Multiple crew members are confirming that a young woman employed in the Carnival entertainment department was found dead on the Carnival Sensation

The cruise ship was last in Nassau, Bahamas. Bahamian news sources reported that "on Monday 1st June 2015 shortly after 6:00am, police received information that the lifeless body of a female crew member was reportedly found dead on board a cruise ship while in Bahamian waters." The Bahamian police never disclose the specific name of cruise ships involving such incidents. 

The woman was reportedly found hanging in an officer’s quarters. We are withholding the crew Carnival Sensationmember’s name and other details.

This is the second apparent suicide within a 24 hour period involving a crew member. Yesterday, we reported on the death of an officer on the Disney Dream

Like the Disney Dream, the Carnival Sensation is flagged in Nassau, Bahamas in order for the cruise line to avoid U.S. taxes and labor laws. Any investigation into this incident will be conducted by the Bahamas. Unfortunately, it is our experience that the Bahamas refuses to cooperate with the families of crew members who die or are missing from cruise ships flagged in the Bahamas.

There is always mixed reaction and debate when we report on crew member deaths on cruise ships. Cruise lines don’t like there to be any mention of it. There have been literally dozens of crew members who have gone overboard and lost at sea in apparent suicides since we have been writing this blog over the past six years. 

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Photo Credit: Sensation in Nassau – WikiEK via Wikipedia Creative Commons 3.0

  • Efrain A.

    I used to work for one of those cruise lines, I recently resigned from another company, due to the amount of hours, pressure from shoreside and other reasons. I felt really depress because once in the ship no one cares about you. I had to quit for my inner peace and health it was affecting me so much.

  • carolyn muldoon

    When we went on our cruise it became apparent that the staff work very long hrs and we gathered that the pay is very low. We were waited on hand and foot and it was an amazing experience due to the beautiful people who were working so hard to take care of us and our every need. I think it would be very hard being away from home for long periods of time. Without these amazing people cruising would be nothing.

  • Joe Cruise Guy

    The Cruise Industry will try to keep this under wraps as much as possible. All crew members in subordinate positions are subject to bullying, harassment, and an extreme working environment that leaves little room for error. Females and males are expected by supervisors to give much more than what would be expected in any modern society. With very little reward for good work, crew members are under constant scrutiny and pressure to perform at 100% all the time. Not living the values means termination with an endless flow of new hires. Safety concern for long term physical health and psychological needs are ignored.
    With such scrutiny and little hope for job security, crew members face constant anxiety. Many who do advance in the company do so through favors. Females and males find favor from extreme competition to please superiors. In an extremely free environment for alcohol, open sexual activity and manipulation, many crew members participate to win friends and even justify their sacrifice to an organization little concerned with overall safety.
    This environment can lead to not only a dangerous physical atmosphere, but a psychological nightmare. Ironically many crew members come to ships, because they are running from someone or something back home. The opportunity seems a temporary safe haven. However the illusion is what keeps them coming back. A lustrous environment as it appears to be.
    How often is safety ignored? From day one of signing on a ship, crew members are given the basics of safety training for emergency purposes. This is after a lot of travel and little sleep. From this day forward, sleep and personal time are ignored by officer, office, and management. There is no set schedule as everyone is always on call. Training is rushed. Extreme scrutiny is placed on those who are new or slow paced at a task. Verbal abuse and harassment is then persistent and often followed by being ostracized.
    Actual injury is often misdiagnosed. Presently ship doctors must get approval for non life threatening injury from the office. If an appointment is made by the ship and a crew member rejects treatment from ship appointed provider for any reason, they are forced to waive their rights to future treatment. The focus is placed on getting the crew member through their contract and off the ship to deal with it on their on. Many supervisors and ship doctors ignore minor injury, as the attitude is the crew are just playing the system. However the fact is there is limited expertise and availability to treat the many kinds of injuries present.
    As reports surface regarding the conditions present at the time of this girls death, it may or may not be seen as to how any of this affected her situation. The fact that she was a young girl subjected to such an environment should be acknowledged.
    As customers continue to ignore their dollars account for the slavery of thousands, many more will be subjected to abuse. This corporation model rewards and elevates those who abuse the system further creating a pyramid of oppression.
    This poor girl lost her life. It is time these operations are better examined and the public is subjected to the fruit of their actions.

