NBC 6 is airing a story about Caribbean Cruise Line alleging that the company routinely offers essentially "free" cruises via unsolicited phone calls or vouchers in the mail, and deceives the public by not disclosing hidden fees. 

It also claims  that businessmen behind the scenes at the travel company have been in trouble for deceiving customers before. 

We have covered stories about this outfit before – Caribbean Cruise Line Lies and Steals?

The story is a bit confusing because the Caribbean Cruise Line, although technically active with the Florida Department of State, essentially went out of business after the Bahamas Celebration ran aground on October 31st while departing from Freeport, ripping a hole in the hull. In December 2014 it was announced that the newly formed Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line would operate the MS Grand Celebration which would replace the old damaged ship. 

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  • monique

    I was a victim of Plaza Resorts scam. Thought I was paying for a trip to Orlando Florida to take my son to see Mickey Mouse and when I got ready to go, all hell broke loose. These scums should be jailed. They’re getting away with stealing.

  • Schmedlapp

    Monique–perhaps provide some more details on how “all hell broke loose” for those of us interested?

  • monique

    After I paid money for a trip to Orlando I was told to contact them when I was ready to take the trip so they can notify the hotel. When I got ready to go on the trip, I contact these Plaza Resort people and was told the money I paid was simply a deposit and I had to pay nearly $800 more for the rest of the trip. Money I did not have. I felt like someone had hit me a ton bricks. I had paid them over $600 and they wanted more money. All the while letting me believe my trip was paid in full. So here I had a round trip plane tickets to Orlando and no place to stay, no tickets for amusement parks. My son who was 7 at the time was really looking forward to meeting Mickey Mouse and was crushed when I told him we couldn’t go. The only good thing was U S Airways let me use the plane tickets for another date. Taking my supervisor’s advice, I reported them to Maryland Attorney General and was surprised to hear I was not the first person scam by Plaza Resort. They had many cases. That dimmed all my hopes of ever getting my money back and I didn’t. As the old saying goes, you learn from your mistakes. Whenever I get those vacation offers in the mail or on the phone, I toss them and tell them I’m not interested.

  • eileen genske

    How do we put these people out of business! It should not be allowable to so openly steal from hard working people not to mention the emotional turmoil the victims have to go through. It is a crime with emotional and physical consequences to the victims just like any other crime and the customer support people treat you with borderline abusive behavior once they have your money. Come on lets get rid of this blemish to the beautiful state of Florida

  • liza

    That reminds me of the calls I got from 239-645-4240 before. It was automated, saying I got picked to get a free cruise along with 4 others. But little did the scammer know, I found this thread of complaints https://www.callercenter.com/239-645-4240.html that confirmed my suspicions. It’s another scammer on the loose.

  • Maria Rosch

    Check out the new advertisement on local TV of Paradise Bahamas Cruise Line with their “new” Grand Celebration…the woman in the ad says that she is the luckiest woman…because she sailed with the “new” GC…although the vessel had NEVER done a day of a cruise for that “new” company….

  • Steph

    I have been posting comments on here a couple times about this company in regards to our honeymoon disaster with them back in November (they never called to tell us the boat was broken) We were treated terribly by them. I filed a complaint on Jan 16, received a rebuttal from the company, full of lies of course, then rebutted back in more detail, I also mention about their tendacies to mislead customers (facebook page). Here is the link if interested;
    They are to respond back by the 17th..I have a feeling this wll go no where
    However our ordeal also involved some discrepencis with an airline, and I received an email from ABC news interested in our story, so I also included our experience with Bahamas Celebration..I hope to hear back soon, and hope they will air a story about it..they should NOT be able to get away with treating paying customers this way!

  • Steph

    So Bahamas Celebration has yet to respond, and because of this they will lose accreditation with the BBB. Also another example of their trickery..they tried to create a new Business profile with the BBB under their new company name (which already had a negative review posted..) I contacted the BBB about something else and it turned out they were not allowed to do this as it is misleading to customers..they merged their 2 profiles.

  • Jodeci

    I just received a call from a company called ‘Holiday Cruise Lines’ that pitched the same exact story with registration frees of only $59/person. Once mentioned I would be traveling on the MS Grand celebration, I googled it on my computer mid-conversation and ran across this article. I turned down the offer ASAP. The call came from 614-401-6745. Just not trustworthy at all.

  • Sonni

    I received a call telling me I was selected to receive a free cruise on the grand celebration from the Grand Bahama Cruise Line. http://www.gbclcruise.com. I ONLY had to pay them $118 for port fees. now. which card will you be using ma’am? I asked a couple questions and they transferred me to a supervisor. THIS guy was trying his hardest to be pleasant. He didn’t appreciate me asking questions. I put in his website and also googled the grand celebration. Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line came up. SAME SHIP. When I asked him about it he went on to tell me how lucky I am to have received the call and they are losing money by giving away these cruises. I asked him if I could call him back after speaking to my husband this afternoon. He said it wouldn’t be fair to other people that have to pay immediately. He told me $118 isn’t much and I should just pay it. He criticized me for not trusting him lol. I sure hope no other people are scammed….
    You who were scammed out of money need to go to your local news station to get the story out. so sad.

  • Sonni

    I received a call telling me I was selected to receive a free cruise on the grand celebration from the Grand Bahama Cruise Line. http://www.gbclcruise.com. I ONLY had to pay them $118 for port fees. now. which card will you be using ma’am? I put in his website and also googled the grand celebration. Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line came up. SAME SHIP. When I asked him about it he went on to tell me how lucky I am to have received the call and they are losing money by giving away these cruises. I asked him if I could call him back after speaking to my husband this afternoon. He said it wouldn’t be fair to other people that have to pay immediately.

  • Matt Peres

    5/1/15 10:42 AM received call on my no-call-list cell number from 347-541-0246, offering a ” won free” cruise. I called this number from my land line; and as suspected turned out to be a swoosh number. At 10:55 AM, I received another cell phone call from 1-347-491-4963. I called this number from my land line and was connected to Grand Bahama cruise offering similar “won free cruise”. Bottom line they wanted me to pay “fees up-front”

    They are placing unsolicited calls to numbers on no call lists and if they get any response whatsoever, they recall from their identifiable 347-491-4963. I let the rep at GBC go through her whole spiel and then lambasted her company for calling no-call numbers. She told me I would not be called unless I had answered of filled out some questions. I never initiated a first call, so how could I do that.

  • Yolanda Green

    I just received a call from Holiday Cruise Line. I decided to google it while I was on the phone. Then of course, like I suspected, it’s a bunch of crap! The rep said he was calling me in regards to my request online. I’ve never in my life seen anything about this cruise line. When I told him that I would need to talk to my wife about it, he made it a point to tell me over and over that it’s first come, first serve, and he can’t guarantee that the offer will still be available to me later tonight. I immediately disconnected the call. What a scam!

  • Channel Simon

    Same story. Call from 214-699-5840. 3 days 2 night cruise on teh Grand Celebration $59 per person for port charges and taxes. Told the rep that I didnt have my credit card with me…
    With ID Theft at an all time high why would anyone give their credit card info to someone they didnt contact?? I wont!

  • JC

    Very nice on the phone. I thought what the heck. Get a burner card, and give away $118, not a bad way to get a ‘free’ cruise. Almost went through with it when I found no less than 5 webpages devoted to scams of this company dating back to 2010. On a positive note, 30% of the passengers on the ship actually did come from the scam, only paying the port taxes. I for one, could easily book a cruise for just a little more, not having to sit through any high pressure sales, and be just as happy. I think I’ll do that.
    People, there are no free lunches. You must work to get anywhere in life. These people are working hard to separate you from the money you earned in sweat. All the while, they sit in A/C.
    Let’s put a stop to this emotionally damaging practice, and put these people behind bars. They are thieves, and deserve to be treated as such.

  • georgia

    just started getting the calls from the 347 491 4963 number wiht the free cruise offer- did eventually get through to a human being instead of talking to “Amy” the recorded person- who hange up if you anwser any wquestion wiht anything other thn an enthusiastic yes!- Mark Bagwell of “grand bahama cruises” and i foolishly let on that I feared it was a scam and told him that I was considering reporting them to the authorities– the line went quiet — when i called back they must have a system that allows THEM to black list numbers as now i cannot get through- is there somewhere one can report this kind of company to

  • Mastedon

    I opened a business and I guess they farmed my phone number from the Internet. I get a call about once a day from (202) 830-1769 from Holiday Cruise Lines. The call is automated with a robot on the other end. Her name is Jennifer. I will post this to every social media site they own…

  • not all blondes are dumb….

    Well, I too was targeted by this Grand Celebration scam. The call came from 631-778-1014 and he representative even gave me his ID# CA2002 (like that convinced me of his integrity? – NOT!) I explained that I was driving and he reached me on my cell during my lunch hour and that I would need time to research the company and/or cruise ship before giving him my money. He claimed that this is a “Live Offer” and needed to be completed with registration and $118 payment. He told me he understood my hesitation and that I could do my research at http://www.2015getaway.com and so I did. He told me he only worked until 4:00 pm and would call me back. Guess what?,,,,,, amateur website with no information. I then googled further to find this site with a wealth of information. Well, it’s now 5:00 pm – he never called me back? I’m not surprised and certainly not disappointed. Had a good solid feeling there was no truth to this offer. Please people, always remember…. nothing in this life is free – always use caution and safety before disclosing personal information. Good Luck.

  • E.D.

    I too got a call from Hollywood Fl. Both Gavin Watson (ID #GE2109) and his supervisor Joey Aello pressed hard to “get me a vacation!” For Port fees of 118.00 I could fill an unbooked room, which would benefit the company Grand Bahamas Cruise Line with their ship-the Grand Cellebration. I stated my misgivings, and they kept telling me to go to their website GBCLCruise.com. I said why would I go to a site you are telling me about. I’m just going to Google you. I could find nothing on Grand Bahamas Cruise line, though they both reassured me that they found lots of sites through Google. “You must be doing it wrong!” Why yes, Googling is such a difficult process…how could my two little hands complete such a challenging chore? Once I saw all the sites dedicated to the Free Cruise Scam I firmly said I would not be taking advantage of this incredible offer. It took a few repeated “No thank you'” before they let me go. Honestly, I never intended to take the offer, but it was such fun to play with them for 46 minutes!

  • DS

    I just receive a call from a 6013261192 Mississippi number but she stating she calling out of Florida stating i just won a Free Cruise to the Bahama Hoilday Cruise Line Johnnie Mae Brown the Rep.after telling me all about the trip she stated she need 118.00 now.I told her…didn’t you say FREE but she went on about Tax fees so i said no thank.She stated to hold on she would put her Supervisor on he came on trying to tell me it would not be fair to other caller if i didn’t pay today…so I said have good day.i knew this was a scam from the start.

  • Mike

    Just got a call from a local number, with an automated survey that promised a free cruise. I never fall for these, but had a few minutes so thought I’d entertain myself. Took the survey (press 1 for yes, etc.) and was a tad concerned that by pressing those numbers I might unlock my phone to them. Anyway, finished the survey, then transferred to the nicest guy I ever talked to. Boy was he a charmer. Leroy Jenkins. All went great until we got to the part where he asked for the CC# to cover the $59 pp port tax. I offered to hang up, do some research and call them back. That’s when his “manager” got on the phone and explained that by hanging up, they can’t track the one-time offer that’s tied to my phone (although they called me). He offered to let me put them on hold while I did some checking. So I googled them, found this site, read some of your experiences, got back on the phone and told the guy I would need to decline their offer. He asked why, and I told him to visit cruiselawnews.com for more info. He was still talking after I told him again that I decline and am hanging up…

  • Christine

    The “Holiday Cruise Line” Listed above be extra careful with them they are tricky them and the life alert people. I’m a 29 yr old single mom and student and I certainly don’t have time to be ripped off again. (I was once a couple years back so stupid for about $500. Similar to a man above in hopes of taking my daughter now 7 (preying on children’s dreams is about as low as it gets bc the look in their eye to say we actually can’t go I am so sorry even to this day brings literal tears to my eyes I feel so bad.) and using one of the trips for a Disney trip as you supposedly got your choice…the website wasn’t even legit and was “under repair” indefinitely
    Anyways in trying to contact Medicare in an outgoing call tonight to 1800 MEDICARE to fix an insurance claim it kept trying to redirect me first it told me that I could click a button that I could get a free life alert for a loved one or myself…clearly unnecessary….then it wanted me to take a survey that was almost un-bipassable to redirect to winning a free cruise to, I forget where, then it redirected me and I hung up. Dialing out again (thinking I’d misdialed perhaps and a smart scammer maid their number close to the MEDICARE number to prey on the vulnerable elderly and disabled …)
    well I was again offered a free 2 day cruise this time to the Bahamas just for calling MEDICARE tonight just pay the $59 tax blah blah blah press one now (SERIOUSLY!!!!!!) a) they knew I was calling a federal government phone number for assistance a published help line number b) they had attached themselves to that line? C) There wasn’t just one company but multiple or one acting as multiple!!!

    This is bad as the time I had a hacker call from Verizon’s customer service line number and try to get me to verify my account info through a “Verizon page” that looked extremely authentic almost an exact replica of their log in page …I figured that one out 5 seconds after tying in my info bc something felt off to me so I quickly googled n then changed all my info called Verizon and set up additional pass codes and precautions.
    It’s scary how tricky some of these dirty rotten thieves are!

  • Brenda Pulse

    I received a call that I had won a free 2-day cruise to the Bahamas on the Grand Celebration (Grand Bahamas Cruise Line), $59 per person port fee. I asked how had I won this cruise and was told I had completed a government survey. My husband had completed a govt. survey (supposedly) recently. I asked could I pay the fee when I got to the ship and of course she said it had to be paid now. I asked how they could do this & was told they sail to the Bahamas 3 times per week and fill empty rooms with these offers. Caller was nice but when I said I didn’t do phone offers, she asked would I listen. I said sure and it sounded great. When she finished, I said “I do not do phone offers.” She just said to have a nice night. I felt this was a scam. Their phone number was 954-237-8081.

  • Ryan Riegel

    I just received a phone call from them stating we received a free cruise. Once speaking with the representative, all he wanted was my debit card info.

  • mbam

    This is a total scam! In 2012 I ordered cookware off of television and was passed through to carribean cruise line and sounded too good to be true. It was! paid them 1200.00 for 6 day 7 night vacation with a pick of 2 florida destinantions with a free rental car to drive from plam beach to Orlando this was 4 days and then would board a ship to the grand bahama islands and all I had to do was listen to a hour selling presentation for different properties. This vacation pkg. was good for 18 months. The following year I became unable to travel so I called for a refund. And they still tried to get me to pay more by extending the time limit of vacation. I did not spend anymore money with the jerks. I have reported them to the florida bbb. But have never heard anything so my money went for someone at this company to have a fine vacation I suppose. june 2015 received a phone call from gbcl cruise leaving Palm Beach FL and have of course 18 months to take this 2 day 2 night cruise to the Bahamma’s for only 59.00 per person port tax. I was asked for my credit card number and I refused to give it over the phone so rep referred me to the gbcl cruise. com to look at the ship. I asked for a phone number where I could contact them at and they didn’t give me one just the web site. My phone ID registered 224-302-1155. As mentioned above in other complaints, this company keeps changing its name. I have no idea what they do with your credit card number but I would imagine commit fraud. Also I have had a publishers company calling lately and they also ask for a cc number and say you have ordered magazines from them and you subscription will expire at midnight and will automatically renew with you credit card on file and they state your address and ask if you will be using your @@@ or ### credit card. Just a scam to get your cc card. From now on if I don’t inquire to a company for their products I will not be giving my cc info over the phone.

  • mbam

    This is a total scam! In 2012 I ordered cookware off of television and was passed through to carribean cruise line and sounded too good to be true. It was! paid them 1200.00 for 6 day 7 night vacation with a pick of 2 florida destinantions with a free rental car to drive from plam beach to Orlando this was 4 days and then would board a ship to the grand bahama islands and all I had to do was listen to a hour selling presentation for different properties. This vacation pkg. was good for 18 months. The following year I became unable to travel so I called for a refund. And they still tried to get me to pay more by extending the time limit of vacation. I did not spend anymore money with the jerks. I have reported them to the florida bbb. But have never heard anything so my money went for someone at this company to have a fine vacation I suppose. june 2015 received a phone call from gbcl cruise leaving Palm Beach FL and have of course 18 months to take this 2 day 2 night cruise to the Bahamma’s for only 59.00 per person port tax. I was asked for my credit card number and I refused to give it over the phone so rep referred me to the gbcl cruise. com to look at the ship. I asked for a phone number where I could contact them at and they didn’t give me one just the web site. My phone ID registered 224-302-1155. As mentioned above in other complaints, this company keeps changing its name. I have no idea what they do with your credit card number but I would imagine commit fraud. Also I have had a publishers company calling lately and they also ask for a cc number and say you have ordered magazines from them and you subscription will expire at midnight and will automatically renew with you credit card on file and they state your address and ask if you will be using your @@@ or ### credit card. Just a scam to get your cc card. From now on if I don’t inquire to a company for their products I will not be giving my cc info over the phone.

