Multiple news sources in Canada are reporting that a prominent retired doctor from Canada was violently murdered while on vacation in the Bahamas.

Canadian Broadcasting Cor[oration reports that Dr. Geoffrey Harding, age 88, was stabbed to death during a home-invasion robbery last Thursday. 

CVT says that he was an accomplished family doctor who practiced in small communities in Canada before retiring 10 years ago. His son-m-law described him as living a modest life, and not a wealthy man by any means: “He didn’t have any money. It wasn’t like he was living in a mansion there or anything like that. It Geoffrey Harding Murdered in the Bahamaswas a very modest two-bedroom bungalow." 

The police in the Bahamas arrested a 43-year-old Bahamian late Saturday night, but refused to disclose that the murder victim was Canadian. Unfortunately, we have seen the local police in the Bahamas (called the Royal Bahamas Police Force) acting like a tourism bureau before.  

The newspapers in the Bahamas are also down-playing the incident. The Tribune newspaper described the Canadian doctor merely as a "Caucasian man."  This is how the police released the information. The Nassau Guardian did not report on the murder.

In the last 15 months, the United States has issued six (6) critical crime warnings for the Bahamas via the State Department and the U.S. Embassy in Nassau, warning tourists of armed robbery, kidnapping and sexual assault there. The last warning was in February.

The murder took place on Long Island, an island in the Bahamas.

Canada warned its citizens of violent crime in the Bahamas last year. A visitor from Canada was killed in front of his family during a horrible home invasion robbery last April.  Last May, a young Canadian tourist was stabbed 7 times in the chest, back and stomach when thugs robbed him of a gold chain.

There is nowhere in the world with so many critical crime advisories.

Cruising to the Bahamas? Beware.

April 7 2015 Update: Local Bahamians say that Long Island is peaceful and crime is rare but just last December a 53 year old woman had her hands and feet bound and was stabbed to death, according to the Nassau Guardian.

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Photo Credit: CBC

  • Sidney Dorsett

    What occurred in Long Island is very unusual and the manner in which the information was released by the Police illustrates their inexperience in dealing with such occurrences. My belief is there were about 2 for the entire last 10 years. It’s interesting President Obama is headed to Jamaica. That should create greater security issues than in The Bahamas. And obviously the high crime rate in the U.S. Virgin Islands where Obama recently visited on vacation surpasses The Bahamas’ but you conveniently omit that U.S. Virgin Islands Governor Kenneth Mapp is proposing using the military police from the National Guard and sending large numbers of firearms offenders to the U.S. mainland prisons. It should not be surprising learning the suspect previously resided in the United States and brought his bad manners back from over there.

  • J.Delucy

    Anyone who is White and well off living in the Bahamas is a main target for the Bahamian murderers that are destroy their own country. Bahamian drug gangs have full control of the Bahamas, the corrupt police are also likely to be a family member to these criminals. I lived in Grand Bahama for over 28 years and the things I heard, and saw were beyond realistic.

  • Sidney:

    I have been very critical of the crime problem in the USVI. One of our clients was killed there. I selected it one of the top 10 cruise destinations to get killed during a vacation:

    The Bahamas is like a drunk flunking out of Alcoholic Anonymous (AA). Blaming others and talking about everything but yourself. Denial. Denial. Denial. You have a problem. If you don’t recognize it you can’t fix it. It will destroy tourism there.

  • charles mathias

    sadly, I have cancelled my plans to sail on the new NCL Escape in october because it will stop in Nassau. Hopefully things might change.

  • Edrich Norlander

    Fifty years ago, while a British colony, the Bahamas was a true paradise.
    Not only was it beautiful, it was safe enough for tourists to walk through the ghettoes at night without fear of assault or molestation.
    It is now a drug-addled hell-hole because of the destructive impact of the corrupt Progressive Liberal Party and its late leader Lynden Pindling.
    Pindling and his dishonest henchmen presided over the nation’s moral collapse by being in the pay of Colombian cocaine barons.
    Since the 1980s, the Bahamas has been on the slide. It is now a very dangerous place, overrun by drug gangs with ready access to firearms.
    Truly a paradise lost – and it will not be regained.