  • Huynh Quang Hieu

    I have worked on cruise ship for long time.To Servive on cruise ship is not easy because of long working hour,too much work, time to rest is very less, nobody cares about you,pressure from bosses,more bosses you get more pressure,food is almost same everyday, you need to sleep more than you need to eat. They say that cruise ship is home away from home but it is not.

  • Alex Castro

    I’m not surprised by these news because this is happening more often than we really know. Myself was about to do something crazy when I was working on a cruise because the amount of hours the managers make you work are just insane. They manipulate the times for their convinience and they make you logout of the system earlier even when you still have many hours ahead to work. I talked with many people about the situation, asking for their help, but nobody listened to me. If you are thinking about to get a job on a cruise, think twice because your life will change in a way that you will need medical help only If you are lucky and survive. It is just impossible to work 16 hours a day per 7 days a week, eating, hearing, and doing the same all over again for the entire week with less than the minimun wage . I hope the authorities change the law for all these cruise companies, improving the job contracts and be aware about the reality inside the ship. workers should earn the same as a worker earn in the USA plus extra hours, or even more.

  • Putu A.S

    Cruise line?
    I was working on Carnival for 2 years.
    You need to work 10 hours per day for only small amount of money. You will find disrespect and racism between crew members on board.

  • Anon

    All these comments are very accurate. I could write a book about my time at sea.
    There were good and bad experiences. Glad I never got injured. But there are definite psychological issues that I suffered because of it.

  • Domengyito (Fun Ship?!)

    Everything they have said is Very True!

  • TJ

    I worked on a cruise ship for 2 years (a very popular & respected one). The hours were long, the pay was bad & the food was worse. I was always tired, my hard work was never recognized & the discipline was handed out at the drop of a hat. Turnover was high.
    I became depressed during my 4th contract & considered suicide by going overboard. I was almost medically debarked. I ending up quitting & just always having to be supervised until I left.
    I suggest that anyone considering working on a cruise ship seek advice from a former crew member so they can get a true idea of what the lifestyle is like

  • td

    Ei lazy ones stops saying stupid thing’s most of you don’t have idia for what you talk now. Have of the things you say is not a tru. I am on cruise industry already 23 year’s still normal I thing you need to be seen a doctor be for you start to work any were ???

  • SoCalGuppy

    Are “hugs” allowed between cruise staff and cruise guests? (I do not know what people who go on cruises are called…cruisers?) ? Perhaps there is a code… :-/ as a kind gesture? Thank you very much in advance!! My condolences to both families and their fellow cruise staff.

  • Aaron bibidy bibidy

    Whoever just wrote that 23 years in the industry bs above should be shot

  • Gede

    why they registered in bahamas because they are scare with the rule regulation of US.and if they use bahamas that mean they avoid the tax,cheap label,and they basic salary are cheap.people are coming from the poor country they are agree with that amount of money even they need to work like a dog in side the ship,they should be make better basic salary for the people are non tipping position.

  • Gede

    and was there with that company for 11 years.why they registered in bahamas they want to are void the tax and they have it small basic salary. that way the avoid that and recruiting people are from the poor country to get that job specially people are non tipping position.thing the US must be investigate how are the people are working and how many hour they are working.remember that people are working are more than 74 hours a week this are crazy and no day off

  • Joe

    CNN wants to eradicate slavery, get on cruise industry’s back! But the again, all of the crew and staff memebers always have thier grow up pants on. I ise to wirk on cruise but i have to give it up due to people who are not suppose to cruise or dont understand cruise are sooo freakin difficult and super demanding people as if they pay thousands of dollars to cruise. Peopel pay sometimes 50$ to 200 a week in last minute deal and act like well off. I love when you outsiders comment like you know what up. You use to work yes, for a couple of years, i’ve done 15. So STFU.

  • I was working with carnival from last 6years. Carnival is the worst place on the earth for those who are normal people. The first sentense you heard when you came onboard is welcome home. Which is not true, yes you can say welcome to jail for 9months. I wanted to make an documentary and send it to CNN but never get a chance. Even there is a large number of prostitution is going on because of lots of girls they want easy life. In all this the woman who is working good she didn’t get promotion for two years and the girl who spread her legs for one night next day only she get what position she want.

