This afternoon an online webcam and marine tracking websites showed the Regal Princess cruise ship entering the Port of Miami for what people on social media were describing as unspecified medical emergencies involving two passengers. Local TV stations covered the story with helicopters. I covered the incident on my Facebook page involving the gay "30th Anniversary Caribbean Cruise."

This is the first time that the Regal Princess, which calls on Fort Lauderdale, has come to Miami. 

There is a great deal of chatter on Facebook and Twitter that the medical emergencies involved drug overdoses. The South Florida Gay News says that "speculation swirls around drug activity." It quotes a Regal Princess passenger saying that “It’s an all gay cruise and they’re all drunk. There’s three thousand gay men on this boat. You know what that means. There’s a lot of high risk activity associated with that.”

Perhaps an over-generalization.  But there’s reason why the image may be appropriate. 

Six years ago we wrote: GLAAD Board Member Dies Aboard Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas due to a drug over-dose. 

Five years ago, we wrote: Another Death on a Royal Caribbean – Atlantis Cruise again due to drugs.

Four years ago: Passenger Busted for Selling Drugs on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas which had a half-dozen drug overdoses aboard the ship.

Does the organizer (RSVP Vacations) discuss the use of drugs and the foreseeable risk of a drug overdose with the cruise line to make certain that there are properly trained medical personnel to respond to emergencies?

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Photo Credit: PTZtv

  • It could have been any number of issues, but alcohol poisoning or complications from over drinking could very be the culprit. Many cruisers plan for up to a year for a cruise. Unfortunately, over drinking and just plain over extending themselves can lead to injuries or medical emergencies while at sea. I do hope everyone is doing well and can cruise again.

  • misteramar

    It’s disappointing that indeed guests plan all year for this cruise and the organizer is VERY ridged about their polices and no nonsense permitted even inappropriate flirting with the crew is not tolerated. However, there are some people on this earth (gay and straight) who are not capable of respecting the space and enjoyment of others around them. These people are selfish, have little regard & respect for the people around them, and in this example, made a selfish effort to ruin this amazing vacation for everyone else on the ship… many of which have been waiting all year to get away and have a break from work & life to have a really nice vacation.

  • J M Heider

    It’s unfortunate anytime anyone becomes ill aboard a cruise ship whether on a straight or gay cruise. I suspect that the percentage of all medical emergencies is higher for straight cruises. Regardless, it’s important for medical crews to be prepared for all types of emergencies.

  • Philip Lister

    My husband and I just returned from our honeymoon on this cruise. We are hopeful that the two passengers that were evacuated will be ok. We were skeptical about coming on this cruise, as we had an image of circuit style parties and over drinking and drugs. However, our dear friends assured us that was not the case with RSVP cruises and we booked our honeymoon to enjoy the cruise with them. To our pleasant surprise, this cruise was filled mostly with 40s, 50s, 60s men, but great guys from all age groups. You really had to search hard to find an ounce of attitude on the ship, and we didn’t even see a single person get sea sick, let alone exhibiting over intoxication. We actually laughed out loud at the comments from some guy suggesting it was a ship filled with drunken men and high risk behavior. I’m not sure what cruise he was on, or perhaps he wasn’t even on this cruise and was just providing his own bitter comments. However, nothing could have been further from the truth. If the ship had been as he suggested, we would not be booking for the RSVP cruise next February. What was most surprising was the lack of complaining about the diversion to Miami. Everyone was having such a fun time that no one seemed to care about the diversion, change in itinerary and in the end we were treated to the most beautiful and magnificent sunset over downtown Miami and the lights of Miami as we continued on our way to Cozumel. Whatever the reasons for the medical emergency, we hope these individuals will come through fine and we are already looking forward to the next RSVP cruise we’ll take next February and seeing so many wonderful friends we made this past week.

  • Anon Y Mouse

    According to staff onboard it was an amphetamine overdose, for which the two involved were astonishingly lucky to have survived, not in least because there were any number of paramedics and doctors onboard in the crew and guests.

    They were disembarked alive and into the tender care of Miami’s finest.