  • Ayo

    It’s always funny when they start asking for credit info. I said my card has been blocked and I was getting another shipped. He then ask if I could contact a person that would pay for me; he was very determined. Why would I pay for something that is free before I get a reservation # that I can actively check or call back later to confirm? Fair or no fair, I will rather be sure of what I am paying for.


    Wednesday June 3rd 2015 at 11:33 a.m. I received a call from an unknown number 913.201.0217 . I hesitated because I usually don’t pick up if I don’t recognize the number but , I did anyways . Biggest mistake ever ! The robot lady said that if I answer 3 quick questions , I could win a trip to the Bahamas . So I thought I’d try to see what happens . After answering the 3 questions , I was told that a travel agent will be calling me shortly and hung up on me . In about 10 minutes or so , I got a call from Florida 954.237.8081 and I believed he said his name was either Justin or John ? He told me that I was one of the lucky people to win a trip to the Bahamas for participating in their stupid surveys . It was going to be a 9 days 8 nights vacation package . 3 days 2 nights in Fort Lauderdale FL , 3 days 2 nights to the Bahamas and 3 days and 2 nights in Orlando FL . He then starting telling me about how awesome it would be and that his daughter and her friends went last year or whatever . And that this is the best deal and I won’t be able to get this deal anywhere else . So , when he ask for my credit card # , I gave it to him ( so stupid) . He tried to run my card but it wouldn’t take it so I was charged $1,494.99 onto my debit card instead . Everything was said and done and we hung up . Two days later , I went online to do some research and found out that it was a scam ! During my phone call , I was told I was going to be recorded for quality purposes but that’s a load of BS ! They record you on audio so they can save their bleep* later and use that against you . Never in a million years I thought I would be sucked into something like this . I was so pissed off and so on Monday June 8th I called the customer care # 1.800.530.6514 and of course another robot lady stating “Thank you for holding , your call is very important to us . Someone will be with you shortly”. She repeated this over and over again and of course no one picked up . I was on hold for about 4 mins before hanging up . I went on http://www.bahamasparadisecruise.com and found a Service After Purchase # 1.800.374.4363 . I called and a lady by the name of Shavonna ask for my reservation # and I gave it to her . She then say she don’t see my booking or whatever and I told her I haven’t done it because I want to CANCEL MY PACKAGE . She asked why I wanted to cancel and I said I changed my mind and I don’t want to go on this trip anymore and would like to be refunded . She put me on hold for 3.5 minutes and here comes Greg . He asked how he can help me today and I said I WOULD LIKE TO CANCEL MY PACKAGE . He asked me why and I said , I changed my mind and I don’t want to go anymore and would like to be refunded . He told me he wasn’t allow to do that and he’ll have someone else call me back in 10 minutes or so . I said ok and we hung up . 10 mintutes later , the # that I have been trying to call (1.800.530.6514) and got nowhere was the same # I got a call from . Wow , you couldn’t pick up my calls but you can call me from the same # ? Really ??? Customer care my bleep* Anyways , he said his name was Shawn ? Sean ? whatever . Said that he was the manager and ask how can he help me . I said I want to cancel my package . He asked why and I said the same thing I said to Shavonna and Greg . I WANT TO CANCEL THIS PACKAGE AND WOULD LIKE A FULL REFUND . He asks me why I wanted to cancel it . I said it wasn’t for me and that I simply changed my mind and would like a refund . He told me he cannot refund me because at the beginning on the phone call , the travel agent should have told me that package is non refundable . Yes he might of have but I don’t remember . He then said that there was no way he can refund me because Kansas is a non refundable state . That’s some bleep* . He said the only thing he can do is extend my vacation to another 18 months and if by that time I still don’t want to go then I can give it to a family member or a friend . Why the hell would I want to give it to my family or friends ? It’s a scam ! I just said ok and hung up . On Tuesday June 9th I sent a complaint to the Better Business Bureau of Florida about The Grand Bahama Cruise Line , LLC . I know it’s my fault for getting myself into this but now I just want my money back . All of it .

    Florida Sellers of Travel Act :

    Florida statue section # 559.227 provides the definition of various words and phrases used in section % 559.932 which requires sellers of travel or travel vouchers who maintains a business location in Florida or sell to persons in Florida ( section 559.927 paragraph 6 ) are required according to section 559.932 paragraph 8 in immediate proximity to the space reserved in the contract for the date and the name , address and signature of the purchaser , the following statement in boldfaced typed of a size of 10 points :

    LATER .

  • Armda
  • Raquel Valdez

    I called a wrong number and was direct to a line saying I was the 15 called for the radio station power kiss 101 ad that I had won a cruise ship trip. The recording said to enter my cell phone number and I would get a text telling me the instruction. I got the text and gave me website for Power Kiss 101 and from there it prompted me to enter my information to accept term and conditions. I looked up the website and everything seemed legit but after doing some research I keep on getting information that it’s not valid and only a scam. I am very confused since I even got a reservation number. I will try calling the number 1/800-247-4128 after the 72 hour period I have to wait for their system to update.

  • Annie

    Same Story about the Holiday Cruize Lines. the phone number I received this call from was 1-626-593-5744. I told them I would call them back, but they refused to be called back. So I hung up.

  • Sandy

    Similar story about the Holiday Cruise Line. The number the call came in from was 941-786-0370. He gave me the whole sell, and tried to send me the e-mail, 4 times.. very suspiciously, it wouldn’t send. So no documentation. So when he sent me to the web to look at their site I see all the info about scams with the “free cruise giveaway”. When I wouldn’t give him my credit card number and brought up the scam alerts on the web, he got angry and put on his “supervisor” to try to close the deal..
    In the end, they “let me go, and supposed they would have to let someone else have my deal” They are so deceitful.. There has to be a way to get these people out of business.

  • Angie

    I just got a cold call from 567-250-2265 – a local number. I was transferred to Annette, who even gave me her “Federal ID Number” (#FT5161). She had the exact same story… the Holiday Cruise Line has unbooked rooms and they want to fill them up so they are giving away free cruises! The offer was for 2 people (I could add an additional 2 – at full price I’m figuring). Only pay $59 per person for the port fees. Cruise is 3 days, 2 nights to the Bahamas on the Grand Celebration. As the conversation went on, she then added that tips were not covered, but didn’t mention that tips are $12 per day per person until I asked her. She then wanted my credit card number. When I told her I was checking the compnay online, she seemed a little nervous and proceeded to tell me what a fantasitic opportunity this was for me. She also almost immediately transferred me to a “promotion” supervisor (I think) to see what other ‘special things’ he could do for me that she couldn’t.
    I don’t know if this is a scam or if I just missed out on a really cheap cruise, but I know I have my $118 in my wallet and my identity is not compromised by giving out cc info on the phone.

  • Gwenette Evans

    I received a call from (832) 376-8152 (local number) and was notified that I had won a 2 day 2 night free cruise out of Florida on the Grand Celebration. While on the phone I googled and read several negative articles. When they started asking me for my credit card info to process the “free” cruise I knew it was a scam. When I questioned the gentleman about using my credit card for “FREE” cruise he became rude and raised his voice. I had heard enough and hung up the phone. I will share this scam story and phone number with everyone

  • Laura

    I just fell for this, I don’t know why, I’m usually very cautious. I think it’s because I was calling my bank when the call somehow got intercepted which I didn’t realize at the time. I thought it was somehow a promotion linked with the bank. Anyways it caught me off guard, the guy sounded very nice and it sounded reasonable that they were looking to fill rooms and all you had to pay was $59 each for the tax and they hoped in return that you would have a nice time and then go home and promote the cruise line by telling your friends about it. They said two days would go by so quick and if I wanted, since we were coming all that way, they could get us a stay on the island plus an upgrade to our cabin for $500. So I stupidly gave them my credit card info. After I hung up I had an uneasy feeling so I called them back and after being transferred multiple times and them trying to convince me not to cancel, they said they would process a refund. Now after reading other people’s comments here I feel sick with worry about not getting my card refunded and also about them having my credit info. I am so ashamed of myself. I don’t know what I was thinking.

  • Hawkes Family

    We need to spread the word to our families, friends and co-workers. Its as the old saying goes “If its too good to be true it probably is!” I work in banking and very familiar with fraud so when I get these calls, I like to kind of piss them off, throwing skepticism and whatnot in the midst of them attempting to prey off of my first time dream cruise experience. Sorry but I’ll save up and pay for the trip. I research EVERYTHING before I give up info and the fact that people are so pressed to say “so will you be putting that on a Visa or MasterCard” is always a red flag to me. People please be careful and spread the word.

  • Ronda

    Yep, they just called me 30 minutes ago. First I got a call from (216-630-5554)I did the survey just to see what the (scammy) offer was. Not even 5 minutes later I received a call from a local number (513-286-4989). Totally scripted, I had a slightly ghetto rep who gave me her identification number as 1135, Marsha. She told me to have a pen and paper ready to write everything down. Know that the offering of her info and instructions are a ploy to make everything seem repeatable. As she told me the cruise was with Grand Celebrations, I immediately went online to start researching, and there it was, SCAM! Which I new I would find. After she asked if the $118 payment was ok, I told her “no”. She asked why, I told her it was not in my budget. Then she went on about how it was a great deal yada yada, and asked again if I was sure I couldn’t pay it. I told her that I was 100% sure that I wasn’t paying anything. She hung up on me – LOL. I have half the mind to call the numbers back to confront them, but I know that it would be more waste of my time, since these people/companies always seem to get away with this type of thing. I see instances going back to 2012, it is now 2015 and they are still fully operating. I wish there was something that could be done! Don’t get caught up in this folks!

  • KG

    My call came today….and, let’s just say Florida is on my shit list. I was scammed in 2006 by an extended auto warranty company located there. So when the guy explained where he was based all red flags went up. The call came from my area code, though, 314-441-3210. I’m in St. Louis, MO.,one of 15 states that are targeted by these scammers. As the guy was talking, I was writing and googling the information. I played along until he asked which card I would be using Visa or Mastercard. “The expiration date on your visa”? That’s when I pressed the end button on my mobile. How did they get my cellular number? He did mention one call per household. I feel lucky these people won’t be scamming today. BTW, his name was Randy Strickland with Holiday Cruise Line out of Fort Lauderdale, Fl. He pitched a free cruise for 2 nights to the Bahamas with a private cabin, meals and entertainment that were inclusive.I would board the MS Grand Celebration in Palm Beach, Fl. It was first-come, first-serve. All I had to do was pay $118 in port fees for two, go on this fabulous cruise, spread the news to family friends and neighbors afterwards. I must say though that it seemed coincidental. Lately, I have been researching cruises to go on in the near future, but Carnival has been the only cruise line that I have contacted and shared my email with. HMMM. HOPE THIS HELPS!

  • MT

    Yes, got a call about a 3 day 2 night cruise for $59. My husband was on the phone with them and they were telling him what a great deal it was. He told the caller that he had to ask his wife. I asked what was the name of the cruise line and they gave him the web site. I started to punch in letters grand Bahamas cruise line and the first thing I saw was the word SCAM! And I quickly told my husband to tell them no. When he told them we were not interested, the salesman hung up. My husband kept asking me why after they hung up. I handed him my iPad and he quickly understood that I was right. We cruise a lot and have never been offered a cheap deal like this. My saying is “you get what you pay for”. And if it is too good to be true, it’s problably a scam. Don’t give them your credit card information!

  • Brittney

    I unfortunately wasn’t so smart and did this yesterday after them telling me I will receive a confirmation code via email I am still waiting. I called the “customer service” number they provided me with and they told me they have nothing and it takes 72 hours for them to see my “reserved room” I asked her if I will need to pay anything else when I call back and she stated $24 a night for this $24 a night for that. I am trying to get my $118.00 back that they said THAT IS ALL YOU WILL PAY! I am so upset that I did not google these frauds before hand. Such a shame!

  • Ashley

    I got a call from 952-777-3023 this morning with an automated message from Jennifer” stating that I won a free cruise on Grand Bahamas Cruise Line. I always like to play with these companies because I know they’re scams. “Jennifer” said she wanted to ask me a few questions to see if I qualify for the cruise. She asked if I was over 18, I said yes. She asked if I would be traveling within the next 18 months, I said no. Her response to that was “great! It looks like you are on your way to booking this fabulous trip.! Her final question was if I had a credit or debit card, I said no (but I do). Then she said she was going to transfer me to a representative to claim my free cruise.

    The rep got on the line and was more enthusiastic than most cold callers and she asked what my name was. I told her, but I also asked what the catch was. She proceeded to tell me that her computer will not let her go to the next screen until I give her my phone number (don’t they already have it?!!). I told her that I wasn’t giving her any information until she told me what the catch was. She said there was no catch and that if I don’t provide her with my credit card information I would lost out on this fantastic opportunity.

    I told the rep to cut the sh*t and that I wasn’t giving her my f*cking card information and I’m not interested in their f*cking scam. She got real quiet and said that she would put me on their “do not call list”, but not before she called me a snarky bitch who’s missing out on a deal of a lifetime. I hung up on her. These people need to have legal action taken upon them, and no company should be allowed to operate this way. I work too hard for what I have and I will never give them any of my money. Total scam.

  • Scott

    Got the call from a 216 (Ohio – Cleveland) after posting a Craigslist ad. I leaned into it out of curiosity and have an audio recording saved. They wanted a credit card to “pay the federal port tax fee of $60-ish per person that has to be paid when registering…”
    My gf knew something was up immediately when the woman laughed at all my jokes.
    *Sigh* I thought I was funny.

  • Ray

    Got a call about a free Bahama Cruise this morning. Thought it was a scam the entire time but played along so long as they didn’t ask me any personal info. Auto phone operator asked me some questions and told me a sales agent would call me back soon with details about the “Free” cruise. A lady called (don’t recall her name) but she was from GBCL (Grand Bahamas Cruise Line). She told me the reason they were doing this was because so that I will praise them to friends and family after the cruise and that it was cheaper for them to advertise this way (filling empty cabins on their ship) than paying millions through the usual marketing methods. That actually made sense to me because most businesses want high NPS (Net Promoter Scores) as an indicator their customers will recommend the company to business partners, friends, relatives, etc. It is truly the latest campaign being used in big business. However, she and the auto operator that preceded her mentioned the $59 Government Tax needed for this free trip. That still sounded legit but I told her I had no intension of paying her anything until I investigated them for scams even before she asked me for my credit card. She then put me on the phone with her manager “Vince”. She and Vince were very nice the entire time. He told me to investigate them and then call them back at 800-530-6514 when I was ready to move forward. I hung up with Vince on pleasant terms and then went to google. Like many of you, it did not take long before I began to see the word “SCAM” in almost every link related to GBCL and Grand Bahama Cruise Line. One of them was this link. As soon as I saw your posts about being scammed I knew I made the right decision to check them out. Thanks to you all for sharing your stories and let this be a warning to other nice people like us to be aware of scams.

  • Tese

    My phone call went exactly how Ray (July 8th) described it. I was all for it until I discussed it with my husband, who I was texting the entire time. He kept asking me questions to ask them and they had all the answers. Had they taken a card other than Visa, Mastercard & Discover…I would’ve been in trouble. They were so gung-how that Tiffany stopped talking to me, I ended up speaking to her supervisor Justin who wanted to speak to my husband. With his persistance, he stated that he’ll call back in an hour. LOL. Thanks to my trusty sidekick, Google, I now feel really foolish for being so gullible. My story played out just like Ray’s.

  • Rina

    July 11, 2015. Same story, almost word for word. Girl I spoke to was delightfully sweet. She stayed on line with me as I Googled info. After I read it, aloud to her, she said she completely understood why I didn’t want to take a chance. We said goodbye and that was it. She did tell me that the troubles referred to from 2010 had been addressed and there were no mandatory meetings and no hidden costs. She was delightful but it was still a hard sell. Thank goodness for internet.