  • sunil

    I worked in the involved cruise lines and can suggest that this might be a love failure or such as entertainers normally hook up with officers and live in with them in the contract period normally.

  • Diane

    Reading these comments really disturb me and makes me feel so sad for the crew. I was just aboard the Carnival Sensation right before Memorial Day. A young girl on her first cruise who sat at my table on the deck said she wished she could work on the ship. I told her that I had heard that the pay is really low and that the staff works long hours. It just so happened that one of the crew members walked by and I asked him about his experience. Low and behold it was nothing like I had just told this young girl. The story didn’t match the stories I had been hearing over the 9 cruises I’ve taken. But you know what- while he was telling us the glories of working on the ship, my gut was telling me he was regurgitating only what he was supposed to say! How sad!

  • Joe

    Every one talk about this for 10 days. And then what will happen. The same think I’ll Chaney. One. Of the the person commend that. If the crew members r working hard and they r getting less payment. If they r asking about increased in payment. This kind of cooperate is taking new person. Not only that in a department many nationalists persons r working and r doing the same work and there pay roll in different. I have no idea about that. Treating crew as a luxury slave. If u ask about this there answer is keep them in control. Its only for crew not for officers and management person.
    One more think the person who working in galleys and cooks the working more hours than there time hours and the supervisers ask then to clock out and work other wise give hot time to them and adjust the work hours in the system. Somany think s.
    But nothing going to change. Im talking for all crew working on cruise ship. All the media will talk about this for 10 days after that what??????????

  • Maya

    I worked on Carnival, two contracts, and I have only great memories. It is true working hours are longer, but our managers were always trying to make a normal schedule. Salary isn’t the best, like it used to be, but then it is on time and..who is forcing you to work on ships? It is your own choice. Life on land has it own bad sides as well.It is nowhere perfect and there are different people everywhere.I feel sorry for the girl, but these horrible things are also happening on land.

  • Shela

    The truth is working in a cruise ship is such a rewarding job that anybody would
    Want too especially if your young and very much single.Traveling for FREE ,tax FREE
    boarding,food, you dont think about paying ur gas,electricity etc…Working in Accomodation
    Is such an excellent job $$$$wise, not aspiring to have stripes..tipss are side by side
    So why complain? Stress, pressure,blahh-blahh here &there is a part of that
    Its how u handle it for some people who cant handle it well i advise not to aspire to
    Work . In every job at sea, on land the word PRESSURE/STRESS is always there
    Still try to look the brighter side of life..a lot of homeless,jobless people around
    the world without nothing & all they want is to have that BASIC NEEDS OF
    HUMAN and thats FOOD,SHELTER…ETC..So think about it were all BLESSED.

  • Helena

    I do work on ship over 12 years finally i can say that crew members are just number in the computres …bulling and harasment in all ways …poor youngh and preaty girls ….if they dont have enough strenghtmay they finish haging or depresed…

  • Steve

    Most of the stuff mentioned in comments are true. Expectations are very high from head of departments. And superiors always threaten of termination. It is sad that most of the crew come from poor backgrounds and work hard to give their families a better life back home…. But at what cost?? They become robots. when they go home, they look forward to joining ship back for the lack of cash and vice versa for lack of loved ones. And this one is for the person who mentioned 23 years on ship. Sorry to say but, you are already dead. All that’s is left is a body bag that has to come your way. You probably have a girl half you age as a sex partner on board and mind you, it is only because of your position… Maybe. Get a life 23 years on metal makes you men,tal. Give your family your time. They need uou before it’s too late… If it not already is.

  • Inday

    I was onboard on one of the ships in i am on vacation.why?by the mid of may i discovered that i am me and my boyfriend decided to go to the medical center.later in the afternoon on that the day i found a blood stain on my liners so we come back to the medical center.i was advice to go.out for a check up they schedule me the next friday for we will be dockin in i have to wait for 7 days to jave a check up.on that 7 days the spoting turns to bleeding.and they dont give me any medication.i was advice to go home.they send me sunday.not thinking on my condition.i was heavily bleeding on my flight and reach my country tuesday and was rush directly to the hospital..unluckily i lost my baby..i was so depressed..i lost my baby because of their i even did not receive any compinsation from the company.even to pay for my hospital bill.carnival is a hell on the sea.they dont care on the crew member and on the cruisers..they just care about the money going to their pocket…they are all bullshit..specialy the management..

