A passenger on the Carnival Triumph appears to have gone overboard last night.  

Carnival Cruise Director John Heald states on his Facebook page that "they are conducting a search and rescue – thoughts with the family at this time." 

The incident allegedly happened when the cruise ship was near Progreso, Mexico. 

Carnival TriumphThere is a discussion on a Cruise Critic message board.

According to AIS tracking systems, the Triumph arrived in Progreso in the early afternoon yesterday. It did not leave until around 11:00 P.M. last night, The tracking systems show no Williamson turn or circles indicating that the cruise ship itself was involved in a search. Perhaps the ship deployed rescue craft.

I have requested information from Carnival tonight but have not yet received a response. 

If you have information, please leave a comment below or join the discussion on our Facebook page.

March 18 2015: I received this statement this morning from Carnival:

"Yesterday evening, a report was received of a potential man overboard on Carnival Triumph which was confirmed through a review of the vessel’s camera footage. The missing guest is a 54-year-old male. The ship is presently conducting search and rescue operations in conjunction with Mexican authorities who also have vessels on site at a location off the coast of northern Mexico in the Gulf of Mexico.

Carnival Triumph was on the last leg of a four-day cruise from Galveston, Texas. The ship’s arrival into Galveston tomorrow is expected to be delayed until approximately 11 a.m. 

Our foremost care and concern is with the loved ones of our missing guest at this very difficult time. Carnival’s CareTeam is providing support to the individual’s traveling companions."

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  • Jeff Lancaster

    It BETTER NOT ruin my Trip April 20-25. I beyond READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane doe

    Wow…really… a man died and all u are worried about is your stupid trip! Selfish bastard.

  • Jane doe

    Wow…really… a man died and all u are worried about is your stupid trip! Selfish bastard.

  • Diane saucedo

    My daughter and her husband are on the Carnival Triump cruise ship! The minute it happened she was on the phone with me, scarred as hell! She was crying because the man was missing, and she didn’t even know the man that fell overboard! I was trying to reassure her the the crew was doing all they could do in a situation like this. She told me that there was heavy drinking aboard that night, being St Patrick’s Day! I ask her to please go back to cabin and even thou it was costing me $1.99 a minute I stayed on the phone with her almost 20 minutes, I could her the pursuer ask thru the intercom system to please see if they could see anything in the water to let on of the crew members know. It was such a tradegy to go on a cruise ,enjoying yourself, and then someone loses their life by going overboard!

    As far as the comment posted above – I hate to have you on team ! Your so selfish to say such a comment. What if this man was a member of your family? No human empathy! As for Jane doe’s comment — I agree with you 110% — selfish bastard indeed!

  • Jane doe

    I was on the ship. They made several announcements right when he went overboard and it was a suicicde.

  • John

    It is a tragedy that people die by going overboard on cruise ships, but unlikely he just fell over – had a railing been broken, it would have been visible. So, if that did not happen, he either jumped or was thrown into the sea. Why would someone jump into the sea? Well, depression can be so bad for some & it is not handled like other illnesses, so can lead to jumping, especially when intoxicated, which can be another symptom.

    So, does anyone have a better solution than to just have thousands of people who are on vacation to have fun, suddenly be thrust into a state of grief?

    The ships have surveillance cameras and usually know what happened, but rather than share, they do not want to let the public or fellow pax know – selfish bastards !!!

  • Monica

    I was on the boat and it was a terrifying hearing the Captain call the code for man overboard. I will have to say this to Jane Doe, the Captain NEVER said it was a suicicde. PLEASE keep to the facts as to what really happened. NO one know’s what really happened in the that room just the wife and the husband who lost his life.

    I never heard if other people where in the room when this happened.

    The Captain never gave a lot of details, just that someone fell overboard and the next day announced the Mexican Coast Guard found him.

    RIP …

  • John Doe

    I was on the voyage just prior to this one. I have been on the Triumph 4 times and on Carnival Cruise Lines a total of 23. It is extremely difficult to go overboard on the vessel. I am not saying it’s impossible but it generally occurs due to passenger carelessness or extreme personal tragedy. In any case the loss of a life is tragic. Heartfelt prayers for the family for their loss.

  • John Doe

    I was on the ship watching the movie by the pool when they announced “bravo. bravo. Starboard.” my son noticed ppl flocking to the starboard side. we followed thinking maybe a whale sighting. then the rumors an 8 yo boy had falling overboard. once confirmed a person had gone overboard, the captain asked for silence to aid in the search. heartbreaking. we later heard a 21 yo had fallen. my whole family stood there in silence crying staring at the ocean for hours. even the college kids stopped partying and were crying. it wasn’t until morning we learned it was the 54 yo man apparently fighting with his wife. tragic and horrific anyway you look at it. i will never ever forget it. our thoughts and prayers remain with his family.

  • Mike

    I was on the ship too. I agree with John(10:13am) & the selfish bastard . Me & my family (wife & 4 kids) all were lined up starboard side for hours looking into that dark ocean with everyone else. Feeling hopeless and helpless. We also heard it was a young child at first, then a drunk 21 year old. Didn’t find out till morning that it was a 54 year old that committed suicide. If it was a tragic accident or some other reason I would understand , but I think suicide is just a chicken shit way out. Like John was saying we all paid alot of money and were there for a good time not to have thousands of people go into a instant state of heart break and remorse. That was the worst feeling in the world. When you know someone is in trouble and will probably die and not be able to help or do anything. That sux! All the adults will probably be fine but what about the thousands of children that “HAD” to experience this ? My kids included. So for all the people feeling sorry for this guy that jumped, don’t because he was the only selfish BASTARD on the ship ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • jennifer

    what do you do when you lost some thing on the cruise because my girl lost her ipod?and are state room was 6336

  • BG

    I was on that ship the night this happened. Carnival was very professional and kept everyone informed as to what was happening. Very sad for everyone on that ship.