"New Crime Warnings – Brits, Canadians Put Citizens on Alert" read the headlines of the Nassau Guardian yesterday. 

The newspaper reports that the governments of Britain and Canada issued advisories to their citizens about the rising armed crimes in New Providence and Grand Bahama. 

Britain updated its travel advisory to state that: "There have been incidents of violent crime including robbery, which is often armed and sometimes fatal, in residential and tourist areas of New Providence, Nassau Port bahamasGrand Bahama and Freeport. The number of break-ins and robbery incidents reported to the British High Commission has increased."

Canada’s warnings state that Canadians "should exercise a high degree of caution.  Crime occurs mainly in Nassau and Freeport. There has been an increase in armed robberies targeting tourists in Nassau. Incidents take place in populated and isolated areas, and even in daylight hours high rates of crime, especially in Nassau."

Canada warns travelers to stay alert to your surroundings at all times, even in areas normally considered safe. Avoid deserted beaches and do not walk alone, particularly after dark. Sexual assaults are on the rise in Nassau . . . Foreigners have reportedly been sexually assaulted by water sports rental operators." 

Canada issued a warning about the Bahamas after a young tourist was repeatedly stabbed during a robbery.

The newspaper also reports that the United States Department of State’s Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) on Thursday tweeted, “When a jet skier starts shooting at the beach, do you reconsider The Bahamas?”

Most tourists from Britain, Canada and the U.S. arriving in Nassau via cruise ship do not realize that the port is much more dangerous than their home countries.

Last year we named the Bahamas as the number 1 most dangerous cruise destination in the world. Nassau’s tourism business is in a precarious position with murders and crime increasing dramatically and Cuba about to open to U.S. tourists.

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Photo Credit: TampAGS, for AGS Media Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Creative Commons / Wikipedia

  • Tyle King

    Quit trying to scandal a beautiful country , every where in the world faces crime am absolutely certain this is not the only place you know that have some sort of criminal activities it’s just we are not as big as other countries so it seems as if we face so much . we are a beautiful Christian nation who is dealing with some sort of crime like everyone else , and we are making measures to try and deal with it as best as we can . Until then we will still be one of the best in the carribean and tourism will forever be our one industry no matter how hard you and other websites and writers try to vandalize our country ratings in the world to try and downgrade our number one industry in the economy .

  • Joel Moxey

    Canada’s warnings state that Canadians “should exercise a high degree of caution. Crime occurs mainly in Nassau and Freeport. There has been an increase in armed robberies targeting tourists in Nassau. Incidents take place in populated and isolated areas, and even in daylight hours high rates of crime, especially in Nassau.”

    Increase in arm robberies targeting tourists in Nassau??? Where do these people get their news?? You have to to be kidding me. Someone is doing a bad hack job on Nassau and the Bahamas. I am a Bahamian that lives on Nassau and have not heard of an arm robbery of a tourist this year. Nassau has its problems with crime occurring to often but targeting tourist is an absurd fantasy. Tourist rent mopeds and ride all over Nassau daily without any incident. We have our share of issues like any major US city, but please go get a life before it passes you by!

  • Canuck

    I’m a Canadian living in the Bahamas.

    The commenters here try to refute the claims.

    However, crime is bad here (and getting worse) and the warnings are valid.

    Denying the claims only encourages the Govt to not address the problem.

    Bahamians are the greatest people. They want to think the best. This, unfortunately, leads to a bit of denial.

  • Mason Hart’s friend

    100 murders in 8 months they claim, we counted 112. What about Mason Hart’s murder in Abaco, that doesn’t count? Bahamian police doing nothing about that young man’s death, a nation full of thieves and killers, including the police.

  • William

    “Christian Nation”, that’s probably why God has forsaken your country. One of the most hypocritical people I have ever had the displeasure of meeting claiming such a lie. “Christian Nation” you claim, just like the ” It’s better in the Bahamas” bullshit.

  • William

    Tyle King, when Cuba fully opens, your going to have to eat your our words to survive.

  • K.C. Rolle

    I was born and live in Nassau but moving to England soon. This is not the Bahamas of my father’s father and his father’s father. Once a true paradise now a decaying country lead by corrupt leaders. What do they expect when the government is their worst enemy? People are unemployed, need to feed their children with no jobs available. I finished college here a year ago and still no jobs available. This is the results of a greedy corrupt government; PERIOD!

  • Yolanda

    At it again Mr. Walker, dis man is evil! You just jealous of what we have, you die and go to your father Satan!

  • Nice to hear your sweet voice again Yolanda.

  • Mary Defeo

    First of all I just want to thank you for your website and helpful information that you provide and feel anger towards the comments made to you by the like’s of Bahamians like this crazy woman Yolanda. Any one who wishes death on another human begin just because of an article is mentally sick. I really believe the Bahamas is a place of hate and dysfunction. I live in Connecticut and the local police here had to shoot a Bahamian resident not to long ago because he went nuts on the city police. We don’t need these people coming here, we have our own nuts to deal with. Doesn’t their country have mental institutes that help them?

  • Rincon, PR.

    Mary, the Bahamas has beautiful beaches, but don’t party after hours with the locals. You have to keep in mind that most of their descendants were slaves to the “White” British which gave them Independence not to long ago. I’m not racist at all, I’m Puerto Rican, but there is a dislike of lighter skin tones in the Bahamas, even among themselves. If you do visit, stay in the hotel area, it’s safer there, or come to Puerto Rico, we love everybody 🙂

  • Yolanda

    Mr. Puerto Rican Spic, who da hell are you, Mr. Walker’s best friend? Your country is full of thieves too, so stop calling da kettle black. We don’t need any of you Spic’s or Honky white crackers in our country, stay da fuck in your own land. We Bahamians are good people , a fuckin Christian nation we are, so go fuck yourselves Mr. Walker!

