Carnical Poop CruiseTwo years ago, I wrote about the prospect of suing Carnival for the infamous Triumph “poop cruise” where an engine room fire knocked out the propulsion to the cruise ship and left the passengers and crew members with no air conditioning, over-flowing toilets, and other disgusting conditions.

“Unless you have a serious physical injury or physical illness, families on the disabled cruise ship face an uphill climb proceeding with a lawsuit against Carnival for the inconvenience and unpleasant circumstances they suffered last week,” I said in an article Carnival Triumph Cruise From Hell: Here Come the Lawsuits!

You can hear my prediction two years ago that any lawsuits against Carnival will be unsuccessful. Listen to my radio interview with WGN (Chicago) Radio.

Well, the first verdicts are in. A Florida federal judge recently awarded a combined $118,500 in damages to 27 Carnival Cruise Line passengers from Texas who sailed on the ill-fated cruise ship from Galveston. U.S. District Judge Donald Graham (a conservative Bush appointee) zipped 6 of the passengers who will now be faced with Carnival’s motions to tax costs against them.

Three passengers received $15,000 each and the remaining 24 passengers who did obtain compensation received varying amounts averaging less than $3,000 each. After Carnival Poop Cruisededucting attorney fees and costs, and considering the passengers had to come to Miami for trial and incur lodging and travel expenses, they’re lucky if they didn’t lose money. There were 10 lawyers from Texas listed for the plaintiffs.

Although a financial disaster for the passengers’ attorneys, the case did reveal that Carnival knew that there were dangerous problems on the cruise ship due to its shoddy maintenance. The Triumph was essentially a ticking time bomb ready to catch on fire, Court ordered Carnival records demonstrated.

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Photo Credit: CNN

  • mike mickey

    Glad they got hosed, Carnival treated us fairly for the most part and to sue them was just bad judgement. I hope they all learned a lesson in lawsuit abuse.

  • Jack

    What does being a conservative Bush appointee have to do with anything?

  • Bush appointees are more likely to be pro-business and more likely to screw the plaintiffs.


    I’m not surprised. The cruise lines have the backing of some very deep pockets, namely money that passengers pay to cruise on their ships at high profits at the expense of the crew and passengers. I absolutely love to cruise and have been on 42 cruises and have been fortunate to have never been on board during mechanical breakdowns due to poor maintenance by the line. Yes I have been in rough seas where bumper pads have been put up to avoid accidents and have had to have been re-routed to avoid a hurricane but never anything like what these poor passegers had to endure. CARNIVAL should be absolutely ashamed to have not compensated the passengers properly. I don’t have an answer as to what can be done in the future, but I do know that something needs to be done to ensure that NO SHIP ever sails out to sea in poor working condition. Cruise lines are making millions and perhaps billions each year and yet will provide their legal firms with money just so those who were treated worse than animals didn’t win❗🚢😈

  • Peter J.

    Over the gangplank of every ship that goes to sea there is an invisible sign. It says “Maritime Law.” Under maritime law only vessels and cargo matter. People do not, the occasional Costa Concordia notwithstanding.

  • Peter J.

    Oops! That should be admiralty law.

  • Jim Bennett

    It is simple. We have the best congress money can buy. It is not our tax dollars purchasing them. The judges followed the law, which gives airline and cruise lines have all the power. Only when a legislator is inconvenienced is there a change, like the passenger’s bill of rights on for tarmac delays. Party affiliation is not a consideration, regardless of the lie they tell about their position, it is who lines their pocket. It is said that it is usually not a large amount either.