Disney Cruise Man OverboardOne of my interests is automatic man overboard systems on cruise ships.

Cruise lines are super-secret when it come to whether their ships have man overboard systems and, if so, what type of system is installed.

Acquaintances of mine went on a Disney cruise in March and watched as the ship’s man overboard system was tested.

A crew member threw a rubber test dummy on a rope over the rail and logged the results whether the system detected the "person" going overboard.

An officer also talked to them about the man overboard system, saying that the monitoring equipment on the bridge is a "pain" for the bridge officers.

There is also an issue with false alarms, mostly from the ocean spray.

Anyone has details regarding what type of system Disney, or other cruise lines, is using?

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Disney Cruise Overboard

Update: Credit for info below, the Disney Cruise Line Blog

Man Overboard Systems



  • John Goldsmith

    I have just read a report that one of the cruise lines will be going to a bracelet type I.D. System instead of cards. If this is so, can the MOB Technology read these as they leave the confines of the vessel, other than via the gangplank?

  • Don Sayman
  • John Goldsmith

    Thanks for the information.

  • Don Sayman

    The equipment used is FLIR systems they have a rather

    nice webite. if anyone is interested.

  • Don Sayman

    info only FLIR is from the military. (thanks to my son) Forward Looking Infr Red now go get a donut.