  • justme

    They really should investigate how crew members are working and treated on a crues line. I worked on a cruise ship and is painful how I was treated like I was a slave. And the way that supervisors and management are treating people. And for what? I was a tipping position and I worcked like hell for 200$ a week. I got pregnant and I had no benefits. I had morning sickness and I couldn’t eat nothing in crew mess but they didn’t give me anything else. Not even less hours to worck. I went home earlier and resign

  • sergiu

    It s crazy on bord the carnival ships they make u work 10 hours a day.we use to work even more than 10 h a day special on embarc days.from 6 am to 1 pm from 3pm to 5 from ,6pm to 10 pm and on the next day u had meeting from 8_30am – 9… The guests where calling us for help ,we cold not do anything bevause u had to leasten theyr boool shit .many things are hapening on bord the carnival that ofice dont even knoww about it…


    same like he said with >> Putu A.S.

    i was working on cunard before now it became part carnival all of our salary decline and they are not following our contract.. yes its true working 10hours on board and some times more than 10hours… the truth is all company knows that working more than 5hours must be consider as OVER TIME PAYMENT RATINGS AND OFFICER. hotel workers is RATINGS ALSO why there’s no o.t pay and why theres no posting regarding about ratings rights about there contract and where they are going to contact M.L.C. for there complain.. many crew onboard cruise line they are afraid to complain because they are afraid is just because being blacklisted in any company.. the truth is regarding in mlc law no one crew will be blacklisted in shipping industry… M.L.C. official they dont know about situation of the crew onboard.. lots of violation dozens of violation.. i can prove it with my payslip and i have the other copies of my colleagues contract and payslip you will know dozens of truth… and im willing and im not affraid to tell everything i know…

  • rose

    I have worked on carnival through starboard, I was a shoppie. I am from the Caribbean so i was super excited. Compared to the exchange rate back home the money was ok. Could have been better though, which is why I had to stop. I met many friends through this job n I must say especially the Phillipinos they work like mules…they are subjected to racism I guess because of cultural differences. The Italians are highly racist. They don’t hide it and they are the ones in charge. Management (even female ones) sexually harass subordinates all the time. While I agree to the long hours. Hardly any pay. Racism. And horrible treatment of staff, it wasn’t so for me. They had parties, activities, excursions bingo etc…something anything to keep us busy or to makeup for the long hours. It’s not as bad as it sounds. They just need to compensate financially for the all the hard work…oh n not allow $50.00 cruisers to talk to us anyway they please.

  • G

    i have worked for CCL for over 20 yrs, it’s true that many people work long hours and some supervisors especially the Eastern europeans mistreat some of the crew members usually middle management !!! But it’s not like some many of you have said in your ignorant comments, most if you are just bitter and probably lack the ability to grow within the company!! I guess you forgot you could of left any time the gangway went down, your asses were not glued to the ship!! Suicides on ships don’t happen that often as sone have mentioned! Some people can’t handle life but that goes fir any envirorment !! Not just cruise ships !! It’s sad to see how many of you are so bitter with your own life thatvuou have yo blame cruise industry especially that idiot cruising Joe get a life!!

  • Navraj

    I’ve been working with Carnival for
    past 2 years, and mine is a mixed
    experience. Though it was my decision
    to take the job but my expectations
    were quite different. Now the good
    part is that cruise companies hire
    people from poor countries who are in need of money to support their families,but the sad part is they are not offered positions according to their qualifications and experiences.
    We have also seen people being hired at positions for which they have no qualificational background neither proper experience. Is this because of their nationality? Or is it, that our own national agencies/recruiters want to earn more by hiring people at the basic level irrespective of their qualifications and experiences.
    But the saddest part is that the company you work for shows no interest in your upliftment because they need people to work at basic positions and they have hiring deficiencies. You are now a permanent slave who once thought of a better future but taking up a job which he never expected of.
    So folks this is the harsh truth and you need to accept it , people who fail to take up such situations in life leading in such acts of giving their lives.
    Losing 1 crew member does not make a difference to this vast industry so inspite of losing hope we should stand for ourselves and fight for our rights.
    We all should together demand a proper enquiry of such incidents under the U.S Laws and Jurisdiction.

