Seabourne QuestA number of new sources are reporting that a woman went overboard from the Seabourn Quest this evening. The cruise ship had left Boston and was headed for Bar Harbor, Maine. 

The Glouster Times reports that a woman fell off the Seabourn cruise ship 10 miles off the Cape Ann coast tonight. The U.S. Coast Guard dispatched a 47-foot rescue vessel from Gloucester, a MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Air Station Cape Cod, and the 270-foot cutter Campbell from Portsmouth, N.H.

The Rockport Harbormasters found the woman’s body  about seven miles out around 8:30 p.m. tonight.

WHDH 7 says the women died.

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Update: The passenger has been identified as a 59 year old woman. The FBI has taken over the investigation.

Photo Credit: Christian Ferrer voa Creative Commons 3.0 Wikipedia 


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  • Linda Pearl

    Local, story for me…I made a comment on the WHDH website,and said no body “just” falls off …one response said..we’ll, the decks do get wet wet…..I’m just shaking my head….

  • C. Lakin

    I am on the Quest. After embarking from Boston, we circled back. Calm seas, no precipitation. We held steady for some time with Coast Guard vessels trawling, then resumed the course. Later in the evening the captain announced the fatality. No details. Not even certain if the woman was crew or passenger. Bizarre, but business as usual onboard today.

  • Susi cagen

    We had just disembarked the same ship earlier on Friday. Have never been on a more secure ship ; virtually impossible to fall from
    Unless a deliberate jump. Very sad for the captain and crew, as well
    As the victim.

  • Linda Bordelon

    We were on the Quest. a CODEOSCAR came about 7:00 as we were waiting for our friends to join us for dinner. Uniformed men started running from all around into crew quarters. The Captain announced that something may have been sighted in the water and the ship was turning around. Later the Captain said we were looking for a body. Still later he announced that the body of a passenger had been found but was not able to be retrieved. The story on the ship was that the couple had a violent fight in their stateroom that was reported to security. Overboard was from deck 10 with a bar and a deck. It is not known if she was trying to get dramatic attention and slipped, if she jumped, or if she was assisted off the 10th deck. Many of the passengers of this cruise would like to follow up on the FBI investigations.

  • Linda Bordelon

    We were also on the Quest when a codeoscar was called. Crew members were racing all over the ship. The Captain announced the ship had spotted something in the water and was turning back Later this was corrected to be looking for a body and all tenders were in the water with lights on as well as a Coast Guard Helicopter and boat. #rd announcement was that a woman passenger was found but could not be revived. Consistent rumors onboard were that the couple had a huge altercation in their stateroom and the guests next to them called security. The couple went to deck 10 where the man called to report his wife was threatening to jump. Wife either did something risky to get his attention but slipped, or jumped, or was “assisted” off the ship. FBI boarded ship in Bar Harbor and left with boxes from their stateroom. Husband spent the night in a different room with a security guard outside his door until FBI arrived.Counseling was made available for crew and passengers. Captain and Seabourne were wonderful trying to make the rest of the trip great.

  • B Taggie

    Have sailed on the wonderful Quest many times. Terrible thing to happen but have found no follow up news. Has anything come from the FBI investigation?

  • Joe Anthony

    Have you thought of asking Dateline to investgate?