Christina RicciA local news station in Boston ( reports that a young woman from New Hampshire is "fighting for her life after falling on a cruise ship."

MyFoxBoston reports that Christina Ricci was on the Carnival Victory with her boyfriend when she sustained a stroke. 

Carnival did not arrange for an emergency medevac off the cruise ship to the trauma center here in Miami.   

Her family started a GoFundMe page. Take a moment and help her family out.

Update: Article from the International Cruise Victims organization

  • Kim & Steven Ward

    Hello family, We are the couple that you all met at the hotel (The Honeymooners).We are still praying for your family. Continue to be positive! Love always Kim & Steve

  • Lisa Ricci

    Christina was my beautiful, caring, loving and very talented 24 year old daughter, who’s life was taken way too early, on 9/30/2015 after having a medical emergency (for less than 12 hours)onboard the Carnival victory cruise on 9/10/2015. My daughter suffered several large strokes and the medical crew on the Victory only sat back and observed my daughters condition get worst by the minute, she did not get medical help at a trama unit in Miami for 8 hours after her emergency happened….what is wrong with these cruise ship infirmaries, the nurses, doctors and captain ??? They all ignored the symptoms that my daughter was displaying ( and the cruise medical notes all prove that they were describing stroke symptoms in detail)
    Why didn’t they help her sooner….My poor child was brain dead and in a coma when my family and I finally got from NH to Miami Fl …. The pain that our family lives with daily is indescribable, every parents worst nightmare has happened to us, changes need to be made to these cruises in medical and safety of all passengers and crew members…please help us spread awareness in honor of my daughter Christina and all of the other cruise line victims… CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE SOON….

  • chris r

    too bad that a group of very smart and reputable attorneys cant group together to help victims and their families mostly due to the “Dosha” law DEATH ON THE HI SEA ACT LAW which protects the cruiseline industry from being held accountable for their actions, or lack there of in some cases,, just because of how far from shore they might be at the time . unless a victim who might be the ceo of a big corporation , like the 24 million dollar landmark judgement that was awarded to a victim because of his potential earnings loss. he was hit in the head by a sliding door. i cant understand how he was one that was able to win a case against the monster cruiseline industy. its all about the $$ on both sides . there are no winners in our case because my daughter wasnt worth the fight from all attorneys i had contacted. one actually told me to call him back when the hospital bills reached a million dollars. what a daughter is gone forever because of a decission made to not medivac her to a miami hospital where she may have had a chance of survival from several massive stroke she had while the ship headed to the florida keys, they arrived some 5-6 hrs later where they then decided to medivac her to a hospital where she died after being in a come for 3 weeks . i hope this kind of horrific tragedy doesnt happen to anyone else .and i hope he doesnt find himself in the same position one day, i keep thinking that a team of lawyers may be able to group together and instead of passing us off from one lawyer to another,
    maybe some sort of a class action lawsuit for victims and families of . its always the same story from each and every one of them, they are more interested in the dollar amount of the lawsuit rather than the victims and their loved ones.
    just my opinion. no harm intended to anyone for any reason. thank you for reading