Costa DiademaAn Italian news station reports that a Costa crew member allegedly sexually molested a 15 yer old girl aboard the Costa Diadema.

The Costa crew member is described as a 50 year-old Honduran man employed on the cruise ship as a cleaner. Italian police arrested him and criminally charged him with sexually assaulted the girl in her cabin. The assault occurred yesterday while the ship was at the La Spezia terminal.

The Primocanale news station says that girl, who was traveling with her aunt and uncle, left the dinner table to return to her cabin. The crew member apparently entered her cabin and began to touch the child’s private parts and kiss her. The child broke free, escaped and told her aunt and uncle what happened.

Costa then notified the police who arrested the crew member. 

In August of this year, a Costa bar tender was arrested on charges on sexually assaulting an 18 year old passenger on the same cruise ship. 

Photo Credit: Luca Mauri licensed under CC BY 4.0 via Wikimedia 

  • Osman Osmanoglu

    I dont’t think it’s true story written here. The guy is 50 , and the girl is 15. Honduras guy is not a stupit to do something drectly. Maybe she called him to came to cabin to ask something and he misunderstand what she says. Because I was a crew member in costa. Many times single passengers want to be close to us. But we void them. Maybe he couldn’t…

  • Kevin

    Osman, I guess he was stupit and couldn’t void her. Pfft

  • Banned

    If he is guilty he should go to jail for a very long time.

  • George

    I think Osman had right. So many time I have been in passenger’s cabins and once it was happened to me with a minor girl but I have managed to “escape in a good condition” without repercussions. It was on Carnival Cruise Line.

  • vanjaa

    That’s why,nnever go to guest cabin,where a minor is staying, they will make up all kind of stories,just to get something out of it.

  • claudiu

    what i think or what we think is not to much important. let’s see what the police and authorities will decide about.