Today I received a nice "thank you" from an anonymous cruiser who, as she says, stumbled on this website:  

Thank you sooo much for your web site. Stumbled upon it looking for cruise ship deals for myself and my teenage daughter. We were not aware of the dangers of the ports. Thank you for all your hard work to warn travelers and help make our vacations happy and safe. 

I get my fair share of hate mail, so I always appreciate it when someone takes time to express their Thank Youappreciation for this little blog.

We are on track for over 2,000,000 different readers this year. They will read a little over 7,000,000 pages of Cruise Law News. 

Negative comments, accusations and insults come with the territory, particularly on our Cruise Law News Facebook where we have around 150,000 followers. Approximately 23,000,000 people will cruise this year and have a positive experience. There are lots of people who, I have learned, hate lawyers and love to cruise. They don’t like their favorite cruise line criticized. They are quick to shoot the messenger. 

But for the anonymous mother who contacted me today, thanks again . . .  

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  • Jason K

    Hi Jim,

    I must admit, I was skeptical at first when I read your blog. I discovered it years ago when researching cruise ship collisions. I consider many of your comments as one-sided, since…and let’s face it…you earn your living from cases against cruise lines. With that said, I began appreciating your perspectives, though I might not necessarily agree with them. It’s up to people to educate themselves, and to value diverse perspectives and debate. Your site has definitely opened a channel of communication, and information for people to learn more about cruising, ships, and ports. I disclose that:1) I work in Human Resources and have my Masters degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources, 2) I am a former US Marine, and 3) former law enforcement officer. I also disclose that I am a frequent cruiser with Celebrity and RCCL. Labor Relations and HR issues aboard ships always raise my interest. I’ve spoken to many HRMs while cruising and it’s a pretty complex function. My best friend is even an HRM with HAL, and his version of HR and mine are very different.

    I look at your blog every morning before I start work, to see what’s new, and wonder, are there ever any comments or opinions that you don’t post because they contradict your opinion? We only see what’s posted, so we don’t know. Have you ever consider creating an app where people can post pictures and events straight to a forum?

    Thanks for your continued pursuit of fairness, safety, and legal opinion.

  • Jason:

    I appreciate your comments.

    Actually most of my opinions are about issues that we don’t handle, like norovirus or pollution issues or the mistreatment and underpayment of crew members, etc. but I write about these issues because they interest me or are important, particularly things that affect the crew.

    We pay our bills from cases where passengers or crew members are injured or sexually assaulted.

    I post lots of comments from people who disagree with me. I value a difference of opinion.

    I delete comments which start with “you scum sucking ambulance chaser” and comments from people who take pleasure mocking the dead or families of the missing, hateful comments like “they deserved it and it’ll improve the gene pool.”

    Thanks for reading.


  • John Goldsmith

    As I have said before, I don’t always agree with Jim, But I love this site as it creates a forum where we get information that may not be readily posted by corporations. We all know that corporations have their own agenda.

  • As someone who has worked in the cruise industry, off and on, since 1977, I discovered Jim while doing research for an injured entertainer who was in one of my shows, but an employee of the cruise line. I have been fascinated with what goes on behind the scenes of all cruise ships ever since, knowing the cover ups that take place, myself having been made to feel like I was crazy numerous times when I had justifiable complaints.

    I admire greatly Jim’s work knowing he was once an attorney FOR the cruise lines. I’ve dealt with them and I’m here to tell you … well … never mind about them. I’m just glad Jim saw the light.

  • KenF

    I also appreciate this site as a cruiser of 25 cruises, a vacation I use to enjoy but not anymore. The information here about the mistreatment of the crew and the lack of concern from the cruise line on safety issues are alarming. Do I miss being on the sea, a big yes on that but its no longer worth the risk involved. When we gave out tips at the end of the cruise we knew where it was going, to the crew member not the cruise line.. Keep up the good work of informing the public on all the issues. Again it is much appreciated.

  • Jen

    I also really appreciate this site, having also stumbled upon it will researching family cruises. It’s been useful to hear about which ports we probably need to avoid (ahem Bahamas), but I also enjoy a little behind the scenes info, I’m a sucker for randomly interesting facts.

  • tinikini

    I too stumbled onto this site AFTER a cruise with my elderly parents and new to cruising. After reading pages and pages I was horrified…. and then very thankful our cruise went off without a hitch and was perfect. I appreciate this site so much. Jim takes a beating but keeps on ticking. I have one more cruise to plan for my mother’s bucket list and I will go more informed this next time and weigh my odds before I book and not think twice about purchasing the insurance I did with the first trip. I will not go alone with my folks this time, I will take my husband along, check the balcony, etc…the list is long and Jim has taught me well over the past 4 years of daily reading. Thanks Jim!!!!