The Bahamas Weekly reports that four Florida residents wre arrested this weekend for possession of pot on a cruise ship moored in Nassau, Bahamas.

The newspaper reports that the incident occurred on Sunday, May 24, 2015.

The report says that “officers from the Tourism Policing Unit acting on intelligence went to a cruise ship moored at Prince George Wharf, where they found the four suspects in possession of a quantity Nassau Bahamasof marijuana.”

Snagging America cruise passengers on cruise ships in the Port of Naasau is big business in the Bahamas. I write about it frequently. The local police don’t bother obtaining a search warrant or establishing probable cause before barging into cruise ship cabins and hauling the passengers off to jail. It’s easy revenue for the island.

The article doesn’t specify the anount of pot (which the Bahamas calls a “dangerous drug”). But if these arrests are similar to the last dozen or so at the port in Nassau, probably not more than a few joints.

Meanwhile Bahamas Weekly reports that the police are asking for public assistance in apprehending the criminals associated with two armed robberies and the murder of a woman whose lifeless body was found over the weekend in a pond near a service road with injuries to her head.

The murder count in the Bahamas, now at 60, is heading for an all-time high.

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Photo Credit: BrokenSphere via Wikipedia Commons 3.0

  • Christine Darling

    I think I will be avoiding the Bahamas from now on. Plenty of better places to see.

  • Barbara

    Christine Darling, try working there for a year….lol You’ll never want to hear the words ” Bahamas” again in your life…lol

  • rdr45

    Mr. Walker, your murder count is wrong, it’s not 57, it’s 60; sorry for the correction, terrible isn’t it? (www.

  • rdr45

    Holy shit, your not going to believe this Jim, another murder since I wrote my comment 3-4 hours ago!

  • rdr45

    Holy shit, your not going to believe this Jim, another murder since I wrote my comment 3-4 hours ago!

  • Cgir

    “Darling”……that is a Bahamian surname, research your roots you may be avoiding your ancestors or inlaws (if married) homeland.

  • Alan Aseyavich

    It seems odd that Bahamas police should ‘raid’ a cruise ship for a small haul of pot when the governing party – the PLP – spent 25 years promoting cocaine trafficking in the islands.
    Their late leader, Sir Lynden Pindling, and many of his cabinet colleagues became rich men off Coiombian drug barons like Carlos ‘Joe’ Lehder. Pindling stashed away well north of 50 million. Even his bag carrier, the late villain Everette Bannister, called him ‘a greedy little mother……’
    If the Bahamas is now relying on petty pot offenders for government revenue, then the place must be in an even worse state than I’ve been led to believe. And, trust me, that’s very bad indeed.
    The Bahamas is a classic case of a new nation brought low by corruption. The politicians, the lawyers, the police, the defence force…all the major institutions are holed below the waterline because of greed pure and simple. Sorry, folks, but true.

  • Ugo

    Alan, you hit it right on the nose, Bahamians worship that greed little mother*****r to this day. They refuse to believe their so called “Father of the Nation” shoved it up their asses as far as he could shove it. Their suffering today because of this loser Bahamian’s greed and his band of thieves, the people deserve what ever their living today. Their country had a chance to be a great nation, multi-race, but that dirt bag they admire chose to sell it off to the cocaine cowboys and promote anti-white hate, and disrespect to all women..

  • Cgir


  • Mrs. Sally Johnson

    62 murders, not 61. Another murder just happened tonight in paradise, help us Lord! When will this end my Savor! This has become a war zone! Everyone is afraid to leave the house! It’s still May, only 5 months! Does this mean 30 more will happen within the next month to make it 92 in 6 months total!? And does this mean another 6 months making it 184 total for the year of 2015!? No way, this has to stop now!

  • Mrs. Sally Johnson

    63 murders as of 5/30/15! This is crazy Lord! Every night all you hear is gun shots threw out the night! Why isn’t our government doing anything?! Don’t they realize tourism is our main income?! I can’t take this anymore, I’m afraid to leave the house day or night! I’m the only one left in my family living here, they’ve all left their homeland because of fear!

  • Lance

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, The Bahamas is the homeland of the fallen angel Lucifer; and here is my proof. Never before have I ever read such a story, in other schools around the World students study and learn, not in the Bahamas. I guess all the crimes and murders isn’t enough for these people, they want more by calling DEMONS from hell; no joke, read it. When you visit there you can almost feel the evil that dwells in this country, it can almost be cut with a knife.

  • Irland

    Hello Mr. James Walker,
    Came across your website and wanted to let you know you have a misprint. You wrote the murder count in the Bahamas is 57, it’s not, it’s 63. Have a nice day, and your website is very helpful, thank you.

  • 1999TR

    Wow! I just read the story on the Bahamian kids conjuring up the devil in school, they have no clue of Satan’s power. In my high school years there was a girl who conjured up the devil playing this game, to this day she is in a psychiatric hospital in upstate New York. This happened in 1981, her family told me she can speak eleven different languages now, including Latin backwards. I never believed in God until I saw this little woman throw a 250lbs. man across the room while trying to control her rage; me. It took me and five of her family member’s to hold her down as we waited for the ambulance to arrive.I give dear warning to anyone who thinks they can play with the powers of the devil, you will lose.

  • Abe Jacobson, Miami

    I’m now a very old man, and I recall voodoo being cited in the famous murder of Sir Harry Oakes in Nassau during the Second World War. The tycoon was thought to have been tarred and feathered in some kind of black magic ritual.
    A great book called Blood and Fire by a British newspaperman told the story. This proves that religion, superstition, call it what you will, is a big part of Bahamian life.
    Incidentally, the same author wrote a book about the modern Bahamas called Long Hot Summer. That tells you everything about Bahamian beliefs and politics, a real eye-opener.