The International Cruise Victims (ICV) organization just announced that it is expanding in Europe.

The ICV is a grass root non-profit organization operated by victims of crimes and families who have lost loved ones at sea. The ICV and the families have been successful in the scheduling of 8 Congressional hearing in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives regarding issues of cruise ship crime, fires, sinkings, and man overboard situations 

Here is the press release:    

"To better serve victims and friends in Europe, International Cruise Victims maintains a separate organization known as International Cruise Victims – UK. During the past several months this organization has gained more and more press and notoriety.

ICV-UK is headed by Captain Michael Lloyd (photo right). He is a well-known authority in the Maritime Captain Michael LloydIndustry, having written several books and major papers aimed at improving cruise industry safety standards. He serves on the Executive Committee of ICV and is Executive Vice President of ICV-UK.

His major presentations include a recent one on March 2nd given to high level maritime executives at the Wellington in London on the need for proper safety issues concerning THE ABANDONMENT OF LARGE PASSENGER VESSELS.  His most recent presentation is titled THE INVESTIGATION OF INCIDENTS AND CRIME AT SEA. In addition, he has authored major papers on the need to improve safety standards for victims on the High Seas.

ICV is also pleased to announce that Captain Colin Smith will be joining our organization as Vice President with ICV-UK and working with Captain Lloyd to support our efforts in the European arena. Colin, who has a Master’s degree in Human Rights at sea brings to ICV an additional professional background of having served in various positions in the shipping industry.

Colin will be working with and supporting victims as well as assisting Michael with efforts to create laws which would protect passengers and improve cruise industry safety standards. ICV, an Associate member of Victim Support – Europe, now has the talent and resources to move forward in the EU in support of victims and policies to improve the safety standards of the cruise line industry.

Ken Carver – Chairman; Telephone 602-852-5896

Jamie Barnett – President; Telephone 818-355-6462

  • Teresa

    Can you please come to Canada too. We may be your neighbors but I don’t believe our Laws cover us the way you have managed to get changes through with Congress…and I doubt the work that you have done, and the results achieved would help a Canadian, should they fall into any situation aboard the ships. Please correct me, if I am wrong, but that is what I understand.

    From experience I know how once an issue has been solved to the cruise lines satisfaction…they don’t even want to acknowledge the situation…truly it seems they are afraid of even showing that they MAY take a little responsibility, even if it is tiny little issue…where taking responsibility would simply help them have a dialogue about improve the safety of their passengers. But they don’t want a dialogue, because it would indicate there was ‘something wrong’…not just that there could be something ‘better’. It is sad, and I worry about what is going to happen one of these days.

  • JB

    We need an advocate in Canada. They would listen I believe but we need a Canadian to take the lead, will you be the one Teresa?