Stena Jutlandica - Tanker CollisionA Stena cruise / ferry ship carrying 600 passengers collided with an oil tanker and sustained serious damage early today near Gothenburg, Sweden.

As you can see in the accompanying photo, the Stena Jutlandica was hit by the tanker on its port side. It reportedly took on water. 

A Swedish newspaper said that the tanker was carrying 12,000 tons of diesel fuel at the time of the collision. 

Three weeks ago, another near disaster unfolded when the Celestyal Crystal, a cruise ship operated by Celestyal Cruises, collided with the STI Pimlico fuel tanker filled with a cargo of extremely volatile naphtha (flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixture).

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Photo Credit: Above –; below – REUTERS/Adam Ihse/TT News Agency

Stena Jutlandica