  • Tyson Rolle

    I’m a Bahamian sail company operator in Nassau and totally agree with “Edrich Norlander. Ever since Bahamian Independence Day, the corrupt Bahamian realized and decided the Bahamas would be their own personal bank account. And our government is so corrupted that when Lynden Pindling’s widow was accused of owing hundreds of thousands in back taxes last year she was reward and not prosecuted; only in the corrupted Bahamas this occurs. Since the neglect of our country and crime wave that started 40 something years ago, my business is almost dead. The tourist don’t come here anymore like the pre-British days, pretty soon I’ll pack up and leave like so many of my family and friends have done. I just have to hang on a little longer till my youngest is done with high school, than we’re outta here for good. It doesn’t really matter to me anymore, our culture is gone, our land is selling to the Chinese by the hour, and the ones who we vote for and trust are the sellers who could care less about the people or the economy; greedy SOB they are, not one can be trusted.

  • Dar Ford

    I knew this wonderful man, I cleaned his office in New Westminster for years. It saddens me to think that he was a victim of a monster like the man who killed him. Doc was the most decent man I met. May he rest in peace.

  • Sidney Dorsett
  • S Rolle

    Clearly this article is a personal attack on not only the Bahamian Government, Police Force and The widow of the former Prime Minister! To say corruption only exists in The Bahamas is foolish! How many international officials have stepped down or served jail time reference to Corrupt yet it ONLY EXISTS in THE BAHAMAS? How is Her Excellency Lady Pindling corrupt ? Yes she owed back taxes but MR TYSON ROLLE speak the truth she paid what was owed IN FULL so why must she be prosecuted ? To call someone a “greedy SOB” is kinda personal and what you state should be evaluated as its more of a personal issue! How many Americans can attest to tax evasion cases and fraud ! Lets be real ! Lets face reality and stop living in a fair tale Crime is everywhere! But lets post facts and statistics and stop being one sided! How many murders, rapes, armed robberies etc happen in the United States and other Countries per year ? Now to even compare that with a country of 300,000 isn’t even fair! Any person who did simple primary school mathematics will know that the percentage of the lower population will be higher as suppose to the higher population count! This article even admits that crime in The US Virgin Island surpasses The Bahamas so clearly there is a mirror effect going on! Im not here to point fingers I’m simply here as a YOUNG BLACK BAHAMIAN CITIZEN whose not on DRUGS! Not an Alcoholic! Nor a Thug or Gang member defending my Country from Malicious attacks!

  • Tyson Rolle

    Who do you represent S. Rolle, because you can’t fool those who live here. I’m busy right now, but I will answer all your stupid questions later in the day.

  • Edrich Norlander

    S.Rolle needs to engage his brain before posting on this site.
    Lynden Pindling accumulated more that 50 million bucks while PM of the Bahamas and was unable to explain where they came from.
    However, it’s now beyond doubt that much of his fortune came direct from the international drug trafficker Carlos Lehder – a ‘thank you’ for letting him use an out island as a trans-shipment base.
    Corrupt PLP officials shared Lehder’s largesse as pay-offs for turning a blind eye to his activities. Several of Pindling’s grubby little henchmen got rich off the drug trade.
    If you really want to know what went on, may I recommend a book called ‘Long Hot Summer’ by a newspaper editor who knew the Bahamas well.
    An author called Jonathan Mantle described it as ‘jaw droppingly direct – the book that takes the lid off the modern Bahamas.’
    The Bahamas’ descent into its present appalling state is a direct result of PLP corruption. Even Pindling’s bagman, the late crook Everette Bannister, described the PM as ‘a greedy little motherf….r’ – and he was right.