  • Jones

    Was called by a 407 number yesterday and talked to a dude named Ramon. I’m from Cali just moved to Miami so did not know they had such things like cruise scams so when he first told me I was chosen for a promotion I was ecstatic!! All I had to do was pay $118 and Bahamas here I come!!! I whipped out my credit card so fast. But then common sense kicked in… how did you find my information I don’t remember putting my name in any drawings. Needless to say I told them I would call them back googled it and found this website. Super sad how they are stealing money from people and I was almost one of them.

  • Pierre

    I requested a refund the next day after I embarrasingly succumbed to the hard sell, and they indeed refunded all of the payment on the VISA.
    When I called their customer care line, I invoked Florida’s 30-day statutory refund period obligation, and promised to pitch in a positive line on their behalf on the internet if they would.
    I hope you can post my comment on this blog, so that I can honor my promise to them. They did refund me when I requested it (within the first 30 days).
    Thank you,

  • Kim

    Just got a call from these folks today. Requesting my credit card info right then to save my cruise. I asked him why in the world would I EVER give my CC information to a person who called my phone and I’ve only spoken to for less than 10 minutes. I asked him flat out why in the world would any sane person do this.

  • Isabella

    FLAT OUT COMPLETE SCAM.. They requested my credit card number . Then my name and i hung up. Then i called again and what this cruise was about and they gave me information. Then i called again a different person answered and asked again what this was all bout and they gave me totally different imformation and went straight for my credit card number again. And after reading all this imformation. I called from 102.9 and we had to be the first 500 hundred callers and after hours we called again …. I said dont you think 500 hundred people already called you. And the people i called did say it would be $59 and after watching this video . It proves my case . DONT BUY INTO IT . Littely.

  • sharida

    I got a call form a local number they told me that after I answered a few questions I could win a free cruise. I knew from the beginning that it was a scam but I wanted to play along because I had never received a call like this before. So I get on the phone with someone named Lytonia – SO5997 from the Holiday Cruise line saying that I had qualified for a *****”FREE”***** cruise. They said that it was $59 I had to pay for two people so it’d actually be $118. I kept playing along just because why not? So at the same time Im looking this place up online and the first thing I see is that it’s a scam. At this point I start recording the conversation on my computer. Every website said that the person asked to speak with a supervisor so I did. I get on with someone who claimed to be the promotional supervisor. After making him mad by calling out the whole scam, he asked me why I stayed on the line if I wasn’t interested in the promotion and I told him it was because I wanted to expose them. He then got angry with me and did not want to give me any direct answers (which I called him out on also). He also informed me that It was illegal to record people with out letting them know so I informed him that it was illegal to scam people, this of course he didn’t like. I would advise people to play along just to make them mad or maybe give them a fake cc number just to see how they’ll react. He gave me the address, after I asked about 10 times, of 2121 W Oakland Blv ft. Lauderdale. Which turned out to be a spine rehab center. I also told him that every review online about them were bad, he replied with “well you can’t believe everything you read online” and I told him “well you can’t believe free cruise line promotions either” he really didn’t like that so he told me to have a nice day and hung up.

  • Barbara

    Got scammed! Same story as the others. Why is the state of Florida letting these crimes continue? So many people, families are getting hurt.

  • Brad Forte

    I have previously worked for this company when they were Royal Bahama Cruise Line. They are situated in a boiler room in Sanford FL. They promise you a 2 day 2 night cruise for just the port tax of 59/person. When you roll over and give them your credit card information guess what??? You’ve been magically selected to win a 3 day stay on the island, a stay before your trip in Ft. Lauderdale, and a stay after in Orlando, also with a rental car for your stay while in Florida. What they aren’t telling you is you’re gonna have to sit through a time-share pitch each step of the way. What a rip off!!! I left after the first week of working there when I saw that even though these people were lying through there teeth to get business for the company they weren’t getting their spiffs(payouts). Who is the making the money, you might ask? Just the guy with neck tattoos who owns it!

  • griffin underwood

    hi I just got a call that I and one other person one a free cruise to the Bahamas and it was from TheBlaze101 and I kept having these questions in my head should I trust them yes or no and the name is holiday cruise line

  • griffin underwood

    hi I just got a call that I and one other person one a free cruise to the Bahamas and it was from TheBlaze101 and I kept having these questions in my head should I trust them yes or no and the name is holiday cruise line

  • Heather

    I use to work there I only lasted only two days and quit.When I worked there the managers (including the main boss) monitor our calls constanly making sure we are reading the script. If you say something wrong you get yelled at or sent home.

    You better not do business either too with this company because you will have to do a long 7 hour time share presentation before you can take the cruise,the managers always tell us to lie to people that the company doesnt do timeshare

    Go on a real vacation cruise like royal caribbean, carnival, norweign.

  • Conlinna Nelson

    Pretty much the same thing just happened to me like fifteen minutes ago. Hung up the phone with Alonzo ( GE304 ) from Grand Celebration. Asked for the $59 per person for a fee and then when I asked to research before I decided he said it was a ” live ” deal. Even sent me something through email ( which I will block as spam ). I don’t see how these people are still in business with all these complaints!

  • KT

    Just hung up on RON (GE1935 REP) as he was talking I googled and found this page. I disconnected the called. He/they called back 3xs from three different numbers. I hope no one falls for this scam.

  • Ramesh

    I had the same experience 20 min back. I got a call when I was driving to my office. I took the unknown number as it was local number, and I thought it was from one of my clients. They go through the same script it seems as from the earlier complaints. I was shocked in the middle of the conversation that I had to pay “now”.
    That was time luckily I came to my senses. Initially I tried to politely turn down the “Free offer”, but they are very pesky, they called back and were almost pressurizing, that is when I gave my famous tongue lash, and I did not get their call again.
    I guess the golden rule to remember is “Nothing is free” in this world

  • Colin Teeter

    This was so funny. I’m a bullshit expert so when they called me i took the survey for fun. Then i hung up, so naturally they were like wait no! and i got a call from a friendly black lady. Boy she had some attitude. I asked her the website, she gave me to official site.She simply reads off of the website and doesnt know much. Before talking she says ” hmm, ummm uhhh,” because shes thinking what to say. She asks me my name, im like why you need my name? Shes like well im gonna give it to some one else then. After 5 minutes i was like, ‘weve been talking for 5 minutes and you still havent started your speal’ after i asked how long it would take. I said hmm let me think, my name is mark, yeah call me mark. She got pissed off and was like “im gonna give it to someone else”. THIS COMPANY HAS D+ OR F RATING UNDER BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, THOUSANDS OF COMPLAINTS, its a thousands of dollars cruise trip that you will never get after you pay. I asked how they can call random people to win cruises, because i didnt give them my number from taking a survey or entering sweepsstake. She lied about her being separate from the company.

  • jjt

    I got this scam aartist when i was calling an insurance company. They somehow cut into my call while on hold & transferred the call to Holiday Cruises asking me to take a quz. Told me we only had to pay 118.00 for port taxes. I am under the belief that you never get something for nothing so while I let him ramble i googled cruise scams & this site came up. When I told him about this site he politely said have a good day & hung up. We called the insurance company & made them aware of this scammer using their site.

  • Amills
  • Debi & Lawrence Clark

    We received the other day a letter in the mail with these cruise tickets to the Bahamas and a check voucher for $1,400.00 .I laughed my ass off to think that whoever sent this thought that we were flippin idiots.Well folks,we are not.If you never enter anything ever than how could you possibly get such a d deal like this one.I went to the website and found you.I would like to know in this day of age how does these scum bags do not get caught and sent to a federal prison where they belong.I feel for those whom may have fell a victim to these scam frauds!! My parents did not raise a fool.I will report this to everyone who will listen.I hope the government steps in.Colorado family disgusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen P.

    Like Raquel and JJT, I was calling a dental lab and someone ended being hijacked announcing I was the 15th caller for The Blaze 101 FM and won a 2 night cruise from Florida to the Bahamas. All automated. All free except for $59 per person for port fees/taxes. I put in my cell # for confirmation and knew it was too good to be true. Either a scam or a timeshare exploit. I began googling and found this page. They’ve already sent me 3 texts from a Calif #(323)378-3394 and I told them to remove me. Thanks for all the feedback from everyone as it confirmed my gut feeling…and not $118 poorer.

  • Charles F

    Do I get points for keeping Victor on the phone for 25 minutes, that is Victor with a C and not a K. The SO in his id is like Sam Oscar, not octopus, and even though I was confused, his name was not Sam, it was Victor with a C. And I learned he has actually visited the state where I live. He was with a girl friend visiting her family. He told me a funny story about seeing cotton growing and thinking it was snow. I was able to actually get the person online who would take my information and record the phone call, a copy of which they would send me. She has not been to my state and does not fly. She will however go out in the middle of the ocean on a boat since it has life boats. After a discussion about was this a solicited or unsolicited call and me not sharing personal information to unsolicited callers she shared the sad news that they would have to pass this offer to someone else. Darn. Too bad for them they called me when I had a half hour to burn. Hope I kept Vic off the phone with someone who might actually sign up.

  • Ken B.

    These are busy little buggers. Got my call and strung them out for a good 1/2 hour. I realized early that it was probably a scam but was fascinated with the process. Just sorry that I was not able to ask questions about their sinking boat, not notifying passengers, claiming trips on a ship that had not sailed, and most importantly why they had a no cancellation policy in a state that requires a 30 “free look”. Real question is how do people like that get put in jail. Anyway, time to go home. A celebratory martini is calling my name.

  • Shelly

    Unbelievable however true …. My canadian bank CIBC MASTERCARD 1800 number listed on the credit card when I dialed it led right into the “free holiday cruise” people trying to scam me and get my credit card info etcsure! This is what happened when I dialed the 1 800 number listed on my cibc MasterCard indicated to call tomactivate my credit card that was replaced due to my credit card being “compromised at Walmart” during a mass computer system compromise” last nov and after me finding a jet blue airline ticket purchased then refunded back to my account the other day ( not me). MY QUESTION IS … IF MY BANK FEEDS US INTO A SCAM BY HAVING THE CIBC BANKS OWN CREDIT CARD ACTIVATION. PHONE NUMBER ON THE CARD ITSELF A DIIRECT NUMBER ROMHILODAY CRUISE SCAM HOW CAN WE SAY RHAT OUR OWN CREDIT CARD COMPANIES ARE NOTBINVOLVED WITH THESE SCAMMERS????? CLEARLYNTHE CREDINCARD COMPIES ARE LIKING HAVING THE CHARGES ON OUR CREDIT CARDS! SOMTHE BANKS MAY SAY THEY ARE AGAINST CREDIT CARD SCAMS AND OUR COMMITED TO ANTI-FRAUD HOWEVER THIS IS A CLEAR AND TRUTHFUL STORY OF HOW MY OWN BANK DIRECTED RIGHT INTO GHE HANDS OF A SCAM! I did not activate this card needless to say! I told Holliday cruise line whatever they are that inwas going to look into how me dealing my cibc bank 1800 number med me to them! The guy said because inwas lucky enough to be a winner etc … I hung up and and at this pointbhave a cibc MasterCard sitting at home not activated and I plan to call my cibc bank today ( hopefully without getting directed to another scam) and question how cibc MasterCard is affiliated with scams and how come thier 1800 number is direct link to holiday cruise scam!?

  • Belinda Baker

    Last year I received a phone call and the woman on the other end
    said I had won a free cruise, and I said really? How is that possible
    I never entered any contest, raffle, or otherwise. She then wanted me
    to vetify something by giving her my credit/debit card number.
    I told her “no” and said to forward my so-called free cruise to
    someone else because I think it a scam, and I hung up.

  • Melissa

    I just had the mail version. They send a pretty convincing fake cruise boarding pass to you and you have to call them. I couldn’t decide if “Cgarla” was real or a robot; if I answered anything but “yes” she seemed to get confused. I knew it was s scam, but every time I asked what other fees or conditions are attached it just started the spiel over. At the point where they wanted a credit card, I told them I get paid tomorrow and would call back. I was immediately transferred to a male “supervisor” who probably acts as a hit manfor the mob. He actually made fun of me for not having a spare $118 at that minute and kept saying “but you called us. Why would you call us if you didn’t want to go?” I kept trying to explain why I called and he got more and more angry. Eventually I just hung up. Sad thing is, if have sat through a time share presentation for a free cruise but I suspect they would have just taken the money and run.

  • Jeffrey staszak

    Wow so I called which I thought was my buddies number and it just went to a answer machine thing saying I won a 3 day 2 night cruise on holiday cruise line it said to give them my number so I did. It was through theblaze101.com. I guess they have a giveaway. Its exactly how you guys say I have to pay 59. Each person that’s all. So I guess itits not worth persuing thank you so much guys. Here I am thinking I actually have won something to. Lol

  • Mark Bonatucci

    These guys now saying they are with “Holiday Cruise Lines” now call me on my work cell phone number at least once daily – I’ve not lost a nickel to them but if you have any advise as to how I can get my number off their list wither by “normal actions” like Do not call list or even unconventional means such as buying a lifeguard’s whistle and shrilly blowing it into their ears when they finally do get me a human to try and get off the line I’d appreciate and welcome any of them – especially if they are proven effective.

  • Ashli Blake

    I received a Bahamas Cruise voucher in the mail today and like always, I turned and asked my dad for advice. He told me to rip it up, burn it, do whatever I wanted but not leave it in one piece. I haven’t decided whether I’m going to burn it, shred it or let my dogs eat it, but I’ve got a one year old daughter to take care of; there’s no way I’m going to fall for this.

  • Vicki

    My husband dialed the wrong number and was the 15th caller on a radio station… ive already paid the 118 for taxes and we are trying to get passports. Its Go holiday cruise line. Ships out of Florida… is this a scam??? Help me please

  • Jenifer

    Guess who called the next day? I had entered the number in my cell phone’s phonebook so I immediately saw it was from Holiday Cruise Line. Automated Jennifer doesn’t respond well to questions, she just hung up on me.
    While I was reading the above comments, they called again. Why keep calling when I obviously am not going to bite?
    This hijacking of calls is very troubling. Anyone figured out how they do that? Surely it must be illegal. Can’t these calls be traced?

  • April

    I also dialed the wrong number and won the cruise on the radio. I have not paid the $118 yet. Interested to hear feedback! thanks

    Vicki-just curious, which station was it??

  • Zuri Allan

    I received an automated call yesterday promising a free cruise for answering a survey about pain relief products. After completing the survey, I was called today (as the survey promised I would) by someone named Debbie, corporate ID #1003, who explained at great length how I could book a free cruise sometime within the next 18 months on 30-60 days notice for 2 persons for 2 days/2 nights to Freeport aboard the Grand Celebration of the Grand Bahamas Cruise Line. Although the cruise was free, port taxes of $59 per person would be owed, which sounded reasonable. When I asked how would I book the cruise at the appropriate time, she asked for my credit card #. I said I wasn’t prepared to pay anything today, and wouldn’t be prepared to pay anything until I knew I could book the cruise, including air fare at a reasonable price. She started trying to pressure me to pay now, saying how I could transfer the cruise to someone else if I couldn’t use it, whereupon I said thanks, but no thanks.

  • Pam Bondi

    I received a call today promising a free cruise for answering a survey. After completing the survey, I was called today also someone named Debbie, corporate ID #1003, for a free cruise to Freeport aboard the Grand Celebration of the Grand Bahamas Cruise Line. Although the cruise was free, port taxes of $59 per person would be owed, she asked for my credit card #. I gave her my card number and expiration date and she said she charged it for $2,500. I asked her why she did that, and she said because it was a scam and there is no cruise and how stupid I was, then she made some remarks so I hung up the phone out of disgust.

  • J.
  • M.

    I was contacting the USPS and for some reason I must have dialed one wrong number. So this message pops up saying I have been selected to take a survey to win a free cruise for 2 to the Bahamas. So me thinking this is weird but at the same time thinking it must be legit since I was calling USPS (you never know what might pop up calling 1800 numbers).
    So after taking the survey, I won! (of course). So I was happy but a bit hesitant thinking (is this even real). So I go along with it, they gave me the whole sales pitch as they did to everyone else, paying only $118 for the whole thing. I kept telling them I am only getting it for my mother (they have no remorse). So at the confirmation side all of a sudden I’m speaking to a british lady confirming the purchaase where she mentions I pay $218, I said no, that’s not what I agreed on. (well at that point I should have known, stupid me)
    So basically I fell into the trap and now I have to fix it somehow.

