Cruise Ship Pot Wash Yesterday I announced that we will begin regularly featuring photos and videos from crew members of the conditions which they face working on cruise ships.

There was a spirited debate which followed on our Facebook page about the issue. 

One cruise passenger commented: " No one forces these people to work on the cruise ships. So if they have complaints, get another job!!" 

It seems that some passengers could care less about the crew members or the working conditions which they face.

Other passengers, and even a few crew members, disputed the authenticity of the photos, or thought that they were staged or exaggerated.

Here are some more photos, of what a pot wash looks like. One photo is of the mess.  Another photo of a greasy pan that needs cleaning. Its hard, hard work for very little money. Long hours are the norm.

Stay tuned for more photos and some videos. Many crew members are sending images of what "ship life" is really like.  

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Cruise Ship Pot Wash


  • Skip

    Jim Walker,

    It seems that some passengers could care less about the crew members or the working conditions which they face

    Isn’t it just that simple? If you are not happy with your job, you should find one that suits you better. I recognize that the cruise ship crews work insane hours for little pay, but they know what they are signing on for.

    “Yerussa Benites but we have a contract , so before to join to the hell we have the idea.. that we r gonna work around 14 hrs.. everyday is part of our contract !” (from your Facebook page)

    So, sign on and do the job or, if it is not to your liking, do something else.

  • Nanette

    It appears to me that the reason some don’t believe the validity of these photos is due to their own self absorption and arrogant lack of compassion. I’ve been on several cruises, and on each one, I was really fortunate to meet and actually talk with stewards,& wait staff who expressed their real feelings about their working conditions, and described what those conditions are. Some of these people are sold a bill of goods prior to hiring onto these jobs. Some even go into debt in order to even have an opportunity to get the job, which pretty much puts them into the role of indentured servitude. Those working in the lowest levels of the cruise industry food chain are the most vulnerable. For them, this work is often the best and only hope of income.
    Perhaps my fellow cruisers might want to spend less time at the bar & a bit more time observing the nuances of shipboard life.

  • Titsyana

    Ecxuse me ser but you are not right!! Sorry first of all for my not perfect english. I work on cruise ship. And you say if i now about bed conditions i shouldnt join this job. But didnt you think about that in agency(through wheach i get that job) they lie to me!! They said one, in contract is one, but you get totaly other!!! So dont talk about things weach you dont know!!
    And also if im far away from home, and if i want to brake the contract i should pay for way home, and that can cost me all my money!! And if i will break the contract, company can put me into the black list. So ser relax your brain, its to hard for you!!
    Crew is human!!!!!

  • Baltazar A. Rafales

    “No one forces these people to work on the cruise ships. So if they have complaints, get another job!!”

    You know what happened? They contacted me on August year 2000, when I saw the contract that they want me to signed, still BLANK? That time I realized, if I will look for a contract that clearly specify, how many hours I had to work onboard, maybe no cruise lines will hired me? So, even my heart, my mind and my soul do not agree, I had no choice but to signed that blank contract. From year 2000 to year 2008 every time I am signing a BLANK CONTRACT, I am praying that someday may the LORD used His people to stop the evil practices of HAL, UPL and AMOSUP.

    March 2009, I filed a case against HAL in US Court on Illegal Travel Expenses Deduction.

    October 31, 2011, The US Court approved a BAD FAITH Settlement on Rafales v. HAL et al & Priyanto v. HAL et al.

    Around May 2014, UPL, HAL and AMOSUP has changed their AMOSUP-POEA Filipino seafarers contract, this time they allowed to bring home the contract, so that the crew has enough time to read their contract (NOT BLANK anymore) before they signed if they are agree.

    However, the issue on Overtime Compensation, whereas, crew members on FOOD PREPARATION alone, the usual overtime works per week is about 1,000 hours. But Holland America Line Inc. (HAL) practiced is to forcefully reduced the 1,000 hours to 300 hours. They are only paying 300 hours overtime to the officers but not to the less privileged Filipino crew.

    The Issue on Foreign Voyage Compensation is not yet resolve.

    The issue of “ARBITRATION CLAUSE” on the contract is not yet resolve.

    The issue on Maximum Medical Cure is not yet resolve.

    The seafarer shall join the vessel or be available for duty at the date and time specified by the employer. The seafarer shall travel by air or as otherwise directed at the expense of the employer.

    Now, the question is, are the Filipino seafarers, really not forced to work onboard the cruise ship?

    Are the Filipino seafarers working on FOOD PREPARATION really not forced to just follow the protocol and served a molded, expired foods to the passengers of Holland America Line Inc?

    Baltazar A. Rafales

    (a) Plaintiff; Federal Expert Witness; Exhibitory; Declaratory and Filipino Class Action Representative in Rafales v. HAL et al

    (b) Federal Expert Witness; Exhibitory and Declaratory in Priyanto v. HAL et al.

  • susej

    Above comment by a heartless passenger is definatley arguable, Mr passenger lemme give u a scenario now tell me what you feel here we go……” one crew leaves his family and joins vessel to do anything that can save his family he might be having ill mother who needs huge money for a surgery, or a younger sister at her age to get marry, or older parents waiting for sons earning to buy grocery ” out all these scenarios if the crew rejects his job bcoz of poor working conditions who is going toto suffer?????

  • Marcos

    Understandable to everyone saying go find another job when your sitting in a country that provides you with all your needs, its easy to say go find another job when you have something to eat on your table and your kids have nice a warm clothing that you can go buy at any moment with your 2 cars and drive to Wal-mart and not worry about your kids getting a better education.

    Right! Go find another job!