Crime BahamasThe Bahamian newspapers report today on a dispute which has arisen between the government of the Bahamas and the competing party, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA), over Carnival Cruise Line’s apparent intention to issue crime warnings to its passengers.

A DNA official produced copies of e-mails which seem to reveal that Tourism Director Obie Wilchcombe failed to respond to repeated concerns from Carnival about the crime problem in Nassau. Mr. Wilchcombe denied receiving the emails.

The DNA official contended that Carnival was going to issue Nassau "crime warnings" this week. The Tribune newspaper says that that Mr Wilchcombe "angrily refuted Mr McCartney’s allegations" and claims that "Carnival had yesterday confirmed to him it was not intending to issue such Nassau ‘advisories.’"

Both parties, to me, seem out of touch with reality. There is no question that crime in the Bahamas, including the rape and armed robbery of tourists, is a major problem for the country. Carnival’s decision to warn its customers of the danger in the port is not dependent on whether the tourism officials respond to Carnivals’ inquiries. I thought that this cruise line was already warning its passengers about the high crime rate in  Nassau. 

For those cruise passengers and travel agents in the know, it is common knowledge that there is an epidemic of crime in Nassau as the country heads to a record high number of murders. Many cruise passengers know that it is prudent to stay on the cruise ships when they arrive in Nassau. 

The problem remains for those tourists who are swayed by the marketing images of Carnival and the Bahamas and who cruise their families into the Nassau-war-zone with no knowledge of the considerable danger there.

Carnival owes its customers honesty. The cruise line should disclose to their guests the dangers in Nassau. The local politicians are just a sideshow. Carnival owes its passengers the same warnings that the U.S. and the U.K. and the Canadian governments have provided to their citizens.  Neither the PLP nor the DNA want to truth to be known – that Nassau represents an unreasonable danger to tourists.

Photo Credit: Caribbean 360

  • Allen Carroll

    I went there on Carnival last November and there was a warning letter in our cabin of the dangers in Nassau and to be very careful. So Carnival was doing this a year ago.

  • ryba

    On our last two Carnival cruises, there was a warning letter in our cabin the evening prior to our arrival in Nassau. On our last Norwegian cruise, there was a safety reminder noted on our Freestyle Daily the evening prior to our arrival in Nassau.

  • Tom

    Same here, we had a warning letter also the CD made a number of PA’s upon our arrival.

  • Dana
  • C. Kirkman

    i have been to Nassau numerous times via Carnival ships. I was warned to beware of my surroundings at all times that the crime rate is high. Also get this warning in Belize and Honduras. I keep coming back.

  • Nicholas

    Every time we sail to Nassau and Roatan on Carnival there is a crime warning in the Funtimes newsletter warning guests to be aware of their surroundings and it might be good to take a Carnival excursion.

  • Steve

    I commented about this about a year ago. Carnival does give a warning at the bottom of their Fun Times. The problem is, this warning it distributed the night before the ship docks in Nassau. If you have booked a Carnival Tour, it’s too late to cancel. This warning only helps people going off on their own or taking freelance tours.

    Additional warnings need to be on cruise line’s web site, in the section where passengers book tours in advance., Also, it needs be mentioned at the time of embarkation and when the CD is pitching tours at the excursion talk, which is taped and looped on the Excursion TV Channel in all cabins.

  • Gerard Donnelly

    In the 1950s/60s, Nassau was one of the world’s premier playgrounds, a glamorous tropical resort associated with James Bond movies and high living.
    Now, alas, it is a scruffy danger zone full of angry, out-of-control criminals who pose a real threat to visitors.
    The decline began with independence in 1973, but accelerated during the infamous cocaine era in the 1980s when the PLP (the current governing party) and its crooked leader, Lynden Pindling, were in cahoots with the international drug trafficker, Carlos Lehder.
    The corrupt PLP laid a foundation of criminality in the Bahamas which has produced a society without any moral compass whatsoever. There are literally thousands of ghetto bandits in Nassau who would kill you for your Rolex watch without so much as a blink of conscience.
    Naturally, the PLP is in denial over its role in this rush towards social disintegration, but make no mistake, Pindling and his greedy henchmen were 100 per cent to blame.
    I used to love Nassau, but I wouldn’t go back. There are better – and safer – cruise resorts out there.

  • Thomas

    Nassau is without a doubt the most dangerous place I’ve lived in. Not the place I remembered as a kid, life was wonderful than, now just a memory. It is hard to believe that when I was 9, there was only 4 murders in all of the Bahamas for that year. Today 116 murders and still on track to break the all time record. I’m 95 as of August 11, the Glamor, the bright light, the shinning star is completely dark now, may the Lord bring me my last days, Amen.

  • Eldred Prescott

    Reading Thomas’s comment makes me sad. The Bahamas and its capital, Nassau, were once so wonderful. Now an old-timer like him is forced to reflect on better times with the suspicion that their likes will never be seen again.
    The murder rate – particularly in Nassau – is truly horrific. It is unsafe to wander outside after dark Even some of the gated communities are unsafe. The tourist areas are not immune. Lawless behaviour is rampant.
    The really distressing point about the nation’s predicament is that there appears to be no way back. The politicians are clueless, Law enforcement is in despair. The legal system is corrupt and incompetent. Worst of all, the people themselves have no moral base. They rely on God to bail them out, but God doesn’t appear to be listening.

  • Pastor Cooper (Freeport)

    GOD is listening Eldred, but the Bahamian people are not, and he has shown us what power he can unleash on those who chose evil before good. Hurricane Joaquin is just a tiny example of his powers. I predict if we don’t change as a people who welcome evil before good, next time we will see his true powers, Joaquin was just a warning. “WHO CAN WITHSTAND THE POWER OF THE LORD,WHO?


    Donald Trump can Pastor, and the dead beaver on his head… Just kidding, the Trump video posted on this Blog is so funny that I could resist making a comment. But truly, I’m Roman Catholic and I agree 100%, Who could withstand his powers, no one, that’s who…..God bless you all who are suffering.

  • Ann

    120 murder as of 10/12/15, 7 away from breaking the 127 murders of 2011 record. And my family in Nassau wonders why I don’t visit them.