  • Tyson Rolle

    (1)How did Prime Minister Pindling afford a $10 Million Dollar Mansion coming from a middle class family?
    (2)Why did the government cronies who appointed Widow Pindling as Governor General pay for her back taxes, and where did the money come from?
    (3) Why was she given a new BMW from one of the cronies?
    (4) If I didn’t pay $300,000 in back taxes for over 10 years, will I be rewarded this way too?
    (5) S.Rolle, are you the crooked Prime Minister bullshitting us, maybe your Leslie Miller, the crook of the BEC?
    (6) S.Rolle, keep living in your own little made up crony World, because the day is coming soon where we “The PEOPLE” are going to vote you out of here by force.
    (7) Why is the Bahamian government always trying to control what the media prints, why, do you have something to hide?
    (8) S. Rolle, stop insulting the intelligent people of the World, thinking they can be fooled like so many uneducated Bahamians you bullshit everyday.

  • Carolyn

    I worked for this man on a project in his yard, he was a great man. No one knows this but this man paid for my education, this is the first time I have disclosed this information. I am truly sad and angry at our government, they are the ones to blame for the decay of our land; from Pindling to Christie. They are not doing a damn thing about crime, economy or the way of life here, not a damn thing. They laugh at us in the media, or degrade us in the newspapers with their so called highly educated comments. I can see this country in a civil war real soon, like a tea kittle with no way for the steam to escape, the pot will blow up soon; guaranteed. On the streets of Nassau I hear talks of death threats against the PM and his cronies, I here talks of uprising, I here talks of arming themselves for the war and what their going to do to the oppressors. I’m scared to death what will happen here next. Just today three more murders, this is becoming another Mexico. Mexico, where the government allowed corruption for so long, that now it’s turned against them with no end in sight; SAD.

  • Why!?

    Shit! I just canceled our trip on the new NCL too! I had the biggest fight over the phone with one of their representatives. I said to her, why the hell does your company stop in such a run down crime ridden ghetto like Nassau? And her biggest mistake was trying to sell me the dump as a Paradise. I went off on her ass until she finally hung up on me and had to call again to cancel. She though I wasn’t aware of the fact that the reason they stop in such a run down dump is so to keep the passengers on board so they spend more money on the ship. This bitch though I didn’t do my research on the net before calling her, “f**k”! I’m from Brooklyn, no one is going to con my ass! I will never go on a NCL ever again, and going to tell everyone what a con company they are!

  • Why!?

    And one more thing! I live in Brooklyn, another s***hole, do you think I’m going to use my hard earned money to go from one s***hole to another!? F**k off NCL, my kids were looking forward to this trip for over a year now, you f**ked it for them. I could care less if my comments are printed or not, but if it wasn’t for just coming across this website by accident,I would have never realized NCL is only out to make money. Our safety doesn’t mean I f***in thing to them; all cruise lines, f**k off, we’re using a plane!

  • Jackie Pope

    “Why!?” I agree with you 100%. My family and I took a cruise last year and the first stop was Nassau, we were so disappointed to see such a trashy place. When the ship docked and we saw he military police holding automatic weapons, we turned around and went back to the ship. My husband called the captain to our room and asked him why the ship stopped in this trashhole of a country. The captain told us he couldn’t comment on the matter, which to me is like admitting what “Why!?” is telling us; all about money, not safety. We are going to write a letter to NCL telling them how disappointing Nassau was to my family, and probably will never use them again. Thank you so much for this wonderful website, it is defiantly a life saver.

  • Tamara


  • Tyson Rolle

    Where is your reply to my comments cousin S. Rolle? Do you want me to pull up past newspaper articles on the truth I speak? We both have the same last name, but the difference is your wealth and education blinds you to lie and down talk to me and my kind. But the day is closing in, we may not have guns, but we will have the multitude.