  • len

    i am currently working in the carnival sensation, I was there when these events unfold, found my self speechless and sad. I would like to acknowledge the sacrifice, pain and loneliness of all carnival employees specially the ones from the galleys, housekeeping, photo team, dinning room staff and others. Who are breaking their backs earning salary that hasn’t been raised like 7 years ago…but there are so many things and work added they are asking from us…in some departments they raise the per cruise targets and budgets…when the office sees the money their raise it again and again and again…and the ones suffering are US always…WHY ARE YOU LETTING THESE CARNIVAL.?

  • Stn

    i have only 1 contract on Carnival and that will be the end of my cruise ship expirience.. long working hours, slave labor.. and this is just the start.. of course it`s different for every each crew memebr, some like it, some don`t.. also it depends of the department you are, you cannot compare the gift shop salesman and the asst waiter.. or casino dealer or slot attendent… so for the guys who are saying that thare are 15 and more years in the company there are two options.. lack of money back home or just nice department with more rights then others.. peace

  • Bojana

    I’ve also worked on Carnival and I have to say that I never felt worse in my life! For some reason I couldn’t stop myself from reading all the comments before and it just made me more upset than artical itself. Yes it’s really sad that this will be a story for 10days and than people will forget about it…they would just continuing with what they are doing. For that comment from a person that is 23 years on cruise ship and calls everybody else lazy – I’m not even gonna debate that as coment itself with amount of hate shows what 23years of cruise ship does to people! I felt really upset reading all comments from previous crew – as I kind of relived it all over again…and its more than enough to live though it once. Somebody should go and have a hidden camera around there. Saddest thing is however that coment that is saying free accommodation, traveling, tax free and that stuff- as sadly that’s how most of a young people see that…and its all just a trap…illusion … Free accommodation is tuna can shared with someone you don’t know, seeing the world means that you would consider yourself lucky if you have a time see a crew bar which is one of 3 places you are allowed to visit as a crew on that ship (other is your room/can or canteen)…if you are really lucky and you manage to have some spare time when it’s possible to get out of ship (which is only few hours- and not every day) you may go outside , like a zombie, take a few pictures, run back to try to catch like 3hr of sleep before your next 12hr shift and than once your contract is done, and you are home- you can look at those pictures and see places you visited- as you won’t even be aware you are there at that time… I’m truly grateful that it’s all behind me now and that life broth me to so much better place, where my hard work is appetites and my abilities stimulated …instead being constantly under pressure and screamed at… For those of you who are still there- there is a way out …everything will come together- and even do it may be scary to come back to “normal” life as you think you are no longer capable to live it that way believe me after a while it all calms down…comes to place where it should be…you just need to get off of that ship – for more than just your leave between contracts and give it a shut… Don’t give up on a perfect life you imagine for yourself!

  • nooo

    and all this so poor americans can have a 100 dollar cruise and eat like pigs!!!!no labor law,no taxes,no rights,racism and slavery=fun for the americans

  • D

    First and foremost, may she rest in peace….for whatever reason it is, noone deserve this.

    Started my career with Carnival as a server and 5 contracts later (via Seabourn, Celebrity and HAL), finished my career as a Bev’ Manager. So I have seen/experienced both area. Even being head of department is not easy, especially when you have a bunch of deck officers that clearly don’t care about Customer services. (A.K.A Celebrity Cruises)

    Life on the ship can bring you something very valuable in life, but this is not the be compared with life on land. You need to understand what is waiting for you on board. I did manage payroll for all our great indonesians, could not even think they would work so much for so less, but even with such salary, they are still pushing that smile after 15hrs shift. Can we really get this return in any industry in N/A or Europe? I wouldn’t even myself be able to do what they do on a daily basis. That is Cultural and must be recognized. I placed this as my first priority while on board. Thanking them each and every one every day,

    this is what keep them happy too. Back home, they have just pretty much…nothing or very little and have a family to take care of. Did you know that 75% of their salary is sent directly home for every cruise?

