Vessel Oil Leak Cruise Critic reports that the Majesty of the Seas, built in 1992, is in dry dock in Freeport because the cruise ship is leaking oil. 

The Majesty is the oldest in Royal Caribbean’s fleet of cruise ships. The cruise line is sending the ship to Pullmantur next year. 

Royal Caribbean canceled the cruise for this week (a four-night Bahamas cruise). The cruise line says that it will issue refunds and future cruise certificates.  

Royal Caribbean tried to minimize the PR fallout by claiming that there was no damage to the environment. The PR person at the cruise line, Cynthia Martinez, says repairs will "resolve an issue that is causing a small amount of bio-friendly oil to leak."

I am used to the typical gobbledygook PR statements from Royal Caribbean, but this one took the cake. 

Anyone know of petroleum based products that are good for the water, fish and aquatic bids?  


Photo Credit: Disney Travel Babble

  • John Goldsmith

    Well, I must admit that such a comment will have every environmental group turning to each other is surprise and saying “Did she just say BIO-FRIENDLY OIL?”

  • Jude N.

    My future husband and I were on this cruise in April that did not dock in Key West. We paid a company $ 350.00 non refundable to marry us in Key West. This company could care less they ruined my wedding. Emails are unanswered, calls to customer service were answered with ” oh well, we can change our route anytime” I get that, but come on have some compassion you money sucking leeches. Not even a ” we’re sorry”. Nothing. On top of that my gold post earrings were stolen out of my stateroom. That whole scenario was a joke. My first cruise, and last with RCL. They suck. I tell every one I can how pathetic their customer service is, and the experience on their ship was underwhelming. My advice, stay off their ships.