Le Télégramme reports that a British chef was found hanging in his cabin aboard the Crystal Serenity cruise ship.

The ship left Bordeaux yesterday for Brest. The crew member was found in his cabin Saturday morning.

The investigation and the autopsy reportedly will be held in Bordeaux. 

Crystal SerenityThis is the third alleged suicide by hanging of a crew member on a cruise ship in the six weeks.

On June 2nd we reported on the apparent suicide of a safety officer on the Disney Dream.

On June 3rd we mentioned the apparent suicide of a young woman employed in the Carnival entertainment department on the Carnival Sensation.

On July 3 we mentioned a Brazilian crew member who disappeared from the Norwegian Sun in Alaskka. NCL suggests that it’s a suicide.

Four crew member suicides in just 6 weeks?

Under U.S. maritime law, cruise lines are legally required to provide medical treatment to all crew members who suffer from any type of physical or emotional injury or sickness while working on the ship. The ships are required to provide psychiatric and.or psychological treatment, including ashore, if a crew member is suffering from depression or anxiety. The treatment must last, by law, until the crew member reaches his or her maximum medical improvement.

In our experience, the medical treatment for physical injuries is spotty at best. Ibuprofen is often the only "treatment." Medical care for emotional issues is virtually non-existent. 

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Hat tip to Professor Ross Klein who first mentioned this incident on his CruiseJunkie site


Photo Credit: D.strutting via Wiped Creative Commons 3.0

  • Harry

    Ibuprofen indeed, but only a few. I’m always told to buy it in the shop on board.

  • Lin

    I find no help whatsoever on crystal – scary

  • no name

    We newer had any kind of psychological treatment, if he have some pain they just give us painkillers and tell us to go to work. and the doctor on ship is so old that he cant help himself. what I m tryin to say, crew dont have good treatment on ship, and that is why people kill themself.

  • eva alegria

    It appears there could be a direct correlation between ship life and suicide aboard the cruise ships…..
    Perhaps reevaluating the crew members hours worked per day and days of week worked could help mental clarity and well being of the crew.
    Is there an onboard psychiatrist or psychologist?
    If ICU physchosis exists then I cant imagine that cruise ship psychosis might exist?
    God Bless all…

  • David

    If you visit ships doctor on NCL the doctor will tell you
    why you don’t have any medication from your country.
    or if they give you medicine they will tell you (do you know how expensive is this medicine )

    This was happened on Norwegian Pearl with south African doctor Mr. J…. Joha…….

  • Lisa

    I remember practically begging the doctor to book me off sick as I had tonsillitis.
    My hand had also once been slammed in a fire door and after an x-ray, they still didn’t book me off. I had severed tissue damage but I still had to work.
    It costs them too much money to fly in relief if you can’t work, that’s why they play it down and don’t tell you the law.

  • Xyz

    Many people does not know the reality of a cruise ship for a crew member, specially working at the back. Firstly back of the house guys work long hours every day and most of the time they do not get the overtime for that , now every cruise company will say that they are following the international labour organization rules, but in real it’s all bogus . Crew members are force to work for long hours and also to sign the time sheet or punch the time machine. You can understand the level of pressure that these guys work 24/7 , even if they are sick .at the time of sickness crew member get few hours to rest .however this is not only the matter most of the cruise lines hire Asian crew members because they are cheap labour and can compromise at any extend. On the other hand crew members from develop countries does not accept the small salaries and the position they are always be on the top . There are more things which will amaze you but for now it’s enough . Ex crew member thank you

  • Geno

    Could it possibly be because they overwork the employees of cruise ships? In my opinion, yes.

  • Gisele Rodrigues

    Psychiatric and psychological treatment on board??? Never heard about it, I worked for Crystal and Princess, never saw any psicologist or shrink working on board. Some crewmembers don’t go to medical center when feeling sick, they are afraid to lose their jobs if they have to receive treatment ashore. There’s a high risk to go home to treat and wait for months after recovering to go back to work. If the company calls back again.

  • Hola Middleton

    I am an avid cruiser and it pains me to read how the crew is treated. The crew members are super nice and deserve more humane treatment!!

  • Hallee

    Avid cruiser and often saddened that we cannot help crew members. Especially after reading something like this. If it’s true it is very tragic but I would need to hear from more authority than unhappy crew members. We often feel for the staff that has to work such long hours but without the cruise industry where would a lot of these people and their families be? A hard life for sure and they should be treated better…and there should be some relief available if they are ill. Maybe shorter contracts too…and cruisers should be paying more than the mandatory tips…

  • Pablo Arcila

    Crystal cruises is the worst cruise line to work for, and the guests are not human beings, They are the most spoiled freaks I’ve ever met. So if crew members don’t have any other option for job they have to put up with so much humiliation and their stress level is sky high, I’m sorry this happened to that guy and surprised it doesn’t happen more often.

  • Georgina

    In my opinion the main problem here is the lack of rest and the preassure that lots of employees have to suffer from their bosses. Bullying all time.