Ventura Cruise Ship Overboard PassengerLast night a reader of this blog sent me an AIS screen shot of the P&O Ventura sailing in circles south of the Isle of Wight in an apparent attempt to search for an overboard passenger.

This morning the British press is reporting that a passenger went overboard fron the Ventura around 04:30 BST as it was returning to Southampton. 

The cruise ship had left Southampton on September 27th on a cruise in the Mediterranean.

BBC reports that the P&O cruise ship retraced its route for several hours as part of an emergency search by sea and air for the unidentified passenger,

This is the 264th overboard case since 2000.  

March 17, 2016 Update: Man who jumped to his death from ship during birthday cruise told mum he was ‘going to heaven.’

  • Rogers

    it was a very sad end to a lovely cruise. As you can imagine it was the topic of conversation on board ship with the most common being ‘how can anybody just fall overboard’? No one complained regarding the delay as we all understood how vital it was. The captain kept us all informed and up to date on the current situation and what was being done to find the passenger and the facilities available for us on board. Obviously finding the missing person being of top priority. I hope that he is found, if only to give closure for his family.

  • ellett

    yes we were on board the ventura & we agree the captain did keep us informed & the situation was a very sad end to the cruise, we had all been excellently looked after & extra catering had to be arranged due to the delay in reaching Southampton which obviously everyone understood why with no complaining, with such well trained staff it ran smoothly. Well done P.O. How can someone fall overboard? not easily. Our thoughts are with all his family & friends & hope he is found soon for their sake.