  • Luis Merida

    A million years of evolution will not take the savage out of these criminals.

  • T.T.34

    Took a cruise last year out of Miami port with my GF, first stop was Nassau, started getting off the ship, than saw Bahamian police with semi-automatics, turned right around and hung out at the pool. Mexico is the same way, you see semi- automatics, that’s a warning not to explore there, common sense. The other stops after Nassau were great, no semi- automatics needed there…..lol. Travel safe, do your research first and you’ll be fine. And as for Yolanda, makes you question the attitudes of the Bahamian people towards foreigners and tourist, lighten up girl!

  • Carlo Badia

    I’m going to contact your government Yolanda, they should be aware of your mental illness. And as for your racist rants, I am Cuban/American and don’t appreciate you calling us Spic’s. You are a very sick woman who need’s to go to a hospital for treatment. And I sure as hell will never visit your country, my parent’s homeland is opening up soon, and from what they tell me, it blows your country away in culture, music, food, friendly people, beautiful places to explore, and out of this world beaches. So come to Cuba, where will never use the “N” word against you.

  • Yolanda

    HAHAHAHAHA! Mr. Badia Spic, contact a government who doesn’t give a shit about your country! Da only nut is you, our government has just proven to Bahamians with Baha Mar that we’re not go to take foreigners and tourists shit no more! Come here and act like fuckin assholes, come here and disrespect us you pieces of shit, we’ll kick your assholes right outta here! Da nigga Jim Walker is just jealous of what we have, a faggot lawyer who’s father is the Devil. So contact my government, you stupid Spic, their going to laugh in your asshole face! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Edward Ball

    Yolanda is your typical Christian Nation Bahamian, well educated, a great mother and loves God and all his creations. Now in reality, this woman should be locked put and the key should be thrown into the Abyss. I’ve been to the Bahamas 3 times for business and Yolanda is how most Bahamian act towards visitors. These criminal minded people only care about the money we bring, not government, police or any of them care about our well begin. A Materialistic Nation it should be, people who only care about money.

  • Dana

    Nassau, what a dump! We even found heroin needles on Cable beach, filthiest place we’ve ever been too.

  • Disney Employee

    I work for Disney Cruises, and we hate stopping in Nassau. But the cruise ship companies make a ton of money stopping there, while he people of the Bahamas don’t make 1/10th of what the company makes. We as employees are not even allowed to question “Why we stop in Nassau”, many before us have been fired because of it. But it is clearly evident now that people are complaining and lives are being lost, and the companies agenda is now being questioned. I hope and pray they start going to a new first port stop, I lost a good friend to the violence that is Nassau.

  • 000

    Over 101 murders in 8 1/2 months for a population of 350,000, WOW! This is todays Bahamian news.
    This is unbelievable, everyone in the Bahamas owns an illegal fire arm except the Tourist. Maybe this country should start giving out guns to the visitors as they enter so they can protect themselves too?

  • Winston Balley

    Why did Disney fire those two employees, their telling the truth, Nassau is very dangerous and filthy? Disney should send Mickey Mouse to the streets of Nassau and see if he makes it back to the ship alive. I’m very disappointed at Disney, I always thought they stood by their employees.

  • Leo

    “000- September 12, 2015 2:22PM”, your wrong, it’s 106 murders as of today September 14, 2012. Five more people have been murderer in 2 days. This is unbelievable, why would cruise companies risk innocent peoples lives stopping there?

  • Cathy Roe

    The Cruise companies are like the Bahamian PLP government, they could care less about human life, money is all their after. Leo, now your wrong, as of today 9/15/2015, it’s 107 murders.

  • Michelle

    My husband and I have been to Grand Bahama Island about 10 times in twelve years. We stay at the Taino Beach and Port Lucaya areas, and have felt safe, although we haven’t ventured to more residential areas for the most part. We have found the locals to be very kind, even at the Coconut Festival in the east end of the island, which is a mainly local event. I agree that travelers need to be alert to problems, and the island has never really recovered from the 2004 hurricanes, but crime is not so rampant in the tourist areas to keep you away.

  • B Burroughs

    We visited Grand Bahama this week. We travelled the whole island. The Island is being sucked dry by corporations. No local economy except for the major resorts. Resources for locals are scarce and when available are extremely overpriced. No sanitation on either the East or West Ends of the island with most locals discarding their rubbish in the brush and bush rather due to lack of proper and affordable disposal options. Don’t believe the hype. The locals are resentful, angered, and in my opinion have every right to be. They are ‘taking it’ from all angles and there is no relief in sight. Spoke with many locals who are totally out of options.

  • stan

    Grand Bahamas has very little violent crime.. I’ve lived there for over 20 years and have never experienced any crime even with leaving my windows open at night and car doors open many times..

  • Candyman

    I’m a Canadian. I lived on Grand Bahama Island for 17 years. Most of my family still lives there 46 years later. I have never experienced the kind of crime or violence being portrayed in some of the comments here. I’m sure there is crime I don’t know about but it’s highly unlikely that 99% of all crimes there get covered up. I just visited Freeport in July and I had 5 friends with me, we all enjoyed it with no fear of safety at all. We also attended a party consisting of almost 300 guests and I heard no report of anyone experiencing any type of crime. I have never had any friends of mine who lived in Freeport murdered and believe me, I have quite a few friends. So, unless I’m missing something, Grand Bahama Island is a safe place to be.