Crown PrincessA fire broke out on the Crown Princess Thursday night in the back stage of the Princess theater. It was extinguished with no reports of injury.

I received an account from the cruise ship:

The fire started in a store room behind the theater. The entire theater had to be evacuated. The smoke-generating machine had been left on, overheated and caught fire. The crew had to put on breathing apparatus. It turned out to be nothing but caused a lot of smoke at the time. At present they are investigating how/why the machine caught fire.

Princess Cruises tweeted the following to me:

“Last night aboard Crown Princess a small fire occurred backstage in the Princess Theater during a performance. The cause of which was determined to be a piece of theatrical equipment used for special effects. The fire was quickly extinguished by our fire team. We immediately initiated our response procedures & all guests on board were asked to return to their staterooms. The ship’s Captain made several announcements during the incident to keep guests informed of the situation & no one was injured. We’re currently investigating the cause of the special effects equipment malfunction.”

it has been 9 years since the deadly Star Princess fire which burned through one hundred cabins, injured a dozen passengers and killed Mr. Richard Liffridge.


Photo Credit: Brian Burnell via Wikipedia Creative Commons 3.0

  • Larry

    I was aboard the ship at the time of the fire and our room was located above the theater. The evacuation was handled very well and we waited in our rooms until a all clear was called. This incident did make you feel uneasy the rest of the cruise and made you realize how fast things can happen.

  • Ellen

    We too were aboard the ship. We were actually on the dance floor in Club Fusion ( other end of the ship) in middle of singing a karaoke song. With the announcement “….this is not a drill” the staff took off running to man their posts. The whole thing was handled very efficiently and professionally.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Hunter

    I was right outside the princess theatre when the fire broke out. Five of my family members were inside the theatre. The emergency procedures were handled calmly and professionally. We were glad we had an emergency drill earlier in the cruise.

  • TNLady

    I was 2nd row center in the theater. The crew did an amazing job at controlling the fire but making announcements to the passengers to keep them informed.

  • Tristan Seymour

    I too, was abroad the ship. Thankfully Princess handled the evacuation process very well.

  • SR

    We were in our room and could smell something burning when we ventured out on our balcony. It was very unnerving; however, it was handled professionally and we truly appreciated the continued updates while waiting for the all clear. I must admit – It was particularly disturbing when I peeped in the hallway and all of the crew had their life vests while we are “calmly remaining” in our stateroom. This incident will not deter from booking another cruise, but it sure makes you realize how blessed you are.