  • Bob

    Same here. Funny thing was the local California 408 area code, where I got my cell phone. I have lived in NYC for 5 years tho, so nobody calls from 408 anymore. Same things as above, cruise, live offer, $118 for 2 that could be used within 18 months, etc. i even gave the sweet girl some sales tips before realizing it was a scam. Oops. Sorry about that.

  • Melissa Destin

    I had the same experience as most of you here. I paid around $112 for 2 nights for 1 cabin back in 2012. I never used the trip and didn’t even want to bother with trying to having it refunded since its been over year since I booked it. But 18 months later, I got a call from one of their representatives claiming that I had to pay a fee for not using the trip since it was a TIME SHARE event on the cruise which I never agreed to. He kept insisting that I knew about it and that’s why the tickets were so cheap. I absolutely had NO IDEA and if I did I certainly would not have booked it. My only concern now is the legal right they have over this? Can they hold me responsible for the $1000+ fee they want for not using the cruise? They cant charge the credit card since I closed it long ago, so does anyone know if they can do anything to harm me in any way?

  • JAN S


  • Patricia

    That is funny because I was at work today. Told by the receptionist at work to call this number. So I did, it says it was a radio station fuse 98, and I won 2 tickets for 2 days to the Bahamas. So excited because I call them. Glad I looked this up. I do not have money for anyone to take. They asked me for my cell phone number. If it’s to good to be true it probably is. So sad!

  • Janet

    Got the call from a Nevada #702 224-2361, told to take a quick survey. Won the free Grand celebration Cruise (Surprise right). The $118 was the first subject after the awesome and unbelievable nonsense of what I should be expecting on board. I had a great time talking with the seller until I said I only had Checks, it got bad from there folks so much so that she wanted me to give her my husbands phone number. I can only say that this person should really get back on the look out for a new job because a scammer’s job is not long term. Good luck to you all if you actually believe this Free Cruise stuff!!!

  • michelle

    Received a call asking me to take a political survey, in exchange for a free cruise. Was told I would be hearing from a representative of the cruise line in the next 24/48 hours – missed a call and called it back.. got this info Grand Bahama Cruise Line 800 530-6513
    The grand celebration Palm beach FLA – grand bahama
    Vicki -Corp ID # GE1059 went through the whole process, then was told I would need to pay 59.00 X2 for port fees upfront. I had my computer in front of me and googled the company, I hung up on them,and p blocked the number – received a call immediately from 954 482-4395 which I blocked. Whew!

  • Daniel k

    It ride calling Verizon and they said I had won a free cruise. Now when I call it says I can’t calll this number from my calling area! Holiday cruise lines is a scam. Thx to my wife who researched from her work while I was on the phone with them. Saved me thousands.

  • Jewel

    I, too was scammed.
    the $59 turned to over 7 posts on my credit card. Probably over $5000. I did not know about them until I was notified by my credit card carrier. When I explained that I knew nothing about the charges, my card was immediately cancelled and a new one issued. BEWARE

  • Chuck

    received two calls in the last couple of days from (407) 796-9715 Oviedo FL. Same scam – I listened until Sales Rep *Jay Bass* asked me which credit card I would like to use to pay for the port fees – I hung up.

  • Rick

    Okay, I just won a free trip to the Bahamas for two from Fuse FM 98 and I went to claim the prize and they are charging me $119.78 for departure taxes. Is this a scam?

  • Heather

    So, after finding this site, I feel REALLY STUPID. I, too, had a call intercepted when I was trying to call Sear’s Warranty department last December. I thought it was affiliated with Sears and I took the bait. I ended up giving them my money. Same deal/price as everyone else… Last week, I booked my plane ticket for my family to take the trip!! I also paid for the “upgraded” Hotel in Orlando. I guess I figured that “nothing in life is free” and I didn’t really ever expect this cruise to be “free”. Somewhere along the way, I heard something about a “time share presentation”. I resigned myself that my husband and I would have to listen to their presentation in order to get a discounted cruise package. Now, I’m really having serous anxiety about this whole thing.
    Has anyone *actually* experience the cruise????

  • Zach

    So my wife and I decided to do this for 118 bucks, okay no problem. I have read every single comment before mine so far, I am concerned but ultimately I will find out for myself. I did not take the extra “deal” they offered because it’s crap. So I will keep you updated on how the cruise goes, what goes on, exactly how much everything is and all. 3 days two nights to the Bahamas, call salesmen are always shady, but I will find out what all the fuss is about and the truth behind it as I document everything.

  • Danah

    I don’t think we are all dialing a wrong number and getting this scam. I too was dialing a local physician’s office when I magically became “caller 15” on Fuse 98 radio. Same “free trip to the Bahamas”, same charges for fees when claiming prize. Checking my dialed calls directory on my phone showed I did not dial incorrectly, and I was calling from a government phone. Believe me, we will be filing a complaint first thing Monday morning, and doing a complete investigation into this company and them hacking phone lines….

  • Curtis

    My wife accidentally dialed a wrong number. The line was picked up and she was told she was the 15th caller and had won a cruise. The radio station had partnered with Holiday Cruise Line. In order to claim the cruise you had to pay $59 for taxes/fees up front. The radio station url is fuseradio98.com From reading this page, it appears you can also enjoy this same scam (and the websites look identical) at theblaze101.com and powerkiss101.com

  • Tina Cline

    I too received a call from Holiday Cruise Line (980-247-0370)offering me a free cruise on the Grand Celebration to Grand Bahama Island plus $50 onboard credit (woowho!) all for the just paying the tax and fees of $59 per person. I’m a natural skeptic but I continued on in curiosity knowing I had no intention of giving this person any real identifying information or credit/debit card. So the person who called initially transferred me to the “sales agent” who proceeded to chum it up with me, going on about the beautiful weather in Florida. She didn’t realize I had googled the number and saw she was calling me from Denver, NC. I also Googled the cruise line and ship (while we were still talking). I knew it was a scam when I saw how very little information was on the website, there was no email address or contact form to request info by email, no pictures of the ship, no details at all, punctuation and spelling errors all through the website, etc. But, I wanted to see how far this chick would go. It was a fun diversion, but sadly, when it was all said and done she told me, “I will just have to forfeit your award and move on to the next person.” To which I replied, “I’m good with that.”

  • U Field

    Any one here about KLFA98hits.com ? I supposingly won a free Bahama cruise. Help! is this legit?

  • Lee Mason

    What you should do is keep them on the line for a good half hour of questions and being excited every time they mention all the free stuff you are going to receive, also good to ask how much more for another person, then, two, then three then 8 because it would be a good vacation for the family, then what if I want to include aunts and uncles and cousins, how much would that be for 2, then 4, then 6, then 12? This really boosts their confidence that they have a real sucker on the line. After a half hour ask the representative if they are on commission, when they answer yes, say well then over the past half hour you’ve worked for nothing. So long sucker. And hang up, hahahahahaha it’s called no you can’t scam me but I just successfully scammed you. Bye Bye Sucker.

  • Kiana


    2 Night Cruise for two aboard the Grand Celebration to Grand Bahama Island, with all your meals, entertainment and activities included onboard.
    $50.00 in Casino Match Play valid aboard ship in the Par-A-Dice Casino.

    3 Days & 2 Nights resort accommodations in sun-kissed Fort Lauderdale, FL. with complimentary buffet dining for 2 adults. (3 meals per day per person).
    3 Days & 2 Nights resort accommodations in magical Orlando, FL. with complimentary buffet dining for 2 adults. (3 meals per day per person).

    7 Days transportation by Alamo or Budget Rent-A-Car while in Florida with unlimited mileage during your vacation.
    $100 gas reimbursement.”

    Too good to be true? IT IS!
    – First, I’v waited a total of 3 hrs on hold to talk to customer service.
    – They claim that the ship is the finest in the port of palm beach, but think your worst Carnival Cruise liner. Cheap Cheap Cheap. In fact its actually a refurbished freighter.

    All this roughy calculates to a added of costs at least $301 assuming you drink water the entire time and don’t buy any products or services on board.

    I hope this help anyone considering this cruise and or its promotions, pretty much anything under the “Grand Celebration” ship, “Grand Bahamas Cruises” or “Holiday Cruise Line”. Its all horrible.

    This “Free Cruise” ended up costing me $528, if I went through its all I would have paid at least $829, not including flights. For that price I could have booked a 7-day cruise on a decent cruise line.

    Please please do not make the same mistake.

  • Kiana


    2 Night Cruise for two aboard the Grand Celebration to Grand Bahama Island, with all your meals, entertainment and activities included onboard.
    $50.00 in Casino Match Play valid aboard ship in the Par-A-Dice Casino.

    3 Days & 2 Nights resort accommodations in sun-kissed Fort Lauderdale, FL. with complimentary buffet dining for 2 adults. (3 meals per day per person).
    3 Days & 2 Nights resort accommodations in magical Orlando, FL. with complimentary buffet dining for 2 adults. (3 meals per day per person).

    7 Days transportation by Alamo or Budget Rent-A-Car while in Florida with unlimited mileage during your vacation.
    $100 gas reimbursement.”

    Too good to be true? IT IS!
    – First, I’v waited a total of 3 hrs on hold to talk to customer service.
    – They claim that the ship is the finest in the port of palm beach, but think your worst Carnival Cruise liner. Cheap Cheap Cheap. In fact its actually a refurbished freighter.

    All this roughy calculates to a added of costs at least $301 assuming you drink water the entire time and don’t buy any products or services on board.

    I hope this help anyone considering this cruise and or its promotions, pretty much anything under the “Grand Celebration” ship, “Grand Bahamas Cruises” or “Holiday Cruise Line”. Its all horrible.

    This “Free Cruise” ended up costing me $528, if I went through its all I would have paid at least $829, not including flights. For that price I could have booked a 7-day cruise on a decent cruise line.

    Please please do not make the same mistake.

  • Devin
  • cheree

    Be careful they are very unprofessional. I received boarding passes for free 2 day 3 night cruise in mail. I called and they tried very hard to give me an add on vacation to my cruise, which had no effect on my free cruise whether I bought it or not. Here is what I was offered….
    100 to be used for gas or entertainment
    3 days two night at their resort ft Lauderdale and all meals
    3 days two nights at Orlando resort and all meals included
    Vip access at resorts and ship
    No blackout dates for anything
    All inclusive on ship including alcohol
    Ocean view cabin upgrade
    1500 dollar coupon book for universal studios
    3 day 2 night Vegas trip including meals
    3 day 2 night Mexico trip including meals
    Airfare discount for two above trips
    Sounds amazing huh? Well I went ahead and paid the 118 dollar port fees and gave them a deposit for the trip and then Ashley (supervisor. Important to remember that) transferred me to to the confirmation person. Before that happened I read back our list of what I was getting and she assured me we were on the same page. As soon as the lady started confirmation my list changed. I stopped her when she said I was responsible for alcohol on the ship. I assured her I was offered it as a perk. She called “ashley” and Ashley said yes we offered her that it’s all inclusive and the confirmation lady said no we can’t do that and this is where it got ugly. She proceeded to tell me I misunderstood and would not let me talk. She screamed at me and said she was cancelling my trip. I responded with why I just had a question and wanted her to listen to the conversation we just had. It then got more ugly and she hung up on me. I called back for a supervisor number and she would not give one or a corporate number. I did however have a customer service number. I’m hoping the nice lady at customer service was being truthful when she told me Ashley is being wrote up several times because the confirmation lady also turned her in for the way I was treated. Not sure if all is a scam but I will never again respond to anything else that I receive in the mail. Very unprofessional. I will let you know if my money was refunded since I put a stop payment on it before it cleared.

  • Barnabas

    I got a bunch of numbers for these dorks. When I’m board, I call them up and join the calls, having them talk to each other. It’s fun hearing them fumble around trying to sell their coworkers the same crap to each other…or hearing the reactions of when they hear robo Jennifer start talking to them.

  • Navimae

    I just received a call from them asking to answer 3 questions and then I win my trip to the Bahamas. I though why not… I got a call back from “678-496-7537” where a nice man read through his spiel. Told me I had to pay the $118 in taxes today. I told him I wanted to consult my husband first and call back if we decide to take the cruise. The poor guy tried soooo hard to get me to pay today.

    I pulled up some sites on how this was a scam while on the phone with him, I told him to hang on because I was busy reading up on this scam of his. hahahah! His response was. “What do you think you are going to pay the fees and get to Palm beach only to see that there is no cruise ship?”

    I even read him some of the other comments on here. I got to hand it to him he tried, and I tried even harder to mess with him.

    Some scam calls are annoying but the ones where I get to mess with the caller are worth my time!

    PS. dont buy into this scam. 🙂

  • Paula Summitt

    I recieved an odd text at 5:37 am> it was simply my first name, a hyphen, then my adress plus a couple extra letter like it was a website. When i tapped it a map trcking my phones location popped up. More than alittle concerned I hit details on the text and came up with the phone number 346-980-1101> when I called I recieved a recording Congratulating me that I was caller 15 on 98fm web radios free Bahamas cruise drawing and it gave me a number to call. Confused I called the number and asked the pleasant sounding young woman how I could have won a contest when I was trying only to track down where an anonymous text message had come from> She said she didnt know that the station had recieved several odd calls like that today, but hey I had won a free cruise did I want the information? Of course> she gave me a brief overview of what i had won, then Gave me the radio stations website so I could claim my tickets and told me for legal purposes I had to listen to a brief description of the package and transeferd me to a recording made by an older soundin gentleman basically repeating what she had said. I went to the radio stations website and followed her insturctions and was told i had 18 months to make the reservations in but had to claim the tickets withen 35 days or they would be considered unclaimed and be given to someone else. All expenses included on board BUT each traveller was responsible for the port fees and taxes of $59. i declined to fill out the paperwork yet as the Port Fees and applicable taxes were due at the time of registration. I decided to look up the cruise line- Holiday Cruise Lines and be sure they even had that cruise availible. Goggled it – full, several page long site on the cruise itself. Investigated the terms and conditions and got the same story about the port fees and taxes. Excited but still not trusting my luck I bookmarked that page too and scrolled back to the google page I pulled up the cruise line on, read a couple further and found this page. Same cruise line name- Holiday Cruise Line_ same cruise name _ Grand Celebration_same port fees and taxes$59. Went back to the websites and found a legal disclaimer stating all information provided was done on good faith and the user relied on the information at their own risk on both sites.They now got multiple phone numbers and websites to offer legitamcy to their scam now people WATCH OUT! For once I am glad I didnt trust to luck, how is this not throughly illegal/

  • Rita Anne Smith

    I just got off the phone with a rep from this company…the sounds in the background reminded me of Boiler Room. They wanted $198 from me for a 4 day stay in Orlando before I went on a cruise of the Bahamas…I am so glad that I googled them while on the phone.

  • michael

    I fell for it. I paid the 118. They send you a confirmation email and all. Below is a copy of what they sent.

    “Congratulations on your smart decision to travel with Grand Bahama Cruise Line.

    Time is one of life’s most precious gifts, so we’ve designed a fantastic holiday experience that allows you to enjoy more exciting vacation destinations than the majority of people can visit in a year! We appreciate your trust and look forward to providing you with wonderful vacation memories that will last a lifetime.

    Your reservation number and last 5 digits of your card number are all you need to access your Reservation at Michael.HasAVacation.com. When you log on to view your vacation be sure to check for any additional special offers designed to make your vacation even more enjoyable! Please allow 48 hours for your reservation information to be available.


    Grand Bahama Cruise Line

    Don’t fall for this.

  • Lizzie


  • Renee

    I too fell for this scam. Grand Bahama Island, Grand Celebration ship, $59 cover fee- the whole 9 yards. They even gave me an order number. The bill even comes through as Grand Bahama Cruise. I am of a young age and the guy insisted that the company would not take advantage of someone my age. After hittng me hard with countless “promotions” I finally gave in to the one. I thought it was a legit thing because they used numbers from around my area and then it transferred to Florida. I told them to prove to me it wasn’t a scam and after an hours worth of conversation with a man named “Troy” I gave in to a 268 dollar package. They caught me at a vulnerable moment and won. Poor people have absolutely no heart. If anyone knows anyway of stopping them or how I can get my money back, please let me know!

