Agarwal SuperStar GeminiThe Times of India reports that Star Cruises has agreed to show the CCTV video of the circumstances when SuperStar Gemini cruise passenger Raj Kumar Agarwal went overboard from the SuperStar Gemini last week.

As we previously reported, Mr. Agarwal disappeared from the cruise ship on the late hours of October 6th / early morning hours of October 7th under mysterious circumstances.

There is a dispute about what happened.

The cruise line initially refused to cooperate with the family. It failed to show the video of the overboard to the family. It claims that Mr. Agarwal may have taken his own life.

But the family maintains that Mr. Agarwal was a happy person and successful businessman, and that there is no way that he would have committed suicide.

They also believe that their brother was in a great mood during the cruise (photographed standing on the left with one of his borthers during the cruise) but he was reportedly "roughed up" by the Super Star Gemini crew members, according to the Times of India account. 

Were you on the cruise ship? Do you have information about what happened?

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Photo Credit:  Agarwal family