National Geographical’s ombudsman Christopher Elliott just published the article which I wrote for Yahoo Travel tilted Is Cruising Safe? A Chilling Look at an Industry Under Siege.

Elliott’s article is titled Terrorists Target Cruise Ships — Here’s What You Need to Know Now.

He asks this question at the end of the article:

Costa FascinosaIs the cruise industry taking terrorism seriously?

The reader then selects one of two possible answers:

No, it needs to do more  ___

Yes, it’s doing enough to protect passengers  ___

So far, 92% of those responding answered No, with only 8%.saying Yes.

The poll confirms what I suspected about the cruise industry – that is is perceived by the public as pushing itineraries in the Middle East which are potentially dangerous with little concerned about the safety of the passengers. 

Costa and MSC Cruises did not issue a single warning to their passengers before unloading them in Tunis. Both cruise lines were pushing excursions in Tunisia. Neither cruise line arranged for security for the buses targeted by the terrorists.  The cruise excursion buses unloaded the passengers into a trap because of the negligence of the cruise lines. 

Will the cruise industry wake up and protect their guests?  It seems that the public thinks that the cruise lines can do a lot more. 

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Photo Credit: Rene Grob via Wikimedia Creative Commons 3.0

  • jerome Goldchain

    The cruise lines only care about profits. When safety conflicts with revenue , Profits win out every time. Legislation is necessary to rain-in these greedy companies and make them responsible for the safety of there passengers with huge penalties for failure to do so. That is the only way to make them wake-up.

  • Barbara Richards

    Not only is the cruise industry not taking it seriously but I’ve done my own poll and passengers aren’t taking it seriously either. Many don’t give a thought to terrorists coming aboard. That’s one of my biggest fears. Think about it. The amount of people that could be killed is equivalent to how many died in the attacks on the Twin Towers in NYC.