The Merco Press and Crew Center reports that Argentinian Police arrested two Royal Caribbean crew crew members on the Splendour of the Seas cruise ship for trying to smuggle cocaine to sell in Europe. The cruise ship was anchored in the port of Buenos Aires.

The crew members had taped the coke to their bodies. They had also hidden the drugs in a backpack.

The Splendour Of The Seas had arrived in Buenos Aires on last Monday from Punta del Este. it was Splendour of the Seas - Cocaine Smugglingscheduled to leave for Brazil and then sail to Europe. After the arrest of the two crew members, customs officials searched their cabins and other locations on the ship with 8 narcotics dogs and 20 inspectors and found additional cocaine for a total of 15.8 kilos.

The crew members, who were not identified, were a Croatian and a Chilean traveling on an Australian passport.

The drugs were worth approximately one million euros.

Drug smuggling on cruise ship is big business. So far this year alone, crew members have been busted for smuggling over 43 kilos of cocaine. In January, three cruise passengers were arrested on the Horizon with 20 kilos. Earlier this month, five crew members tried to smuggle 7 kilos drugs on the Norwegian Sun from Roatan to Tampa. 

Drug busts on Royal Caribbean ships are common. The company claims that drugs on its ships are "rare," that’s hardly true. 140 pounds of cocaine were found in two drug busts on Royal Caribbean cruise ships (Grandeur and Enchantment) in Jamaica.

Royal Caribbean seems more interested in catching passengers who try to smuggle a bottle of wine aboard, than intercepting large quantities of cocaine smuggled by their own employees.

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Photo Credit: Merco Press

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  • L. Rigsby

    When we were in Antigua in January 2013, we watched 3 ship’s male crew members (Asian) make a drug purchase with an Antiguan citizen (Black man with dreadlocks). There were 2 ships in port that day, so I’m unsure which cruise line they worked for.

  • Gregory Charles Rigby Cash

    I were a crew member of Royal caribbean international,for almost 8 years i did like 10 count. For me. Their were and is my best counc trac i have ever work. I congratulate the company for they good work and for their hahard work of training to crew. su

  • Dr.

    I think some of your commentaries are absolutely absurd I worked three contracts for RCL. Security is harder on the crew than anyone else. of course with a large staff you can always find a few bad apples but what can you expect? More importantly is the Company’s zero tolerance policy toward any narcotic drugs, alcohol and of course customer satisfaction. I have been witness to several of my coworkers fired just over a customer complaint never mind countless drug test and living in a heavily policed ship. Give the crew at our RCL a break and realize that RoyalCaribbean Cruise lines is doing the best that it can do with crew that are often paid (virtually) in tips alone.

  • Phil

    I worked as a Security Officer for two different cruise lines and the Security was excellent. The problem with this particular website is that Mr Walker hates Cruise Lines and would do anything to critcise them.

  • cholita chilena

    well i cant say is not true it is but must of the passangers use drugs onthe ships i can mention when RCI rent the shipsfor the gay season ATLANTIS they forced the employees to clean the cabin whe gay people disembarc and then found a lot of drugs, marihuana, lcd, cocaine and so much more and it is true they force all employees to clean the cabins i think that is not right….