    Again so far as I know, and from what the staff onboard said, there is zero tolerance for drug use onboard both by the organisers and by the line. Being caught will result in being thrown off at the first possible opportunity and blacklisted by the line, which effectively means most of the cruise ships. Bad move, quite apart from having to deal with the local authorities where you are dumped. Further your insurance is probably invalid, and you will have to sort out your own arrangements to get home, once you have completed explaining yourself to the local law.

  • Rich

    I was on this cruise and have been on 8 RSVP cruises in the past. While I have certainly seen drinking, I saw worse on some general market cruises. But I have never witnessed any drug use, I am sure it occurs, but these are not drugged out party cruises filled with sex. The crowd is a touch older and probably more couples than you would see on another gay vacation.
    I have spent summers on Fire Island, gone to gay resorts, they are all what you make them.
    RSVP is very clear on drug use on the boat, they emphasize that they will do nothing to intervene or help you if you are caught, they seriously discourage such. They don’t need the problems.

  • Thomas

    Thank you Princess Cruises & RSVP for taking care of our Family !! Unfornunately these Gents made a bad decision and they will regret there actions in doing so . Rsvp has been a bastion of our Community and we love laughing, dancing, meeting brilliant people of all walks and not to mention FABULOUS entertainment thruout ( RSVP) We ALL had a WONDERFUL TIME !!!! SEEEE YAAAAAA NEX YEAR BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CIAO

  • Horace Randall

    I am very pleased to read the positive response to this posting by those who were guest passengers….they are “right on” with their comments (and I do hate that term “right on”, but it seems most appropriate here. I am a proud 76 year old and this was my second all gay cruise, having so much enjoyed my first in Feb or 2014. Over the years, I had heard many comments, some favorable and some unfavorable, about all gay cruises and I felt I had to draw my own conclusions from personal experience. In any party atmosphere, gay or otherwise, there will be abuse of protocol. The instance on this trip was handled with discretion and professionalism both by Princess and RSVP and the only hope of fellow passengers was the hospitalization necessary for those involved. Yes, there is a constant flow of alcohol, but no one inebriated and while there may be secret drug usage, it is not visually evident. If anyone planning a holiday cruise of this nature expects a holy retreat, get a life….this is 2015! Kudos to RSVP, Princess and you, the passengers for a great week of fun and laughter!

  • terald brue

    as a first time rsvp cruiser , this cruise was a blast and i do not remember the last time i made so many fun freinds so fast !! the incident was handled the best both companies could in my opinon . there was no complaining by passengers that i heard . princess and rsvp made this as convient as possible . my sides still hurt from all the laughing .. dancing and emtertainment were fantastic ! i am glad to hear both people are ok .. the boat was amazing , booked next year alredy😄😄

  • James Lehmann

    As others have said, I was on this cruise as well, up there on deck 16 as it all happened. This was my first cruise ever, as well as a gay cruise. Had a wonderful time, I drank and had fun. But I also have personal responsibility and know when to stop, obviously these guys did not. They could have ruined it for everyone but luckily the ships operators got everything taken care of and we didn’t really miss a beat. Rumors were abound all over the place and these guy’s stateroom, and even half the hallway was sealed off for investigators for many hours. If it was intentional drug use, I hope they throw the book at them.

  • David

    I was on this cruise and agree many people have spent a good deal of time and money to enjoy a vacation well earned. I have been on many Atlantis and now my first RSVP cruise. Its not the cruise lines repsonsibility to be prepared for illegal drug use of any kind. Adults are suppose to act like adults. Whats next the cruise line is going to be repsonisiblity to make sure you pack your passport, come on guys thats ridiculous. Your selfish acts and lack of good judgement is not tolerated by most of us. The unbelievable work that Princess did to get us into a port that was not expected us, and to continue to plan our ports and minimize the inconvience to us was very much appreciated.

  • Mark

    As a passenger on this RSVP cruise I resent that the media groups ALL GAYS in one bunch! We had men and women of all ages. I would say the median age was between 42-47. ALL of us are not drunks and ALL of us do not do drugs! Rumor had it that 3 people were involved and one died but I have not seen any confirmation of that. Do to HIPPA laws you’re not going to get the dirt. I praise Princess Cruises and RSVP for doing a exemplary job handling the situation! I thought for sure we would have to miss on port of call but that didn’t happen. The staff for both were amazing!