  • Lisa
  • august

    im so glad I clicked on this website because I just got a free cruise voucher from Hoilday cruise line and I wanted to make sure it was legit.Now I know,i was super excited to see this because this would be a nice trip for me and my fiancé but I guess not now,bummer,these people shouldn’t scheme people like that

  • Stidhams

    we also were scammed but i didn’t pay anything. I googled everything them and they only had my phone number. Same “ship” Cruise Line to the Bahamas 2 nights. 59$ port fee per person.
    The only thing is I called them!! I was at work calling my Clients back for appointments and apparently I dialed one of their hotlines. Rob Rawlin was the man i called back at 323-458-5400 and i asked if my husband and i could go see them at the station. He said we had to make an apt.Such sketchy people.Thanks goodness I didnt pay or give my c.c info! Sad , and right around Christmas Too. Be careful

  • Evelyn

    I matched a scratch off from a car dealership news paper promotion. I went to the dealership to see what I won. It was matched for a free cruise for two through “Holiday Cruise line”. I was given a registration form, which included a certificate no.. The instructions stated that I had to register on line to confirm the room in 30 days. I did.

    When I looked on line I saw very little information, no details. I wanted a phone number to call to ask questions. None was offered on line. I had to search and finally found a number. I called. The Lady confirmed the certification no. She said what the cruise package included. I can tell she was reading this. She mentioned that I could up-grade the package.
    I told that the “free” offer was fine. She started to tell me what the up-grade included hotel, car rental.. I already said that I was not interested.

    She started insisting that I think about it. She then mentioned $118.00 wanting my credit card no. saying that it needed to be paid to day to hold the room for 18 months. She said I can call back to give the date I want to take the trip later on.I told her that I called to ask questions, get information. The lady mentioned that this has to be done now or someone else can take my place. I thinking, how could this be when I won the trip from a car dealership news paper scratch off advertisement. The lady said that if I can’t pay the money, see if I can borrow it. I said no, I’ll take the chance to call back. She said that this offer may not be available. She sounded upset. I said ok.
    I knew something was wrong when the lady started insisting on me getting the package up grade and me not willing to give my credit card information. Then I saw all the complaints from the people that was contacted and scammed out of their money ON THIS WEBSITE.”MY GOSH”
    My prayer is that NO BODY GETS SCAMMED from this point. They realize the CROOKS JUST WANT OUR MONEY.

  • Laurel

    My mother called HSN and somehow the call was intercepted by these people. She was asked three questions then told she was being put into a pool to win the cruise. Moments later the man returned telling her she won. Then the man asked who would she be taking with her, asking if she would be able to take the trip in the next 18 months, and if she used a major credit card. These scams seem legit, but are so fake. If I hadn’t found this page we might have believed it.

  • Reggie

    Much of the same, lots of promises and just wait if you act now you will be A VIP and get a bunch more free things.

    Just a scam. Let the ramble on whike I continued to do other things responding afirnatively to there speal. After about a half hour and being transferred several times. I decided I had enough fun and hung up. Thanks for all of your postings.

  • rose

    I just got called from Grand Bahamas Cruise line and got the whole free cruise and free vacation package in Orlando. They used a Wichita, KS number 316-448-5016. I talked with the regular rep and the supervisor and they kept trying to pressure me. i told them I was looking them up online and they gave me their website. they started asking about my kids and how old they were and telling me their stories when they were kids. All being nice and trying to get me to trust them. I told them I couldn’t look on the web and search the internet at the same time so I needed to call them back. Of course they said that wasn’t possible because I would lose my free spot. I saw this website and hung up. I’m glad I didn’t give them my credit card. Why isn’t this owner in jail?

  • Char

    If you are one who fell for this terrible scam like I did… request a refund BEFORE 30 DAYS AFTER PURCHASE!! and state that under the Florida Statute, they have to give a full refund no questions asked, they must…..OMG thank god I Stated this when I called… the lady did everything under the sun to talk me down and offer me more…..25 min later after saying NO I WANT A FULL REFUND to her…..finally she gave me a cancellation number and said goodbye. When I called though, you could sense the hesitation yet anxiety in her voice when she asked ” and what helped you make the decision to cancel??” and why?? and OMG unbelievable !! She knew I caught this and she was so nervous and mean….like really mean and stern about it….all and all Im so sorry to read of these horror stories that are happening to so many of us, and hoping if ANYONE has gotten scammed into this in the last thirty days…..research florida policies and statute and request a refund now!!!!! Unbelievable!!! Make sure you cite the Florida statute!!!!!!! They will try to talk you down but be firm!!!!!

  • maddiuch

    Yikes.. we just put a deposit down! Has anyone actually gone on this cruise? Has anyone tried to get a deposit returned and if so, how did THAT go? Feeling really duped.

  • Meaghan

    I just sat on the phone with these people are were used to the whole “upselling” nonsense which I said no to all.. But I did give in to the $118 which seemed pretty awesome!! I’ve been on the celebration cruise in the past (5 years ago) and believe that we did get some sort of discount.. But after seeing my link to book my cruise (being my name.vacation.com) or some nonsense like that, I decided to google and came across this. My stomach started to get into knots bc I couldn’t believe I could be so stupid… So I immediately called my credit card company who told me to first call the company and if they refused, she would dispute it for me. So I called the phone number they gave me (1 (800) 286-9976) and told them I just recently paid for my cruise and wanted to cancel it. He said could he ask why and was very polite. He said was it buyers remorse or something else? I told him I did some research and just didn’t feel comfortable. He said “did you see bad reviews? We sail out blah blah many people and of course their will always be people who don’t like it” but then he said he understands and would put me on hold. He looked up my account n came back on the phone within minutes to tell me the charge was reversed and they put note on my account that it is inactive. And I should see in my account 5-7 days. Hoping he’s being truthful. Kinda makes me feel like maybe it was legit but not worth paying an ass amount on that ship if it’s not legit. I cruised Carnival last year and it was amazing and worth every penny!! And to think they were bashing royal carribean when they were selling to me. Just glad they didn’t give me shit but maybe bc they know they’re not honest.

  • robin miller

    i just spoke with the guy at radio station wfjr97.com about free Holiday cruise. I googled and read up, and did not give them money. thanks for posting this on your site and the ch6 six video. I just emailed ch6 asking if they want fresh info if they do another story. thanks

  • B M

    The same thing just happened to me. Called my mother phone got interrupted from wfjr97. Saying I was lucky 15 and Erin this trip. Of course I was confused said uh ok, While I was already looking it up and saw this site. Plus I looked up the station. Well they play online music, and charge $120 for port fees. Even the term and conditions seem legit, except they will contact you with other promotions.

  • Nicole DuShane

    Was calling a phone number for a hotel guest and the call went to the WFJR97 radio station who claimed I was caller #9 and won a free 2-day cruise. The website for my registration on the radio station’s website was – https://m1wfjr97.onlinewillcall.com/reg1.aspx

    I was told by the radio station I would have to pay $118 up front in order to receive my tickets. Here are the Terms and Conditions:

    The radio show representative (Rob Rollins) explained it was something I had to pay in order for the cruise lines to send my tickets and I have 24-hours to do so or my free cruise would go back into rotation for another winner.

  • I called a number out of my contacts 970-594-3013 yesterday I do not know how this number was in my contact as a second fax number for the business I was Calling. It is a Colorado number, Radio station claimed to be out of Los Angeles California, but the Radio call number is for the east coast, not Los Angeles California. which should be begin with a “W”, East coast starts with a “K” call number. and it rang into bells and whistles stating the guy made it sound as if I was on a radio station live. that I was caller 17, and I won a 2 night cruise to the Bahamas, but there was taxes I had to make on claiming cruise for 59.00 per person. He asked for my name and phone number which I stupidly gave him. he said look up WFJR97.com website and claim my tickets. I later looked up the Web site, It looks real, but after doing further searches on the phone# and the address on Google it pops up everywhere SCAM…. I did not give hjim my Credit Card information, but if he can intercept my phone numbers through my contacts, what else has he stolen of my identity.

    Google Searches:

  • Vernard

    I was VERY nervous when they called and said “I won a free trip” and all I needed to pay was “Port Fees”. I paid it, gave them my credit card number and all. For weeks and weeks leading up to the cruise I searched and kept reading reviews about this being a “Scam” which made me more nervous. The date had came and I flew to Flordia (West Palm) and did exactly what they told us to do and everything was LEGIT! We got a free room for 2 days, free breakfast, free lunch and free dinner along with the cruise. The only issue I had was the Ramada Inn was HORRIBLE, besides that the “Free Cruise” was not a scam. Actually enjoyed myself.

  • Linda Miller

    Just got off the phone with a rep offering the free cruise to the Bahamas. Told him I have never heard of Holiday Cruise Line. He gave me the web site address, but then said to type it in directly, not to google it. Gee, I wonder why. So I told him no, that I don’t do short cruises and the Bahamas is not on my bucket list. And hung up.

  • Beverly

    After shopping at my local drug store, I called their 800 number to take a short review about my shopping experience. A male voice came onto the line announcing he was Mark Watson, manager of 95 live radio station. I was caller #11 on the Saturday call in line.Told I had won 2 tickets on the Grand Celebration cruise ship for $59 each to cover port taxes. I was confused as I was expecting someone from the drug store to answer. I was instructed to go to Fire97.com to a on line will call system to pay cost and pick up my free tickets. I was still confused and thinking scam, but decided to call the drug store number again to see if I had misdialed. It were right through to the place I intended to call. But before going to fire97 about the tickets, I started looking for more information and I found this site. So evidently, this business can re-route your call to connect to their scam operation. Sounds like a case for the FTC. I have also been getting harrasing calls from callers who say they are from the IRS and I owe money and am going to be arrested. Just another day in the life of a common person.

  • Jay Litman

    Nationwide sold us our promotional cruise package.
    1. Initially I was told we would be upgraded, at no charge, to a balcony room on the cruise ship, both ways. We were given an outside room with a window, no balcony, as there are no balcony rooms available for “cruise promotional packages”. But for $250 you can upgrade to a room with a balcony, after you board the ship.

    2. I was told we’d stay at a Hilton, Sheraton or Ramada. We ended up staying at the Sawgrass Hotel. The Sawgrass has average to poor reviews! It is an old ex-Holiday Inn.

    3. I was told all meals would be included with our hotel stay in Ft Lauderdale. We were given meal vouchers. However their value was $7-$10 per meal per person. So a $7 breakfast voucher only coversalf of the $14 cost for the least expensive breakfast option. Dinner vouchers were $10 per person and dinner costs were $25 and over. So basically they pay for half of your meal costs, not including additional gratuity and taxes that you need to pay. Their food was not the best.

    4. I was told by three different sales people that the “Sales Pitch” would only be 1 1/2 hours long. It is actually 3 1/2 to 4 hours long and they try to sell you a “time share” property in Florida. Add at least another hour for drive time.

    5. It is $18/day to park a car at Port of Palm Beach during your cruise to the Bahamas.

    6. I was told by the first sales gal that it was a new cruise ship – it is not a new ship by any means. It is a nice ship and the crew is very friendly and the food is good.

    7. The sales people told us that at the Grand Lucayan, all unmotorized sports are free – yet you have to pay for snorkeling and horseback riding, as these are offered by another tour company.

    8. Ship fuel surcharge could be up to $12/person/day if oil is over $40/barrel (THIS WE WERE TOLD)

    10. Three times customer service was to call me back but they never did. I had to call them back every time only to be told they are still checking on my info/requests. Twice I was switched to a disconnected number after waiting for 20 minutes. An additional 3 times I was just disconnected after waiting 15 -25 minutes. It may take days to get some answers.

    11. Florida hotel resort fees and taxes are $25 per night, not $15 as we were told by the cruise sales agent. Expect to pay $50 total for 2 nights.

    12. After paying for our cruise reservation I found out it would cost $17 per person for round trip transportation from the cruise ship to the Grand Lucayan Resort. It is a 25 minute bus ride each way.

    13. 50# maximum suitcase weight boarding the cruise ship – watch out for this!

    15. We were told (by two different sales people) that an additional charge of $458 for 2 additional nights at Grand Lucayan for both couples with two rooms. But it is actually $458 per couple, per room, when I went to pay, twice as much as I was told.

    18. All beverages including alcohol are free at the Grand Lucayan. However only on nice weather days is their only outside bar open. Otherwise you can only get drinks at dinner time in restaurants. The restaurants open at breakfast and lunch did not serve alcohol.

    19. We were told we could either get a free rental car or $100 for gas if we drove our own car. However if you don’t save your gas receipts they will not reimburse you. They fail to tell you to save your receipts.

    20. We were told we would receive a $50 free Gambling Venture for use aboard ship. You need to go the the Customer Service desk aboard the ship and ask for this. If you bet $5 then you can use a $5 voucher on that bet. Whether you win or loose, they will take your $5 voucher after each bet. So if you are betting $10 using a $5 voucher and you win, you will only end up with $15, not $20.

  • Susan

    These idiots are still at with the calls. The worst thing is that once a week minimum for the past THREE WEEKS, I have received calls from them on my CELL PHONE which is on the DO NOT CALL list and PRIVATE from THREE different numbers. How I know it is them is it comes from the same prefix. I have BLOCKED them every time, but they just spoof numbers. So not only are they making illegal scam calls but they are illegally spoofing their number. Is this the new Rachel at card member services?

  • Monroe

    I actually work for the grand celebration call center and I’m against scams by all means. I just started working there and by reading these comments, I officially quit the job. Working on reporting them myself

  • Lisa R.

    I was just contacted by Steve Warren(agent id 1026) who put me on with his manager Jeffrey Forte. These people have a website and a great appeal. I almost fell for it. He was telling me how honest he is and how only a select # of people get a chance at the super deal. My gut told me to tell them No. They are patient, not pushy, very convincing. I found these blogs after I hung up. I am glad I went with my gut and said no. The deal went from $118 to $748 and I could take my kids for an added $748 payable later. The cruise was 3 days 2 nights with an added 3 days 2 nights in Orlando and it included a rental car. Jeffrey liked quoting federal law – Consumer Protection Act. But, I hope he knows the FTC prohibits businesses operating in the U.S. from saying something is free when it is not free. DO NOT GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO to anyone thinking you will not be responsible if it is a scam because the charges are considered authorized and you will be in jeopardy of losing your money.

  • John W
  • Maria

    I received the call. I’ve done “free” cruises before, by sitting through the promotional “pitch” and ended up with about a half price cruise. I’ve cruised plenty. So when they called, I did google, but what I failed to do was google the name, followed with “SCAM” which I should have. So now I’m trying to get a hold of them and cancel, and hoping to get a refund, because they mislead me by not stating this was going to be one of those time share promotions, and not being truthful about the “brand new ship” which is not, just a refurbished. Wish me luck.

  • Lucy

    I got the same call on my cell and took the bait. I bought a package for $297, 2 nights cruise with an upgraded cabin. I was very excited, until I got off the phone and began reading sites like this. Luckily, I began to undo the this right away which is why I believe I’ve been successful in not being ripped off. I stupidly gave them both my credit card and my debit card to pay half on each. As soon as I read of the potential for this being a scam, my stomach sank! I just knew my bank account had been cleaned out! I immediately called my bank. The charge was still pending, so they began a claim, cancelled my card and will not pay those funds. Next, I called my credit card company. After explaining the situation, they said I must contact the vendor first to ask for a refund. I found it strange that they’d expect me to contact the alleged scammers to sort it out, but according to them I had to do it. After reading about how it’s next to impossible to get your money back from these people, I prepared to do battle before the call to them. I was ready, right down to a copy of the Florida statute regarding vacation certificate disclosure. I dialed the customer care number they had given me earlier. A man named Sean answered and I provided my reservation number. When he asked how he could help, I said I wanted to cancel and get a refund. When he asked why, I stated I didn’t feel comfortable with the things I had read online about the business. Of course, as others have described here, he began to answer all my fears about the trip by telling me I can’t trust online reviews of some other travelers. I stopped him and said it’s not the cruise itself that concerns me, it’s your company’s business practices. As he began to answer me, I interrupted and said I am not prepared to discuss this further, my mind is made up, I am legally entitled to a full refund and that is what I want, now! To my great surprise, he said okay. The entire call took less than 60 seconds! He said he was the finance manager in customer service and that it would take 4 or 5 days for the funds to become available again on my credit card. I will definitely follow up to make certain of that. I did read where a handful of people actually took this cruise and had a nice time, so is this a scam or not? I don’t know. But I know this for sure, I live in Florida and cheap cruises are really easy to find! This is why I am still kicking myself for falling for this! I know better! I was being lazy and not wanting to do the homework. When they called, it all sounded so simple and affordable, what could be easier, right? Well, I’m very thankful now that I’ve avoided this potential financial disaster. I will take a cruise this year, but I’ll book it with a reputable company after I initiate the phone call! Good luck everyone.