    Your first contract will test you. You like it or you jump out (figure of speech..)!

    For anyone I meet who wants to work on ship, I always push them onboard, brief them very well with a state of mind “take this as an experience of a lifetime”. You will face difficulties, but also joy. I have travelled pretty much everywhere and was paid for it. Is this tough?

    Sure I got a better environement when I got promoted but isn’t it what we all get on land as well?

    I have chosen to carry on my life and working for an airline now. Very far from being an environment without stress.


  • dy

    I feel for the young woman and especially her family and friends but not sure exactly how you can hang yourself in a cabin, that seems almost impossible If you took the ceiling panel off and then tied the rope or whatever was used it would then come off again … I have been working now for 12 years on ships most of the time in an officers cabin and this doesn’t add up

  • Cruiser

    My condolences to this young lady and her family. I was aboard this ship at the time. Although the crew kept everything very private a letter was provided to the guest. I am just sad for this person and their family.

  • Gopalakrishnan

    I was worked in carnival spirit 12 hours a day , they gave that much pressure to swip out time and work

  • Ginny Grayson

    I would like to see every employee on carnival cruise ship treated with respect and get a higher salary for all the work they do.if you treat them as family ,the service would be better for the guest.
    You do not want someone who is not happy to serve you,because it may not be the best service
    Carnival take heed and treat your
    employer as a partner in the cruise line

  • Cheryl clarke

    I spent 8 yes. With Carnival . I took the job bbecause of the salary after currency exchange was better than back home , even though I was a university graduate. The salary is below the USA minimum wage in some states. The hours are long. no day off like in hotels on land. When the say day off, it means a few hours or a half day. The company provides high expectations to the guest at the expense of the crew members. it’s really a slave ship. every time the company changes it ceo more pressure for crew because He wants to find ways of making money for the company at the cost of the crew. The thief the money that the guest post to the sail and sign cards for tipping the servers and use it to pay other workers. and claim that the guest ain’t tip the whole amount that the should have. now the company wants to pay salary and done away with tipping. but using the the tips to pay the salaries.Wicked companies are those in the cruise industry. I always wanted to go viral with this information because the crew serve North American guests and theSe countries needs to undergo some investigationof the ccondition of the workers in this industry. I think channel 7 should do a report.sometimes even the guest can recognize how hard their servers work.

  • gafe

    Was with Carnival for 9 years and its totally trye what they write above. My fun time soo called was 154 hours in two weeks. If you dont
    allow them too correct it you are not a team player or the comment that I heard often was you are senior you need a promotion.. Stress, shouting and sarcazam very often. managers coming to work drunk and protecting there favorite ones. Iv seen alot and no thnx ever again Carnival!

  • Tracy

    I am so sorry for that girl and her family. I did 2 contracts on Voyager of the Seas, what hell. I cried every night and lost 20 kilos. The passengers do not have a clue as to the conditions the people are working under. They think we are the luckiest people to be working on this luxury ship. They are shocked when you tell them you work for $50 a month and are totally dependent on gratuities, because the ships are registered in Bahamas. Even now 15 years later when young people tell me they are going to work on a cruise ship I do my best to try and convince them not to, which they usually do not listen to, but it’s not long or they are back home, and I listen to their horror stories with a “I-told-you-so” look on my face. Unfortunately the end of this slavery is no where close, because as long as their is demand ( middle class Americans) there will be a need to supply ( young hardworking people from 3rd world countries) and the USA is famous for that.
    Now I am back in South Africa, and when I feel down I think of those times on Voyager and I don’t feel so down anymore.
    My hat’s off to all the guys still working on cruise ships, but please remember – there is still a world out there, and it’s a beautiful one without boat drills, second seatings, and rice in the crew mess.

  • Elena

    Well cruise ship industry it’s always been the same…. low pay and so much work….. but it’s definetely our choice. I think it’s called modern slavery….. who worked there knows best!!

