, 2015 departing Dubai. I discovered that a fire on board occured Nov. 22nd and I am hoping for a lovely cruise. This would be my 40+ cruise with RCL & NCL my favorite cruise lines,but, I know you will keep all safe.

    The reviews read was negative, but, I will not allow others to influence my experience. I have experienced some negative outcomes, but, in total I had other choices one was not to cruise that line again.

  • Roger Scott

    We sailed on Splendor of the Seas in March of 2004 for my parents 50th anniversary and there was a fire in the engine room then on the last night heading back to Galveston. It was extinguished quickly but all propulsion was shut down for 4 hours to make sure no other problems occurred. There was no smoke or issues and no power was electrical power was lost. Royal Caribbean handled with issue professionally but got in late to Galveston the next day. No issue for us since we were driving back to Fort Worth, TX area.