  • Romeo Badilla

    Good thing I saw this site before giving my card info.

    They are now called “Holiday Cruise Line”, BTW.

  • Louis M. Agnes

    Hopefully a qualified civil law attorney picks this all up to commence a class action against this scam; I’d be happy to join!

  • Laura

    I received an anonymous call to my cell phone from LA (213)217-999. I answered it, and to my surprise it was an automated recording that I have been awarded a free bahamas cruise and that I just needed to participate in a short survey by pressing ‘1’wondering if it was real or a scam, I accepted, and was patched through to the survey and answered three questions regarding my opinion on green technology and electric hybrid vehicles. At the end, I was again prompted that I had won this cruise and if I consented to having a travel agent call in the next 24-48 hrs to reserve my spot, again by pressing ‘1’ and the call ended. The phone rang again no less than 2 minutes later from Lakewood (562)353-5111 with a woman’s voice and introduced herself on part of the Grand Celebration Cruise line. After some introductory questions such as “are you over 18?”, “do you have a valid credit card?” she said she would transfer me to the Promotions Department to complete the registration for the free cruise. At this point, I was wondering what was going on because if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. A female introduced herself as Miss Jacqueline. She said that the cruise line was new and trying to build recognition. She said that they were giving away the free cruise because they think word of mouth is the best way to obtain new business and asked if I had been on any cruises lately. She also asked how the weather was where I lived. I told her the weather was great. She said wouldn’t I love to be in sunny Florida right now and I said no, I was in sunny weather and sunny Florida is too humid. She then said well I am sure you would love to be in the Bahamas. I said sure and she said that I would only need to cover the cost of the port fees and Government taxes that would allow me to embark and disembark as needed for the price of $59/person with the option to add additional friends or family to fill the room for added cost. She said the total cost would be $118 and that by paying and reserving this offer now, I would have up to 18 months to choose my cruise dates. She then read some agreement to me that I could barely understand because of her accent and asked for my credit card. I asked her why I would have to pay now, if I hadn’t even booked the cruise yet and she said it was the only way they could reserve my spot since only so many people per state were allowed this offer. I said I don’t know, it seems like a scam to me and she told me she would send me something by email and I could look up their ship. While she was taking down my email, I googled the ship and found a lot of information about it being a scam. I never received the email and asked why she was calling from Lakewood if she is supposedily in Florida and she said that someone from their California branch had put me through to her. I said I did not think the information she was giving me seemed legitimate and that I was not interested so she hung up. I am glad I did not fall for it. I would love to have had a free vacation, but I am a single mother who receives no support. I don’t have extra money to fly to Florida and fall for scams. It upsets me that the government still allows this to go on, seeing as they usually con the people who have the least money to spare, with this many complaints you would think something should be done!

  • HadFunScammingTheScammer
  • T5

    Scam Cruise Lines and an Employment Scam . Possible Connection.


  • Bruce Territo

    Yesterday I received a call regading a short survey from Bank of America, statng that they were awarding a “free” Bahama cruise for participating. There were a few simple questions regarding solar power, going green etc. Today I received a follow up call to set up the cruise. I was then informed hat I would be responsible for a $59.port fee per person.I interrupted stating that “the minute that you ask me for my credit card number over the phone we are done.” So Allison (the agent) said that of course they wuld need that information before the end of the phone call. It was at that time I stated tht we are finished. She said ” sorry you’r missing out on the cruise, and we both ended the call. First of all it all seemed too good to be true from the get go, but I wanted to see how far it would go before it really smelled foul. I think people should not be scammed, especially the elderly or more vulnerable people. This shady business needs to be stopped. I say unless you initiated the call or are buying something over the phone do not give your credit card or social security number to anyone.I really hate to see people being taken advantage of.

  • Jamie

    You are all cheap fools. Yes they do try to hide the charges, but I just signed up for a Cruz and I’m paying $1,200 for a 9 day trip to the Bahamas everything is included. That is a great deal. This isn’t fairy tail land, people should know free cruises don’t truly exist. What they are offer, is a good deal on a nice vacation. Nothing more nothing less. That being said I haven’t gone on the trip yet. Lol so I hope all goes well and the joke isn’t on me.

  • She She

    I just got a call from these people… Same story same spill. I was hooked until they kept trying to push the upscale on me. $676 more per person. I said that I was skeptical 3 times, I wasn’t giving anymore than the $188 and the guy still tried it. I chose to cancel before even getting through the whole process. I did give my card though so I’m monitoring for transactions… Hope I don’t see any.

  • Kaye

    I used to work for this call center it’s located in Tampa . The owners of this company pay money to different business to by their clients personal information and we got calls in everyday to sell these fake packages. I lasted there for about a week and ended up quitting when I found out what they were really doing with the credit card information on file. Please stay away from these people . They are scam artists that want your money and nothing else.

  • persad


  • Justin ray

    Got the call too. And ditto.. To everything else above^
    The rep got a real attitude when I declined to pay on the spot. Lol
    Come on.. From a blocked number? With this bad of a rap online?

  • Jene

    Won a trip last year and finally booked it to leave this April. After reading these reviews I’m a bit worried. I’ve cruise before, so I’m aware of the daily charges on a ship. More worried about the boarding process. Cruise ship is leaving from West Palm Beach, and that’s where I’m flying into, but after paperwork I received says I must pick up boarding passes in Ft Lauderdale. Customer service reps have been extremely rude. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Randall Stephens

    After reading all the complaints and all the people that got scammed do you really honestly believe that I would consider taking a trip people like you need to be thrown in jail you got a lots of money, you might need it to pay the attorney fees when you get a Sued.There are people out there that have a lot of money too that can also put your butt in jail hopefully that’ll happen soon I cannot stand to see people take advantage of older people are never understood it anybody can live on $20 million homes and scam people that barely my 600$ to $700 a month you’ll get what’s coming to you one day.

  • Veronika Nome

    Got a call this morning from a suppose Carnival Cruise robo call and I am sick of them calling me even though I have signed up with the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY!! Isn’t there a way to file a “Class Action Lawsuit” on behalf of all those that this insane company keeps harassing us by repeatedly calling our cell numbers??

  • Ms Brenda L Tobin

    Holiday celebration CRUISELINE PHONE ON POST CARD FROM THEM ON 7-31-15 is there SCAM they chage theur name they change their phone number all the time take NOTICErepirt their the number ON YOUR COMPLAINT FOE OTHER VICTIMS TO SEE, to put a stop to this company IT IS THERE SCAM TO…give you a free. for 2 all exclusive cruise offer…tell you , you have to pay piort. Taxes. to qualify,total $118.00 . .the all paid al you have to do is ea.pay 12.00 ea day on cruise tipping…
    In booking your reservation the tell you they know nothing about any free trip you have to pay all these additional costs it can add up 416.00 + NOW IT IS NOT A FREE CRUISE AS PROMISED. NOW YOU DONT TRUST THEM YOU WANT YOUR MONEY BACK THEY REFUSE TO GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK,GOD HELP YOU IF YOU ADDED ON TO YOUR PACKAGE FREE TRIP BECAUSE HERES THE BIG SCAM
    NOW. you paid a payment plan auto bank withdrawas for months $56.83 after 7 months you’ve paid $807.81 ,you realize yoy are scammed, because now you check in for booking they know nothing about a free CRUISE and you have the cruise only for the 2 you were paying on ,but you planned for 4 people and they claim you still owe 240.07 total $1092.00 and you have to pay 416.00 + extras they did not let you know they made you believe your original VERBAL VERBAL contract free + you paid in full 1092.00. when you are done paying. .

  • Jackie Perry

    I just received boarding pass cruise redemption voucher in the mail from Holiday Cruise Line. Where I have to call 1-800-586-6693 to activate.Came with reservations and confirmation numbers. I have 72 hours to call, for my free two night Caribbean cruise.Have never heard of Pothole cruise magazine, which they are using with their promotional sale. Will be ripping and throwing it in the trash. I just want to say, I love cruises, there are great ways to take one. Triple A, Travel agencies, and a well known cruise line, will always be the best way. Please remember you get what you pay for and free from an unknown cruise line will never turn out well. I just want to say sorry for all who lost money and please check your credit reports to make sure more damage is not being done.

  • greenmousy12

    I am terrified for my life with what just happened yesterday. I purchased some concert tickets from Live Nation and after the purchase, they gave me options to check some boxes of offers that I was interested in. One of them was a free trip to the Bahamas. Thought it wouldn’t hurt until after 5 minutes, Jerry the Certified Ticket Agent (#419) called and said I won the trip.

    I knew it was a scam, but they insisted in me continuing the process. They said all the boat trip and accommodations was free except the port taxes which is 118.00 for 2 people. I didn’t want to give my info, but Jerry passed me to Matt, the Promotion Supervisor, and he kept asking why I don’t want this amazing offer and I told them I feel that this is a scam. He was like “how can it be a scam if it was from a Live Nation website?” He asked for my address and debit card information. As we were talking on the phone, I was trying to google more about the Holiday Cruise Line, but I kept seeing the ones from Caribean Cruise Line that were scams. I kept asking Matt if I can cancel and refund the Port Fees. He then questioned why I am trying to flake out on this offer. By this point, I was crying in tears because now I know that I was scammed and can’t get my money back at all. And worse to think that they might steal and take more money shortly.

    I then went along with it; what’s done is done. I forgot to hang even up the phone before giving my info, but I was naive. They put me with Mavis to confirm my information, gave me a website to enter from (that had my name on it) and the reservation confirmation too. I am now afraid to open even or log into the website because it may have the virus or some hacking thing.

    I tried to call my bank to stop the payment, but they were saying that since it’s debit, it can’t be done. They want me to call the Cruise Line to get a cancellation, but they are not answering their phones. I work part time and don’t get much and to see what just happened to make me fear for my life that my money will be stolen and there’s nothing anyone can do about. I feel so stupid to believe in this, and now I am stuck with having them win. I am changing all of my info and learning not to do prizes like these ever again!

  • tom

    I let the girl go through her whole shpeel trying to convince me to give her my credit card number, then i let tell me the whole deal again . Kept her on the phone for almost an hour , Then said “OK let me get my card” took about 15 minutes to find it , then came back and just when she asked for the card again , I called her a money grubbing whore. she got mad and hung up! See, these people need to be treated like the garbage they are . Play along , waste their time,then tell them to fuck off

  • Ms Brenda L Tobin

    Plain and simple ,when they lie and steal from you, the NO FREE TRIP,the theft,straight from your bank account or credit/ debit because you authorized it nit rrealizing at the time they are deceptive ,this is their scam and they are getting away with it becuse we are letting them .stand up and do something call me brenda 1-302-593-5878
    Write both states Florida’s and yours BBB, ATTORNEY GENERAL, GO TO THE POLICE FILE THEFT CHARGES AGAINST THEIR COMPANY AND THEM INDVIDUALLY ,FILE LAW SUIT SMALL CLAIMS … YOU CAN SUE THEM FOR $ 15,000.00 and you dont need a Lawyer ,maybe you can sue each individually who scammed you though this process get their names and ID employees numbers,it is important … i am goung to SUE THEM I WANT TO PRESS CHARGES I WANT THEM JAILED .IT IS A DISGUSTING CRIME AND THEY NEED TO PAY… CONTACT ME brenda22_tobin@Yahoo.com

  • Ms Brenda L Tobin

    To the PUBLIC regarding this National Business Scam or any Business SCAM
    Intetnet Crime Complaint Center (iC3)

    Or google
    File your complaint press criminal charges if they stole from you. Jeep pushing our system athouriries to do their
    I can use a witnesses in court it is worth it to bring justice


  • Lisa

    I got a call in January about a free cruise, just pay port fees and taxes. I was taking my niece to Florida for spring break and thought that if this was legit then it would be perfect. I paid the $118 and decided if it was a scam that I could always dispute it with my CC company. They didn’t tell me about the timeshare presentation, but I had done some research and was aware that I would have to go there. They did tell me about the gratuities and fuel surcharge if oil went above $40 per barrel(this was actually a mandatory charge no matter the price of oil as I found out by the cruiseline, the third party timeshare jerks lied).

    I went on the timeshare presentation and it was a nightmare. I told him upfront I was just there for the cruise vouchers and I wasn’t buying. Of course the price kept dropping but I still did not buy. Glad I wasted his time as he became a real jerk when I wouldn’t give in to his sleazy sales pitch. Got my cruise vouchers and headed over to the port with my 16 year old niece.

    The cruise was wonderful. We got upgraded from an inside cabin to an oceanview. Our room steward Garry was awesome! We had a wonderful time on the ship and on the beach in the Bahamas. The ship was kept very clean and I was surprised that the food was actually very good as well. The entertainment was great.

    So, even though I had to sit through a painful timeshare presentation(at least we got a free breakfast), it was worth it. My niece had never been on a cruise before(I have been on 4) and she had the time of her life.


    I saw the numbers of SCAM complaints hours after I paid them $1670+, having done a goggle search after my husband reminded me that I had been a fraud investigator in an earlier life.

    I don’t want these people to think that it’s okay to scam people with fake vacation packages.

  • Peter

    An unsolicited call from a person with no veritable way to identify him or her, offering something for free and then asking for money. The money is ostensibly for a port fee for s! Trip which has zero paperwork at the time that the CC info is required.
    All of these things are flags that mark “SCAM” to anyone payin attention.
    “Keep them on the phone. Waste their time.”
    Wasting their time wastes my time.

  • Anyya Butler

    I just received an unsolicited call from someone stating that they were with the Royal Sea Cruise Line. They just told me that I won a 2-day cruise to the Bahamas on the Grand Celebration. All I had to pay was $59 for port cost. When I told them that I do not feel comfortable with giving them my credit card information over the phone, they asked me to hold on then they hung up on me.

    This was nothing but a “SCAM”

  • Ashley

    I called max97.com and they said I won a cruise through holiday cruise line.I’ve never heard of the station so I have no idea of anything is legit. Thanks for all these comments or helped me figure out its not worth it. Thanks again.

  • Mel

    They’re calling themselves Royal Seas Cruises now. Same scam, same $59 per person port fees, insisting that you give them your credit card # right then on the phone. Just wanted to put that out there, because I had trouble finding them quickly in a Google Search. Royal Seas Cruises is a scam!

    They called from 215-398-4058, which is a Philadelphia area code, local to me, but claimed that they were calling from Florida, so I think they have some kind of way to make it look like it’s a local number to make it more likely you’ll pick up.

  • Gene

    They are still at it. 27 minute call and while they were willing to work with me to help me register, as soon as I said I can’t pay now (while reading these postings) they couldn’t get off the phone fast enough.
    Since they robo called my cell phone, I’m reporting them to the Florida and national “do not call” list. Hopefully that will get them in trouble.

  • Jane Wolstenholme

    I just purchased the 8 night 9 day FUN IN THE SUN PKG. VACATION DEAL. I was charge a total of $1196.00 plus $59.00 traveler’s insurance. I paid via a Visa credit card…after reading all these reviews on it being a SCAM I am about to TRY to cancel this trip and will refer to the Florida Statue as the link posted under the comment posted above November 10, 2015 at 11:30 a.m.. I pray I get all of my money credited back to my credit card. After I call the customer care # at 1-844-313-4816 I will then contact my credit card company to start a dispute for these charges. Like I said I just gave in to this deal last night so of course it’s still in the 30 day Florida Statue of refunds within 30 days of purchase. I’ll post how this ordeal ended. Thank you for informing us of the FL statue law.

  • zentai-suit

    Yesterday I received a call regading a short survey from Bank of America, statng that they were awarding a “free” Bahama cruise for participating. There were a few simple questions regarding solar power, going green etc. Today I received a follow up call to set up the cruise. I was then informed hat I would be responsible for a $59.port fee per person.I interrupted stating that “the minute that you ask me for my credit card number over the phone we are done.” So Allison (the agent) said that of course they wuld need that information before the end of the phone call. It was at that time I stated tht we are finished. She said ” sorry you’r missing out on the cruise, and we both ended the call. First of all it all seemed too good to be true from the get go, but I wanted to see how far it would go before it really smelled foul. I think people should not be scammed, especially the elderly or more vulnerable people. This shady business needs to be stopped. I say unless you initiated the call or are buying something over the phone do not give your credit card or social security number to anyone.I really hate to see people being taken advantage of.