  • Neil

    My condolences go out to the family of the crew. We may never know why someone would feel their situation is so terrible that they have to take their own life. I worked for 8 years on ships in different roles on 5 different cruise lines including Carnival. I have had to work the 10 to 12 hr days for months and it is not always the best working conditions for the money, and I have had my challenges with supervisors who tried to take advantage of schedules. The thing I do know is that at any time I could leave, I could talk to the Captain even and there are anonymous hotlines the crew can call to report challenges to the head office. There is a crew officer who is there to try to help as much as possible and with many friends in this role, I know they do care. As for my general observations of the crew, many are just trying to support families back home, but there are enough that are trying to escape for a bit from a situation back home involving family, friends or a broken relationship. I myself needed a break after the loss of my mother. Troubled souls may have a chance to heal out at sea with kindred spirits, or their personal demons may still consume them to the point of suicide. Please do not always point the finger at the employer and working conditions, we would not make it the first assumption if someone took their life on land.

  • Wijit

    Young girl may rest in peace. I agreed with every comments b’coz everyone have different experience for the cruise ship, I have been working with Carnival for 11 years, during employee, I tried to be positive for every single thing I did to be happy with my duty, with 11 years I had good n bad n crazy sometime, when the stupid guests n management on board, if I was not thinking positive, I might be in the jail in USA for life time. One thing to on board was meditation to keep myself calm down…

  • Eva

    Is it possible that pay/work hours/life on board a cruise ship is not the reason this young lady killed herself ? She was found in an officer’s quarters. Can it be they were having an affair and he wanted to break it off or they had a fight? Can’t always assume what her reason for ending her life was its just sad regardless

  • I worked for this Company for 5yrs. I also worked on that Ship. Its so sad to hear of a crew members death. To be honest life on Sea is no less then being in Jail for 8 to 9 month,eating the same food over and over again. Working from 6H30am to 10h00pm with short brakes in between. The life there is brutal and phsycologicaly messes u up.The work is physical and draining day after day. There u are all by your self even if you have your (Baisano)ie Country man !!! Most of us who have experianced this non-humanic act,feel the pain of this young woman who could’nt take it anymore. I hope the US authorities can sort this madness by cruise liners. Its so unfortunate that we all came from poor countries and needed that capital !! The racisim in those vessels is out of this world. May God be with all those who are still working there to support their loved ones in their home countries

  • ldgrey1963

    First of all, my sincerest condolences to the family of this young Lady. I have cruised (as a passenger) on 3 of Carnival’s ships (Miracle, Dream and Sensation). I have the utmost respect for the crew. They endure long hours, difficult if not downright awful fellow cruisers and the part of being away from their families must be the toughest of all. I have read all of the comments and it breaks my heart to see the crew treated in such a manner. This post has given me something to consider as I plan my next cruise. I will carry in my heart the respect for every crew member for they are sacrificing their lives for my cruise experience. I am sure there are other cruisers who need to see this, and if enough people read these posts, maybe, just maybe something will change. May GOD bless all of the crew members who labor so hard for the cruise industry.

  • Klarson

    Base on the the comments posted I can tell that good ones were posted by management and the bad ones from subordinates. That’s true working as low ranking team members is hard you might think that you’re working long hours on certain days but their were days less than usual. Team members should read their company contract before signing on it. Contract on board are official document which is approved by MLC. Team member works on certain day with more hours and did less on other days as long as they not get over to their total work hours for the week. Each team member has work schedule on daily basis however it could be adjusted defends on needs but the management will ensure that they’ll not over to the total work hours for the week. Everything is noted on the contract so advise them to read prior of signing.

  • Jack Morris

    I’ve often been one of those $100 a day ‘rich’ cruisers mentioned in this thread. I have often appreciated the services afforded me by crew members on the several Lines and I have worried about the size of my tipping, too. I sensed then that their lives were always more difficult than mine and that they labored night and day to make my time onboard comfortable and memorable. They were, more often than not, giving me much more in personal service than I did them in cash. The comments above, the good and the bad, have wakened me to the problems they face and I will be more attentive to each of them when I once again cruise in the fall. I promise that my onboard demeanor will reflect my new understanding.