  • Edrich Norlander

    In respect of Carolyn’s comments, I’d like to point out that Nassau has more lawyers than any city of comparable size in the world. In a city of lawyers, there is no law!
    The book ‘Long Hot Summer’, mentioned in my last post, quotes a senior lawyer as admitting that no fewer than 60 per cent of Nassau lawyers are out-and-out crooks. Robbing clients is commonplace, and a buddy-system protects the thieves from censure.
    Many robberies in Nassau are committed by criminals out on bail who are desperate to pay their high-priced attorneys. The legal profession has no interest in cutting crime – plenty of crime means more clients, more dosh and therefore more bling.
    Most Bahamian politicians – and this includes Pindling – are/were lawyers, all showboating round town in their limos, showing off their gaudy watches and neck-chains. These are the people whose greed and lack of moral fibre have brought this once great little country to its knees.
    Carolyn is right. The PLP lawyer-politicians have utter contempt for the people who put them in power. They think their law degrees put them on a higher plane than other people. They see themselves as the nation’s ‘intelligentsia’, though most of them wouldn’t know a decent book from a bag of chickenfeed.
    Pindling’s dreadful legacy lives on through the PLP, and until this disgusting organisation is disbanded, the Bahamas has no hope.

  • “One Order” .357Mag

    “Her excellency lady Pindling”? You do a lot of ass kissing don’t you s-rolle? You must be one of the uncle tom house nigga we are going to get rid of when the war starts.

  • “One Order” .357Mag

    Yo, EDRICH NORLANDER, my main man, you are so right. But with a country where your know people are against you from the day you are born, your life, their life, our life , my life, don’t main a fucked thing to me. You come my way I will eat you up like a Great White eats a fucked tuna fish.

  • B.Armbrister

    I’d like S.Rolle to tell me just one thing that’s excellent about Mrs Pindling.

  • Mrs. Rossi (RB)

    One of the most dangerous places in the world right now for tourist to visit. Ever since the British moved out this place has been going down hill fast. Sold my house there 7 years ago, at a 60% lost due to all the murders and crime; shameful. As a realtor I had to move out, couldn’t pay my own mortgage, no sales. Beautiful beaches going to waste from all the litter, landfills are over flowing with trash. The government seems to spend the peoples money on stupid carnivals instead of fixing the litter and crime problems; shameful.

  • Where’s our culture?

    Yea, a carnival without Bahamian music and performers. Our dear government is paying hundreds of thousands to performers from Trinidad and Jamaica. Where the hell is our culture?! This must be another way these cronies steal our money, through private contracts that cost us millions.

  • Greg McEntire

    The Bahamas has no culture anymore, more like the Bronx in paradise…

  • 1963

    The Bahamas was a great place in the 60’s, visited in 1992 and couldn’t believe the changes. Why is there so much litter everywhere now? What a waste of a beautiful place, it broke my heart to see the place in such deplorable condition. And the attitude of the people has also changed, most Bahamians are very rude and self centered; all about money. I couldn’t believe the things they say in public, every other word out of their mouths is the f word, I thought this was supposed to be a Christian nation.

  • Albert Sithney

    The Bahamas is full of meaningless religiosity, but there is very little Christianity.
    That sums up the Bahamian attitude. God is their fall-back position, justification for their misdeeds.
    The place is full of bent lawyers, fake preacher men, grasping politicians, feckless no-good fathers, predatory, gold-digging women and ruthless gangs of dysfunctional ghetto thugs.

  • Yolanda

    Who in blood hell do you bastards think you are bad mouthing my country, come here and say it to my face. We’ll feed you to the sharks you stupid crackers, stay the Fuck out of our land!

  • Yolanda

    Mr. Walker, you are a trouble making bastard, son of a jackal, all of Bahama land don’t like you, your face is known to all of us. Most of the things you write are fake, to bloody hell with your soul. Hope to God you never step on Bahama land, you will not be welcomed.

  • Matt21

    First of all, what’s with all the cursing here? Second, Yolanda, keep your foul mouth shut because your not helping any. Third, the only crackers here are the ones I’m about to eat with some cream cheese spread and a cup of hot chocolate. Lighten up girl with the racist remarks, again, your not helping any; peace to all, including you Yolanda.

  • Bowen T.

    Doc owned his Bahamian property lot since the 1960’s, and just a year ago he finally decided to build his dream home only to die in it; terrible. Doc also dedicated his free time in helping pick up litter around the island. He was a great man who will be missed by so many; RIP Doc. This country better get it’s act together, the news of this man’s death was kept hidden by Bahamians, but his homeland made sure the world knew.