  • Kristina Poff

    I’ve been “paying” on this for several months now, well sort of. I keep trying to get this ACH stopped by calling the company directly and I keep getting a busy signal. I just finally called my card company to get the payment stopped. My card has now been canceled! This is nuts!!!! They’re taking almost $100.00 out every month and now I’m going to have to probably file charges against the company to get my money back.

  • amber

    I just purchased the 3 day 2 night cruise and the the 3 day 2 night stay at a ft lauderdale hotel with this company. I am aware of the presentation and they are often painful but I have attended many of these presentations. High pressure sales are only effective if a person allows them to be. I have never had any problems with any of these “trades”. In reality, are the consumers also not scamming the business. We all know we are not going to purchase a timeshare, but we still accept the free gifts. Are we any better? I have traveled to other countries under these pretenses, and yes the sales pitch is annoying, but I have always had a great time and its the company who shelled out way more money than I did. Free food, room, beverages. Beautiful atmosphere and great entertainment. Really…for $268.00, tropical views, no one knows me, no cleaning or cooking and all I have to do is ignore a sales person for 2 hours…Its really not that bad. We are all so worried about scams that we often dont allow ourselves to indulge in the fun stuff because we are scared. All vacations have flaws but if you went through a reputable travel agent, there can still be problems and not to mention, ten times more expensive.

  • Megan

    I just received a call regarding a survey about “green” energy and that I won a free cruise after taking it. The number was 682-628-4260. I let the guy (Demetrius) go through his spiel, all the while asking questions. Luckily, I’m not as naive as I used to be, thanks to my husband. I asked him what the catch was and he said to let him finish the details and I could tell him what the catch was. He said the trip was transferrable and extendable if I couldn’t take it within the allotted 18 months. I said, ” I assume there’s a fee for extending or transferring” and he said he wasn’t going to answer that question yet. I told him my husband has a very demanding job and I would have to talk to him to make sure he would even have time to take a trip. Plus, we would have to add our 2 children to the trip and pay for plane tickets, too. He told me he couldn’t promise the trip would still be available, and could I speak with his supervisor? I said, “Sure”. His supervisor wanted to know what was holding me back. I told him my husband might not be able to take time off for the trip. He said 18 months was plenty of time and I explained our situation and he said we could extend up to 3 years. And that’s when I asked about the fee again. Oh, it’s $25 every 6 months. Plus, $115 for each child. I said I would have to talk to my husband, and he said “We are doing everything we can to offer you a free vacation and it sounds like you need one.” I said I can’t without talking to my husband. And he finally let it go and told me goodbye. Luckily, I realized that the extra fees and charges meant it was a scam and not real and didn’t give them any money. Please, don’t fall for it!!

  • Destiny Jones

    I just received a automated survey that offered free 2 days in Bahamas on the (Grand Celerbration) if I answered three questions about Saving Energy. $59 port fees $118 for two, something just didn’t sit right so while on phone I was at my computer and typed in Bahama Scams and this site came up. I declined the offer and hung up.

  • Emma

    Dear zental-suit, I worked with Allison the rep you spoke with last month. Blue Star Cruises hired me as a Reservationist in South Daytona Fl. Allison was one of the evening managers.
    Yes this shady BUSSINESS does need to be stopped.. this is the third new Corp. they have started to keep up the exact same scam out of central Florida for almost two years now, six days a week, with 30 people on phones day and night!

  • Angela

    I got a missed call from xfm107.com. I called them back and I was given a trivia question. If I answered all three questions correctly then I win a trip for two to the Bahamas. They sent me a text with instructions on how to claim my tickets on their website and low and behold I had to pay $119.78. I called the number back again several times with nothing but a busy tone. I went on the site to chat with somebody. At first he thought I wanted to request a song but I told him I won a cruise trip and he congratulated me. I asked him if it was a scam and he seemed surprised and somewhat offended by that question so I stopped asking anymore questions and thanked him fearing of sounding like an idiot and not knowing if this was for real.

    Anyways, to know if your phone number was a winner you had to enter it on their site under the contest tab or some Bahamas Trip Giveaway banner. I tried using random phone numbers to see if anyone else could be a winner and only mine worked. I started thinking to myself that this is a really elaborate scam or I really did win and I should just pay the money. I didn’t pay. It’s a good thing I came upon this forum. It really helped me out. Thanks!

  • Bert

    Mine was Grand Celebration, and the Certified email says Blue Star Cruises

    I got a call tonight. Funny I just had another call that had a computer 3 question environmental questionnaire to get a free cruise. I answered the questions, but decided I didn’t want to go to the Bahamas for three days anyway so I hung up when it went to transfer.
    So anyway that was a few days ago I think, though it may have been more recent.
    This guy was super friendly, really comfortable talker. He made me write down a bunch of information he was giving me. Including his full name (probably an alias) and his ID number. All about the ship and a 1800 number. Told me most everything was free except tips which they basically just had 12 dollar tip at the end of the night, so no tips during day. Also we would pay for our own alcohol. The little expenses and the Alcohol not being free made it sound pretty legit.

    He told me he was working directly for the company that owned the ship Grand Celebration. We had been awarded a 3 day / 2 night cruise to the Bahamas. He was quite the good talker, even made me wait to make sure he had an opening left for my State here on the West Coast because they only had like 10 per state.
    Anyway, he managed to slip in there was a VIP but I probably wouldn’t be interested. But I bit and said well maybe since hell I wasn’t going to fly across the country for a 3 day trip.
    Well originally it was only duties at 59 per person, Well the VIP was 9 days 3 in Florida, 3 in Orlando, 3 in the Bahama’s. What didn’t make sense was while the Cruise was still part of the deal it seemed really secondary. With his original selling point was they were filling up empty cabins and wanted the referrals.

    Anyway the VIP would be around 1400.00 for two people included free food, a free car rental from budget or Alamo, rooms and pretty much the works.
    I was like well I’m not sure I am ready to give that kind of money to someone that called me out of the blue. He sent me a nice looking email. Lead me to a nice website. It all looked good. And he was real patient. So while looking I was also doing some side searching for this being a scam. Found this site. Told him I just was not so sure I wanted to do it. He said he may be able to do one more thing. Another not so friendly upper management guy came on. Offered me another 500.00 off. I started telling him I just was not real comfortable, with all the scams out there and he hung up on me before I finished.

    At first when they called I figured if they didn’t ask for any money or social security or other info where they might steal my ID I figured it couldn’t hurt to see if maybe it was real. Boy they can be pretty smooth talkers. I was considering it but my radar was on full alert. Glad I found this site. Helped make it easier to say no. Glad the guy hung up.

  • Sumarian


  • Amanda Abernathy

    I was checking out at ticketmaster and accidentally clicked yes to a popup about a cruise. Got a call, the lady was incredibly sweet. Just as everyone says – patient, friendly, personable. She even mentioned that she lives in Florida herself which is close to the Bahamas blah blah. Only $59 for port fees and then gratuities each night. They want you to go “free” so you can “spread the word” (but port fees have to be paid now because, you know, they need to be sure you’re gonna go and not just say so and leave them with empty cabins *eye roll*). The ship is the Grand Caribbean or something along those lines. She kept stopping and saying “right?” or “isn’t this exciting?” to keep me engaged. She also mentioned the call would be recorded and I’d be emailed the recording for security/proof that they weren’t lying and went over everything in correct detail. She mentions this security feature without me ever mentioning fears or suspicion of this being a scam. All of that said, they sounded incredibly smooth and nice and it was hard to say no, but I’ve always been told “If it sounds too good to be true, it is..” I started googling while on the phone and just hung up whenever I found this site. They haven’t tried calling back…. yet.

    Going to try to get in contact with ticketmaster somehow to let them know that I got the popup while on their site in case they can do something to prevent that in the future.

  • Misty

    I received a call from a local phone number on my cell phone and I answered three questions on green energy. Then I was told I have won a free cruise and will be transferred. I spent the next 1 1/2 hours speaking to a nice lady and a supervisor on the phone. They were very, very convincing that this was not a scam. They said it is only $118 for two people, which is the taxes. Then they told me about their promotions and I picked one, as the price was unbelievably cheap. During the conversation, something happened and I could hear them with background noise, but they couldn’t hear me. Finally the line disconnected. I called the cruise line they stated, Grand Celebration and the rep told me there is no manager by the name of James and that he had worked there 17 years so he should know. A few minutes later I receive a call from another local number and it was the same two people. We continued discussing my trip and the packages. I gave them my credit card number. A legal department person came on the phone to go over all the same information. They even sent me a confirmation email with the package that I chose and pictures of their website. They told me to make sure I say YES on the text message they send me after I hang up. The text message number was some random number also. When I called back the number they called me back on, the first time I was disconnected, it was a recording of some sort of promotional survey company, not the cruise line or travel agency. When I asked them why their number was local their answer was so that I don’t have to make a long distance call if we were disconnected. That didn’t make sense to me. Cruise lines usually have a 800 number. In further research, I looked at the website they sent in their email and the real Grand Celebration cruise ship website. It is exactly the same EXCEPT for one small difference. The real one has the letter B on the signature piece of thing on top of the ship. The scam picture of the ship has the letter C. They both look very similiar. Then I decided to google Grand Celebration cruise ship scam and found this website. I am now convinced this was a scam after reading the same details that I was given over the phone. Since I never texted back YES to the text message, they did not charge my credit card. Thank goodness. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Misty

    The credit card was charged! I called the 844 number that was listed on the confirmation email a couple of times, including a number that the manager said was his personal desk number. That was not true. It was another person’s line and he had loud music in the background. He referred me back to the 844 number. Finally the finance department called me back after I told the initial person that I want a refund and I want it now. The finance person was rude and yelling at me for wanting a refund. I simply told her I changed my mind about the trip. She kept yelling at me stating that she wanted a reason and it will take 90 days for a refund. I told her I would call my credit card company if she doesn’t refund me now. She put me on hold. While she put me on hold, I called my credit card company on the other line and did 3 way calling. When the finance rep from the company came back on the line she was pissed off and said she just refunded my card and it will post in 3-5 days. To her surprise she didn’t know the credit card company was on the line listening. So the credit card rep asked her if she authorizes the refund and she said yes. She asked her twice. The credit card company released the authorization for the credit to be applied right away. So, I got my refund but it took some time. I am 100% convinced now that this was a scam. These are very sophisticated scammers. As a professional finance person in upper management who works closely with polices chiefs and law enforcement personnel in Southern CA, I am embarrassed to say I was scammed and they nearly got away with it. I can only imagine how they are scamming the average American out there who doesn’t do what I do for a living.

  • Brandi

    I received a call on my cell phone while at work and it was from a local MN number. I wasn’t able to answer, but I called the number back thinking it might be an important phone call. It was an automated message system saying I was chosen for a music trivia challenge and that if I answered all questions correctly, I would win a cruise for two on the MS celebration cruise line to the bahamas for 2 nights.

    The questions were incredibly easy and I “won”. I nevery had to speak with a person, just put my telephone number in the box provided on the website And fill out the form.

    Here’s where I messed up. Things have been fin ancillary difficult this year for my husband and I, and we didn’t get to have

  • Sophia

    I recently got a call from Royal seas saying I had won a 2 night 2 day cruise to the grand Bahamas. I was on the phone with Ricky (ST2958) for about 1 hour discussing the fees which were only $59/per person and $118 in total for two. I was legit excited and almost gave them my credit card info until I read the websites reviews. On the other hand Ricky seemed trusting so I was not sure until I called up my aunt in Texas who had won a free trip. While on the phone I discovered that you have to pay extra hidden fees like Airfare, which Ricky said they would pay!! And we would have to sit through a conference wanting us to pay for a time share. Thank god I did not book.

  • JayCee

    Thanks to this and another website, I was able to have fun with a middle-age white lady after I answered three stupid questions about green energy. She was very excited to ask for my CC# for a $118 charge (but didn’t mention the fuel costs, etc.) I had her on the phone for >20 minutes with occasional suggestive comments then bumping it up to Tosh.0-level humor. Turns out–she told me that there are absolutely no hookers on the cruise and that this was the strangest question that anyone had asked her—it was one of my earlier questions. Sadly, this was probably the highlight of my day.

  • jeff

    I received an unsolicited call today from Caribbean cruise lines (954-377-8324), I spoke with a man named Thym Glennon, he asked me when I planned to take my trip that I had won three years ago. They offered me a 3 day 2 night stay in ft.Lauderdale “all transportation free of charge”; Then we would make our way to the Caribbean cruise lines for a 3 day 2 night cruise to the Bahamas at the Grand Lucayn all amenities paid including taxes with jet skis and boating any time free of charge, all alcohol included also! I thought “wow” then he proceeded to tell me that wasnt it, this also included a 3 day 2 night stay in Orlando and also included a 4 day 2 night stay in Porta Viarta Mexico and a 3 day 2 night stay in Vegas , well my Scam senses started tingling! He said this was a trip for two well over 5000 dollars but he needed me to pay good faith money of 1,1020 dollars, then he said visa or master card would be fine , I said “when do you need this by”, he said today, I said “well ill have to call my wife first”, then he said lets give her a call, so we did and she didnt answer; So he said ill let you pay a minimum of 284 dollars which will be good for up to three years as good faith money to insure that you will take the trip, then I said “not until I talk to my wife”, thats when his tone changed! He was like you know this is a curtsy call, I said well be curtious and let me get back with you, he was rude and said well at least I tried and hung up! These people are very crafty and pushy, and anyone demanding money immediately is probably scamming you!

  • Lana

    I just received my phone call from (860-259-2318)Caribbean cruise lines stating that I had been selected to receive a free cruise on their Grand Celebration ship to the Bahamas. As stated by everyone, the caller asked for 118.00 for two port passes. I told him that I needed to discuss with my partner before committing to anything and that I would like to call back with my answer and to give me a contact number in which I can return the call to. Well, just as everyone stated in their comments above, the caller stated to me that this is an offer by direct calls only and that he could give me a customer service number to call back but that I could only receive the “customer service” from them if I was truly a customer and the only way to do that is to pay for the port fees NOW at which time I would be assigned a reference number to prove I’m a “customer” in order to receive any assistance from their customer service line! I told them, nice try and hung up the phone! I’m glad that I’m not one to be fooled easily and just give up my credit card number to just any Tom, Dick and Harry who asks for money. I felt compelled to write this for anyone looking for any updated comments…YES THEY ARE STILL SCAMMING FOLKS! Be careful people!!

  • John Hunt

    Received call tonight letting me know if I took a brief survey I would win 4 free Cruise tickets. Wrapped up a 3 question GREEN Survey and then was aksed to pay the tax of 118.00. When I told them I never give CC info online I was encouraged to go to confirmmycruise.com where the person gave me a PIN code to gain access to their web site to pay. Took a minute to do a quick search and found this chain of complaints! Thanks for confirming it was fraud!

  • M Smart

    Received the call today for taking a Green Survey of 3 questions I get a 3 day 2 night cruise on Grand Celebration Cruises departing from Palm Beach Port, Florida. Phone number PA 215.383.1830. Corporate ID # 1045245. Port fees $118.00. I listened to the whole thing up until they wanted my credit card. I asked if they used PayPal? At that time, the manager was put on the phone. He tried to close the deal and told me I could verify at http://www.confirmmycruise.com and gave me pin code 1610. He tried to secure my last name, address, email address and credit card # to close the deal. I told him I was from Palm Beach, Florida and could just come to the office since they didn’t accept PayPal, that I would feel more comfortable that way. He immediately said, that is not what your area code shows. I said well this is where I live! He then said that Florida residents are not eligible. Well, the first guy said it is okay. Oh he must have made a mistake. Whatever! He couldn’t get off of the phone soon enough with me. They are scamming people who have to travel from out of state to Florida, based on the area code of your cell phone number. I believe this is an identity theft scam!!!! Be careful out there!!!

