St. Lucia The St. Lucia Times reports today that, according to the the Saint Lucia Vendors Association, crime is escalating to the point that cruise lines may consider dropping Saint Lucia from their itinerary. Five years ago, Norwegian Cruise Lines, (NCL) dropped St. Lucia because of attacks on cruise passengers (see below).

The president of the vendors association described several incidents of what he said are "daily muggings of both visitors and locals in the Saint Lucia capital."

Last year I named St. Lucia as the tenth most dangerous port in the world.  I cited:

55 Celebrity Cruise Passengers & 2 Crew Members Robbed at Gun Point in St. Lucia.

14 Cruise Passengers Robbed at Anse-La-Raye Waterfall in St. Lucia.

Norwegian Cruise Line Drops St. Lucia.

U.K. Couple Attacked on Yacht in St. Lucia, Husband Killed.

Liar, Liar Pants On Fire? St. Lucia Tourism Board Denies Prior Armed Robbery of Cruise Passengers.

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  • Cynthia

    I will avoid this port like the plague. Our tour was canceled, we walked in to Castries to shop and try some local food. We felt so threatened by the locals, they despise Cruise Passengers so much that they would prefer to spit on you than to sell you anything. They are not a friendly bunch to say the least. Women would literally walk in to me with shoulders squared. This is the only port I have ever had that feeling and we have been all over the Caribbean and I in Europe. We headed straight back to port and ate on the ship. St. Kitts was a close second.

    Some places are better left unvisited.

  • Really

    Hello Cynthia, i am sorry that you experienced this. For some reason i do not believe you really experienced it on our sweet helen St Lucia. For i know our vendors and people are kind. Not once have we gotten any complaints of such. I hate to believe that you actually experienced this and would speak of our country and people this way. Like every country, there are a hand full of people who arent polite and are criminals. St Lucia is the place to visit. It is indeed a welcoming island.

  • Cynthia

    Yes Really, I did experience this and will avoid Castries at all costs. I visited on the Sun December 11, 2013, it rained hard off and on that day. I have been to most Caribbean ports and St. Lucia was hands down the most hostile. I can’t say anything for the rest of the island but yes Castries was not a happy city. I’m sorry to say really and wished it had been different as the island looks beautiful. I will return one day to see the natural beauty but not the city.

  • Remaining anonymous

    I toured St. Lucia feb 17 to 22 2016 – and had some very positive encounters with welcoming locals – but i have to say, they were not native st. lucians. I did find people were not very enthusiastic or seemingly pleased to encounter tourists.

    I had an awful experience at a nature trail – which was abandoned of any staff, so i walked it, to be approached at the end and although no pricing or indication the trail was a pay to hike trail, the person wanted a fee – which was way too high for such a short trail and no guide. I offered half requested and gave it. My companion complained it was not fair to demand a fee after the fact with no signage to allow us to be informed and he went off on us yelling and screaming – devil, whore, ching chong bitch – and i quote the man’s words about my asian companion. this was racist, entirely offended and I feared he would pull a weapon, so we got out of there being screamed at the entire time.

    St. lucia has a mix of welcoming and hostile attitude, and i did not feel very safe in the poorer smaller towns