  • Bowen T.

    OMG! Three more murders today! Lord when will this stop?!

  • EC34

    Welcome to da Bahamaland people. “It’s better in Bahamaland”……

  • EC34

    Check out ( Our Bahamian newspapers are beginning to put graphic photos of murder victims on their front page to discourage crime and gang life; gruesome. Good tactic by police, but very harmful for tourist to see.

  • Ugo Campbell

    We are living in a war zone, there is a gang turf war going on in the streets for control of the drug trade here in the Bahamas. No island , no one , no where is safe right now. Three days ago my cousin was injured in a cross fire between two gang members while shopping for food. She has nothing to do with gangs or drugs, yet she is in the hospital recovering from a bullet wound to the arm; this is what a war zone is. If our government doesn’t do something soon this place will be unlivable by human standards. Our homes look like jails with steel bars on doors and windows surrounded by razor wire fencing. We are always looking behind our backs in fear of being gun down, this is no way to live. The stress level of most Bahamians is 100%, fear of robbery or death everyday takes a toll on the human mind; STRESSFUL AS HELL! This is not only destroying tourism, but also the will of the people to stay in their own homeland.

  • Eric 45

    Yolanda is one of the most God fearing person in the Bahamas’s ” Christian Nation”…; yea right. Get a clue girl, you have a nasty attitude and a dirty mouth.

  • Eric 82

    The Bahamas is far from being any type of Paradise today, I’ve lived here for over 51 years; I’m 82 now. When Britain was running it, it truly was a beautiful place to be in, those were the James Bond years as we old timers called it. But now it’s a torment, high crime, over taxing, super high energy prices, corruption, abuse of humans and animals, sex trafficking, drug infection, 90% of the population are alcoholics too. Under age sexual affairs among family members is one of the things they do that turns my stomach. Incest is every popular among Bahamians, girls as young as 7 years of age are raped by their own families; sicken to say the least. I pray to God death comes to me soon, I’m too old and too poor to move, and the things I’ve seen here will hopefully leave my mind with death.

  • Wade Piazza (NYC)

    Did they catch the dirt bag(s)that killed him, I saw a report on this on CBS news? I use to visit the Atlantis hotel years ago, but stop going because the crime rate kept getting higher year after year. The Bahamas use to be such a nice place until all the Haitians started entering illegally and mixing with the locals; there is no 100% Bahamian anymore. And they also brought along their bad habits and high percentage diseases like AIDS to the Bahamas. Can’t wait for Cuba to open up officially, the pearl of the Caribbean will defiantly dominate tourism.

  • Doreen

    Bahamians are terrible people, you should see how they treat animals, they actually enjoy inflecting pain on living things; shameful.

  • F.Jackson

    And as for you DOREEN. God made all da animals on earth for us to do what comes of us. Kill them , eat them, what ever, read it in the good book. Different cultures have different ways, respect da ways of others. If you don’t like our customs, just stay home.

  • Cathy (Dog Lover)

    “I’LL STAY HOME JACKSON”…….Have your brain checked too.

  • Tom Sanders

    Just today again another British man was murdered on his live aboard boat, robbery was the motive. And also a woman has been murdered and hung tied to a tree. It is critical that the World knows how dangerous the Bahamas has become. And to let them know that the Bahamian police force is NOT, and I repeat myself, is not on their side. If something happens to you while your in this country, your on your own.

  • 2017

    I read somewhere in a Bahamian newspaper that the USA is wire tapping all the Island’s calls in fear of an upraising. Seriously, I can’t remember which newspaper it was, but it is believed the USA is worried Bahamians will defect to the USA by the thousands by the start of the year 2017. In my opinion I believe the Bahamas is in a worst situation than most people know. Their world credit rating is the lowest it has ever been in the history of the Bahamas. Banks are pulling out, businesses, foreigners by the droves, this is an indication something bad is going to happen. I work for a real estate company in Texas, and we have been carefully watching the property values dropping so fast in the Bahamas that we are in awe. Do you know you can purchase a 10,000 sqft. lot in Exuma Bahamas for $3,000 dollars; this is unheard of in the Tropical real estate market! In the Cayman Islands this same lot would be worth over $100,000 dollars no matter what size or view it has; unbelievable!