  • Ashington
  • Onesimo Soliz

    Because the mrg.onboard the ship dont treat you equal
    there is discrimination i worcked for carnival 18 years and the pass years been seeing and pasing true
    that is not fine for a human been .
    true the representative off human rigth is enployment by the same cruise line
    i was waiter and many time worcked for 10 or more hours and dont recive pay bicause off the.(cpg)program the guest is the one ho pay you wathever they whant.because they dont get to read the information the cruise line give them .
    there is i that no have education or take advantage charging some rest.crew for bigger stations latin people or caribean build the company and now there left beging they hire asianpeople just to pay low salary and to avoid the distance fo any demand i have to say the company for the opurtunity off having a disend job but lake i say the management onboar there not do what the company expet the food off the vree is great when the ofice personel is omboard other and that is deprorable names are not important for me because iff you are not from india indonesia or philliphines you dont count onboard thank to damir.francis diaz.and other indian mgr last name volaco that really make me sick the way hi treat people omboard there id good people crew captains italians that the work realy hard to change the situation but have to go unfortunatly whit others rules omboard

  • ll. Martin

    I only know 2 people who worked for Carnival. They are part of the entertainment staff as was this young lady. They worked for Carnival for 10 years and loved it. They loved their coworkers, the travel and hated leaving. I do believe that life on the entertainment staff is much different than the other employees. I have been on 19 cruses myself.

  • Chef_Ronin

    I worked for CCL from 2000- 2003….lots of memories… Lots of alcohol.. Long hours 16-18 per day( new ships, inaugural crew)… Pay was shite… Made my own food…

  • christina

    I am saddened to hear this news, as we were passengers on the Sensation only last year. The staff members we encountered were lovely people, who were obviously working very hard, long hours every day. We became fast friends with our cabin steward, Wen, who informed us that he would be leaving the ship after the season was over. He told us that he was working to put his children through college.

    To clear up a few things (for the nooo commenter above), this “fat American” and my family paid $1200 plus $50 A DAY for gratuities! I’m not sure if the cruise line is telling you we pay $50 for a cruise to justify paying low wages, but get your facts straight. Also, in America it is extremely common to work 10 hours a day, although there are strict regulations about overtime pay when working more than 40 hours in a week. Comments like yours only cause Americans to disregard your plight entirely.

  • Lori

    I worked on that ship for 6 months then left. I never felt safe as the mandatory drills were a total joke, one time I didnt show up I was waiting for my boss to say something but nobody said anything cos nobody realised I wasnt there.
    NYE 2008 a dear friend of mine fell overboard during a crew party. He was the amazing singer of the cast, this left a lot of people feeling terrible and the worst part was that we never had proper information or updates on what happened. for what I know his body was never found. One day with a friend we came up with the idea that they need to have a professional for mental health of the crew onboard, is so easy to get depressed if you dont believe me look at all those that commited suicide. My job was not one of those underpaid ones but many of my friends worked 12/14 hours a day for 600 dollars a month, and the cruiseline mentality? of that is a lot in their country.
    Or like Regent that pays different salaries to asians and europeans!

  • Don Prosser

    After 4mths there is no verification the young lady committed suicide, this is just heresay, as a coroners report is still in abeyance.

  • Can’t Say

    Found she committed suicide in an officers room!!????? Was it a captain?, why was she there?, don’t you need a key to get into an officers room? Where was the officer at the time? regardless of the conditions that are going on, I am surprised this is still a suicide I have doubt in my mind already

  • heartbroken

    The young lady on the ship was a very good friend of mine. she was talented and beautiful. she took her own life which broke us all because we knew we should have more of an effort to ensure that she was doing alright. she never spoke ill of the conditions she was working in although we knew she would struggle. performing is what she loved and knowing that she was doing something that she loved when she took her life baffled us all. she deserved more than she ever got and she was a complete angel. things got too much for her and she couldn’t see a way out. cruise companies need to start making a conscious effort to care for the wellbeing of their staff. people who decide to work on cruises should be prepared for the loner hours and little pay but also need to remember that their feelings and well-bring must always come first because without that, they’ll be miserable and may result in doing what my beautiful friend did. I love you with all my heart my angel and I miss you everyday. 1st june will always leave me with a heavy heart.