I have written several dozen articles in the last several years about the high crime rate in Nassau.  The murder rate in the Bahamas is well over 30 per 100,000 compared to the U.S. murder rate of around 4.5 per 100,000. I have published articles about cruise passengers being raped and robbed ashore (29 cruise passengers were robbed in just two incidents). Cruise passengers on excursions have been targeted. 

The Nassau Guardian wrote an article after interviewing me a couple of years ago: U.S. Attorney Raises Concern over Crime – Bahamas "One Gunshot Away" from Cruise Line Exit. The response by the locals was mostly denial and to plaster me with hate e-mails. Since then, crime has steadily Crime Nassau Bahamasincreased. 

There is no doubt that Nassau is plagued by runaway crime (this year the number of murders will reach a record high). There are far more crime warnings issued for by the U.S. State Department for the Bahamas than any other country in the world. The unemployment rate for young men is record high and rising. Nassau is filled with guns. The police are ineffective. The legal system is broken.

Many cruise passenger stay on the cruise ships when they reach Nassau.   

Make no doubt about it. Tourists and cruise visitors to Nassau need to be warned, it’s dangerous in the Bahamas.

Today, I read an article in the Tribune newspaper: American Businessman Considers Leaving The Bahamas After Business Is Robbed. Here’s what the victim told the Tribune:

"This place has become the Wild, Wild West . . . It’s like having a group of people arguing over how to arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. The boat’s going down with everybody on it. And unfortunately here we see a deterioration of the quality of life . . .

We have a higher per capita murder rate than New York City does, than a lot of major cities in the US do. And nobody seems to be getting it."

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  • USTD

    Great article Jim, keep up the good work. I was doing my research and it is estimated that 93% of Bahamians own illegal firearms that come from the USA, 93%, that’s nuts! Also, their count of 96-98 murders in 7 1/2 months so far is wrong, I counted 104. The nude young man from Texas (Mason Hart)found in Abaco Bahamas dead in knee deep water, all his personal belongings gone, his boat still missing, was listed as a drowning. The family hired their own coroner, and investigator because as you know the whole country is corrupt. Thank you again Jim for helping your country get the word out about how unsafe the Bahamas has become. You are a great American, God bless you.

  • Mark

    Hello Mr. Walker,
    My family and I were at the Atlantis Hotel a week ago and Thursday night gun fire could be heard in the distance. The next day we read in the newspaper that Bahamian police were caught in a gun battle with three known gang members. It said two were killed on sight and the third is in ICU. I tell you Mr. Walker, I am not at all pleased that no one told us about the situation going on here. I noticed the comment made by the United States Travel Department on your site, I’m guessing that’s who wrote it, so I decided to add my own comment. I want to know if their doing such a great job getting the word out to the people, why didn’t I hear or read anything about the crime out of control in the Bahamas, especially where we stayed at, Nassau? Please find out why, because if I knew, I would have never risked the lives of my family members or myself. Thank you and have a wonderful day…..Mark

  • To Scary for us

    Went to Junkaroo Carnival in Nassau a month ago and all you heard in the background was guns being fired. It also seemed we were the only white people there, my wife and I hung out near where the police was at, scary to say the least. The beaches are nice but the people are very rude and unwelcoming,to tell you the truth we won’t visit again, not worth it, we felt nervous everywhere we went. Almost everyday in the news there was a murder, we saw cops hanging around talking to each other as gun fire could be heard in the distance and they made believe they didn’t even hear it. I think this country is coming unhinged.

  • Leona

    I have said what(Mark – August 21, 2015 11:31 PM)has said multiple times! Why are they hiding these warnings in small burbs in a few papers? Why is it not required that travel agencies pass the word on to Americans?

  • Jones

    I was born there and live in the States and been estranged more than 20 years. I know that country all too well and will never go back there for vacation or see any so call relatives. Poor service; accommodation is horrible and bad food. The Bahamian people have a sense of entitlement, because they have not experienced the horror of Haiti and Jamaica. I see no value in going there at all.