  • Bowen T.

    May 5th 2015 50 murders in the Bahamas so far. This has to stop, we need help, this has to stop Lord. We need help, please , anyone with any ideas, please help us.

  • George Hill

    When it was a British colony, the Bahamas was probably the only place on earth that lived up to all the good things said about it.
    Since independence 40 years ago, the country has slid into a lawless state, with rampant corruption and rising crime.
    If it eventually descends into a state of anarchy, will the USA intervene? Can the US afford to have a lawless hell-hole only 80 miles offshore?
    Bahamians have been known to riot before (1942) over a labor dispute. Well, things are a thousand times worse now, and I’m not sure how much more the people can take. They have lost faith in their politicians and regard all public institutions as tainted. Meanwhile, they live in perpetual fear of crime. There has to be a breaking point.

  • British Colony reality check

    To everyone who says how wonderful it was when the Bahamas was a British colony….you really should re-visit history – the corruption and crime may not have been as obvious but it was there, disturbingly so.

    The corruption while under British rule has been documented in numerous books, newspapers, and magazines written EVEN during the 60s, plus the 70s, 80s and since. There was corruption in government with members’ decisions intermingled with their own private business interests. Hotels & casinos were owned by criminals and run by gangsters with mafia ties.
    Freeport was a cesspool of corruption – EVERYTHING owned by Wallace Groves, a criminal previously convicted of stock fraud & friendly with gangsters. “Legitimate” banks and businesses owned by the mob.
    Crime & corruption have been a key part of New Providence and Grand Bahama long before independence. I’ve visited numerous times & loved Nassau, Freeport, and the family islands….but I won’t return until it’s safe.

  • Nixon242

    I’m Bahamian. I have had the opportunity to live in the USA for over twelve years, I have seen a different way of living, I lived in a major city but also visited country areas. In the cities there was always more crime. Nassau has become a world/international city, it is no longer carries the traits of a family island.

    These posts sadden me, partly because some are lies and clear fakes, partly because some are true.

    We do have a migration problem and currently host a vast amount of persons from cultures who are not of a peaceful nature- culture wise, like Bahamians naturally are. I don’t say this to be rude, but some cultures are naturally more aggressive.

    Nassau is overwhelmed by crime, most of it is gang and revenge related. It pains me because Nassau is not the country and our country is being stigmatized because of one island. Which is a city and bear all the hallmarks of a major city.

    The international press and forums like this fail to find the complete truth and only use information toward their own goals.

    Our country birthed from a major country, our country resides next to a major country two of the best in the world… Our dollar is strong and yet, we need the help and neither of these two great nations can offer assistance when it comes to monitoring and stopping illegal immigration and drug trafficking and finding and prosecuting the 4/5 criminal masterminds that are running the entire show.

    When we present some of our problems at international forums we are told your dollar is strong you don’t get to get help. So we are struggling in a mess that we have no experience or resources to fight. Its lovely to point fingers, and I am truly sorry for the death of someone who obviously loved Long Island. (A part of the Bahamas) but how about someone here preferably with international influence help give solutions for Nassau, there are more good people here than bad. At this point no country is isolated reach out a hand for New Providence.

    Let us be intelligent human beings. Our past is gone, New Providence will no longer be that simple, quiet island. Our present demands that we take a serious look at our social ills, at the lost of our nuclear family units, at the lost of our extended family units, at the lost of our love for one another, at the lost of morality above money, at the lost of our love for our environment, at the lost of our pride in showing ourselves to other nations as being beautiful. At the lost of our innocence.

    “Hope…which is whispered from Pandora’s box only after all the other plagues and sorrows had escaped, is the best and last of all things. Without it, there is only time. And time pushes at our backs like a centrifuge, forcing us outward and away, until it nudges us into oblivion.” -Ian Caldwell.