  • Brad Crawford

    Thank you to everyone who has posted about this scam, you just saved me money and another set of problems I don’t need. I got a call from 1-256-615-2784, it was some green energy survey for a free cruise to the Bahamas. I was apprehensive from the start after all, if it seems to good to be true then… Also, the survey was only three questions. Once I got transferred to the “booking agent” it was very professional sounding and she nearly got me. The alarm bells kept going off though, she was all too excited when She asked where I was from and I told her Alabama. I know we don’t speak that well, but we are not really as stupid as the stereotypes suggest! Having me write down all the info like her name and corporate I.D. Number was a great touch, Sara #7001. She even spelled her name for my dumb country a$$. When I asked if I could call her back after talking with my girlfriend (no, not my sister or any other relative, Sara #7001!) she said they only have a few tickets left and they usually don’t do this, but if I was “really” interested she would call me back Friday. Oh how I am so looking forward to that call!! I wish I knew who to contact before Friday to try and get them caught, I can at least have some kind of respect for someone who has the guts to rob me face to face, but these are straight up cowards and the worst part is they are good enough to get over on a lot of people. Get a real job Sara #7001 and I hope when you do someone scams you!!

  • R Walker

    I just got a call today from Grand Celebration Cruise after answering the Green Survey’s 3 questions. I talked to Maria #1038. I was also apprehensive about what was being offered – a two day free cruise to the Bahamas, but signed up and got transferred to Tony, a supervisor, who tried to sell me an extended stay 8 nights and 8 days vacation for $1552. I said that was too long and I wasn’t interested in this as I felt it was a scam because they were forcing me to pay right away.
    I was then offered a 5 night 5 day all inclusive extended vacation, with a bonus ocean view room on the cruise as an added bonus, for $526 a person ($1052) by Tony.
    I was then given over to Robert Humphrey, their quality control person, who in a very loud voice said that he had an even better all inclusive deal offer of $426 a person ($852) and said that he would send all info by email to me once I went through their legal department.

    Robert asked me why I thought it was a scam, so I told him about reading this website and he got even louder and used the excuse of McDonald’s making a mistake with a burger order being the same as these comments about Cruise ships and that by insisting on a 30 to 60 day notice to book for the holiday (they offered an 18-month book time for the trip)and that by phoning a week or two before wanting to go was not going to work. When I said I did not want any of this at all and to cancel the $118 port fee as well, Robert Humphrey said fine and said I would not be charged and hung up, obviously pissed off.

  • carol

    I have tried everything possible to get them to quit calling all my phone numbers. I’m on the DNC list. I’ve opted for the remove my number thru all those hoops on their auto dialer, I’ve done the survey and waited for the cruise can we call you and STILL I get these calls daily. Is there any social media we can bomb to make them stop?!

  • Linda Phillips

    I had a hilarious 45-minute conversation with Sophia (corporate ID #3144) and her supervisor Daniel today. It was the usual ‘green survey’ baloney but I decided to play along with it. Answered the robo-questions and was then put thru to the alleged Sophia. In the course of her telling me about how lucky I was, I asked her what was the name of the ship and she told me Grand Celebration. So I said ‘oh, my wasn’t that the one that caught on fire a few months ago?’ And of course she got all flustered, but I let her go on through her readings. She said I must provide a photo ID, birth certificate or passport to sail, so I said ‘uh, no that’s not really accurate, a passport is REQUIRED to go to the Bahamas’ and she waffled around about that for a while. Then I said, ‘hmmm, Grand Celebration… (I’d googled it while she was talking) oh, yeah, that’s an old retired Carnival ship, gosh that thing is thirty years old!!! I don’t think I’d want to go on an old ship like that!’ Then she went on about how it was all renovated and like brand new. So I asked her what was the ship’s registry, Liberia? Panama? Italy? U.S.? So of course she said U.S. And I said ‘really??? I’m surprised to hear that. Then suppose all the officers and crew are American?’ And she said ‘yes, of course’. Well, she was getting kind of nervous because of my questions, so she transferred me off to her ‘supervisor’ Daniel. So I asked him if he’d ever sailed on this ship and he said no, so I asked him if he’d ever been on any cruise before and he said no. And I asked him where their offices were located and he said ‘Orlando’ and I said, ‘oh that’s great, what’s the address, I’d like to go in and speak to someone face to face to finalize my booking’. And he refused to give me the address!!! I asked why and he mumbled about ‘well, you know, confidential, because of terrorism, we don’t give out that information.’ I started laughing out loud… you think I’m a terrorist? you called ME! What kind of an outfit is this where you won’t reveal the address of your place of business?? So, Daniel, what’s your rating with the Better Business Bureau? And he just sputtered some more, so I said, I think we’re done here, you have a nice day!
    It was really amusing to read all the other postings here about this same bogus outfit. I just really feel sorry if anyone has lost money to these scammers. Jim, I would love to hear that you have managed to file some sort of suit against these fraudsters and put them out of business! Til then, keep up the good work!

  • Doug Smith

    I’m mad as hell at these (insert favorite expletive here). Haven’t lost any money — it seems obvious it’s a scam — but I’m SICK AND TIRED of them robocalling my work cellphone.

    My personal phone I can reject calls from unfamiliar numbers. My work phone, part of my job involves taking calls from numbers I might not know in advance.

    I’m on the do-not-call list. In any case, it’s a cellphone & it’s a federal offense to robocall it.

  • emily hunter

    Just got a call saying I won!! It was a radio station and I had to answer 3 trivia questions correctly. I did and won.still not falling for it. Everyone know Justin Timberlake was in nsync. miley Cyrus is Hannah Montana and Michael Jackson sang beat it.

  • Rica Santos

    I have a similar experience, received a telephone call saying I’ve won a two passenger free cruise to Grand Bahamas. That this can be used within 18 months, all inclusive, to South Palm Beach. The caller went on and on about all the free offers of meals, pool, night clubs, etc. All I have to pay is $59 per person and that I need to pay and give them my CC. I said it is my policy not to give CC numbers on the phone. He said to check http://www.mycruise.com which screams SCAM!… Told the caller goodbye and hang up. I wasted my time talking. No harm done but call everyone’s attention. Be aware and DO NOT give information to callers such as these!

  • Grace
  • Nicole Flores

    Unfortunately I found this link after paying the $118.00 for a holiday cruise lines cruise to the Bahamas. I have until 5/2017 to book my honeymoon cruise…. Is there anyway to get a refund from this “scam” I’m getting married in February?

  • sahithi

    Just wondering if anyone has really went on these cruise ship? I see posts from 2015 people saying they paid and got tickets in mail. Did you actually end up going on these cruises?

    I got a call and “won” as they say to grand bahamas, Go Holiday Cruise Line. I didn’t pay and started researching if they are real. goholidaycruiseline.com

  • wolf

    Robotic calls 😉

  • Dee

    I unfortunately did not see this site till after I added my 2 kids which orginally were told trip for up to 4 per room. Not true, paid $1100. up front for the first two when wanted to add the additional 2 than it is $396 for the cruise for port fees and another $458 for the all inclusive as they can stay in room BUT you have to pay the extra $99/day/person fee because of food/drink. Now that it is time to go on this $2100 already paid vacation, we get the forms of all the hidden fees, another $567 will have to be paid in FL, on the ship and on the island. To make matters worse, the hurricane hit the bahamas and now we can not go to the all-inclusive resort we paid for. They made alternate plans to go to BIMINI and put us up in a non-all inclusive hotel with no refund for the food/drink!!!!! When asked for the refund for the extra 2 per contract no refunds! When asked to just cancel the whole thing and refund whole amt. same response from phone person to the superviseor.
    NO REFUNDS!! They have your money and will not return for no reason. Here it is one week away from leaving so have plane reservations which can not be refunded for 4 people. we are stuck going and probably paying another $1000 on top of the $2000 already paid!! and from the post i’ve read I am not going to enjoy the Ramada or the cruise. Definately poorly run company as they did not inform me of destination change. If I hadn’t called with question would of gotten to FL and informed at welcome center probably. They are offering another “FREE” 2 day cruise and 2 nights in all inclusive as 1 of 4 options because of change. There is no way I will ever do business with this company again and warn everyone HANG UP do not get pulled into their scam as we did.

  • ndonald

    I got duped. Once you pay they treat you like shit. Keep away. They have hidden charges, and timeshared salesmen pushed down your throat. Avoid anything with these names “grand bahamas cruise”, “paradise cruise line”, “caribeean cruise line” its same scammer calling under different business name.

  • vivian

    They did offer me the package as follows:


    2 Night Cruise for two aboard the Grand Celebration to Grand Bahama Island, with all your meals, entertainment and activities included onboard.
    $50.00 in Casino Match Play valid aboard ship in the Par-A-Dice Casino.
    Enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean from your Oceanview Cabin upgrade.

    3 Days & 2 Nights resort accommodations in sun-kissed Fort Lauderdale, FL. with complimentary buffet dining for 2 adults. (3 meals per day per person).

    3 Days & 2 Nights resort accommodations in magical Orlando, FL. with complimentary buffet dining for 2 adults. (3 meals per day per person).

    You will enjoy 3 sun-drenched days & 2 nights on Grand Bahama Island at the spectacular 4 star Grand Lucayan

    7 Days transportation by Alamo or Budget Rent-A-Car while in Florida with unlimited mileage during your vacation.

    $100 gas reimbursement.

    Your total package cost is only $498 ( including port tax ) per person for the 1st and 2nd passengers, based on double occupancy.
    If you wish to add a 3rd and 4th Cruise Passenger in the same cabin, additional costs are only:
    13- and older – $129 per person
    2-12 -$115 per person
    Under 2 – $89 per person

    $996 for 2 people, talked about an hour sounds good gave my credit card information and got charged then found this website, I won’t say this is a spam (you will get something) however hidden charges is my most concern so I call costumer service and cancel it, was told all representatives are busy will call me back. wait about 2 hours and someone called back asked the reason for the cancellation , I made up some excuses like “I have motion sickness not suitable to take cruise kind of that” to avoid embarrassment but the lady didn’t buy it, finally I told her the truth ” I changed my mind don’t like your package!” And she immediately return my money. Don’t be so nice and polite, or you will never hear the end of it!
    Good luck!

  • Tim

    Thanks for previous comments and I think I should contribute my experience, which I usually don’t.
    I got a sales call on the same day as Vivian and was offered the same package. Since I was driving and my English is not very good, I didn’t have a chance to check details online. It sounds so good, so I gave my credit card information.
    When I got home and had a chance to check all details, I found this website and some more information. I decided to cancel the order but their hour is 9am-9pm. I called them in the next morning and said my wife doesn’t want it. They cancel the reservation immediately.

  • Cara

    I just got a phone call today and decided to look it up.

    I was buying Broadway Tickets on Ticketmaster. And it said “Since you bought tickets today, you are eligible for these offers.” There was a list of things I didn’t care about but one of them was a Royal Sea Cruise to the Bahamas for 2. So I clicked that and left it. I got an email that they got my request and a text message that said I should call when I want to use it, I have 2 years. Then 2 hours later, I got a phone call that was offering me $65 a person, so a total of $130, as an international water fee. As well as everything else not included… the usual.

    I said I couldn’t pay it now but she said it had to be done right then and there to get the discount. After some persistence I told her I just couldn’t pay it right now. So, she said “I guess I’ll just have to give it to the next caller.” and she hung up.

    That’s my experience. It came from Ticketmaster and it was from “Royal Sea Cruise”

  • Mike D

    I have tried over 6 times to put my number on the do not call list for Grand Celebration Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Recently asked to talk to someone to ensure I was put on do not call list and instead was hung up on. When you get a call, there is recorded lady who talks very excited and says she has headset issue initially and then goes on for a bit and they you are transferred to a real person. Thanks for calling, the survey you were called for has now ended to be put on do not call press 9. I was called by 720.214.1388 on Jan 2, 2017. Seems the website http://www.bahamasparadisecruise.com/ but in talking with them they say Grand Celebration Cruise.

  • C Spears

    Got several calls same company, this time I let her go on until she finished her complete speel & then told her I was not interested and hung up. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. A scam is a scam. Don’t fall for it, especially after reading all the comments.

  • R.T

    I just received a phone call from 248-731-5707 regarding a Special vacation at Sunny South Florida with car rental with unlimited mileage 3 days -2 night in Florida palm beach, cruise to the Bahamas on the Grand Celebration with all meals and entertainment included. The cruise include comedy, 2 nightclubs, 750 cabins, 4 restaurants, grilled buffet, $50.00 casino money 3 days 2 nights Grand lucayan hotel, snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, another 3 days 2 nights at Disney universal studios. They even stated “we can get you plane tickets with 30 days in advance. All this could be done within 18 moths for $1670.00 for 3 persons. Orlando promotional and Orlando Welcome center person insisted on me getting this package. I told him “I need to discussed with my spouse” he insisted and he stated “I will call you in two hours about this great package” After reading how other people has been scammed by this. I would like to know how this can be reported to the police so they can be prosecuted for stealing and lying to so many people. Do not fall for it.

  • Brianna

    We got a letter in the mail for two free vouchers. I called to inquire, and I had to make the decision right then and there. So we did. Did they tell me it was a timeshare ordeal? No. Did they tell me their Ramada Inn in Ft. Lauderdale where they put everyone was a nasty filthy rathole where the cops were in full force in the parking lot all through the night? No. Did they tell us that where they put you in Ft. Lauderdale is an hour east of where you have to go to listen to the timeshare, that we had to provide our own way to that in Destiny,a way back, and a way an hour and half to West Palm Beach where you boarded the ship? Nope, none of that. I found all of that out by googling it and reading forums from people who did take the cruise. But with all of that being said, we did only have to pay the port fees, plus the port fees for our two children. We opted to stay on the island for two nights at their resort, Grand Lucayan. So we were prepared for all the timeshare crap. WE HAD THE BEST TIME OF OUR LIVES!!!!!! We have been on a Norwegian 7 day three port cruise, and I’d do the Bahamas cruise again in a heartbeat. The ship was small, it was full of people but it wasnt crowded at all. The shows were awesome. I’d much rather spend my time on the island than on the ship. It was a pain in the butt dealing with it all, but worth every penny. And we didn’t have to pay all that much, not anymore than what we did with Norwegian.

  • Scott R Gamelin

    Offered my same deal it was a one day deal only, so had to act fast and pay port charge of 160.00 I’m lucky it wasn’t payday. Lol

  • Jessica

    I actually accepted the offer last year and loved the cruise I got. 118 dollars up front and then there were just 12 dollars gratuity per night. Super cheap and fun way to go on a cruise.

  • Kara livingston

    I was talked into a package deal last night. After discussing with my husband we decided this trip wasn’t for us. After confirming that we had 30 days to cancel per Florida law. We decided to cancelAfter reading all the comments I was very worried about calling in to cancel. Actually, everyone was extremely nice and promptly issued a refund. Based on that experience I would say if you know what you are getting into with the timeshare sales and are good with that, and don’t have extremely high expectations, it probably is a decent, inexpensive vacation. I was very impressed with everyone I spoke to this morning and do not think they are as shady as maybe they are made out to be. Yes, they use high pressure sales but so do a lot of businesses. The fact that they were quick to cancel makes them pretty decent to me. I’ve honestly had a much more difficult time returning something from the local mall than cancelling this.

  • Rob

    Truth! I actually been on the Grand Celebration and surprisingly it was nice. I too dialed “the wrong number” ,even though I know I didn’t, and won a cruise. I was skeptical so I gave my wife the phone. She experienced this kind of stuff as the person who’s giving away the free trip or cruise. She was straight forward with the person stating that she only wants the cruise and no upgrades. The person and his manager kept trying to hassle up to upgrade until they finally caved in that we wasn’t budging. We went on the cruise in July of 2015 and it was actually our first. It’ was no Carnival’s ship, a little outdated but I loved it. I actually stumbled on this site because I was trying to get another free cruise :). Just remember to tell the person on the phone that you only want the tickets, no extra nights, no hotel stay or anything. You may have to pay about $100 per person on port fee or less but it’s still worth it.

  • Royce Van Blaricome

    I have received TWO phone calls from a local Area Code #. Both started off with a woman acting as though she was surprised to speak with me or somehow got distracted. She then launches into their spiel about them calling me because I’ve been on one of their cruises before (never been on one so that’s another lie) and when I said, “Oh really? What cruise was that?”; there’s no answer and she just keep right on talking. Doesn’t take long to realize it’s not a real person and is a scam. This time I stayed on the phone to get a live person and told them what happened and that I was reporting them to the BBB and that they might wanna read Revelation 21:8 to see where Liars end up. The guy says, “Well, that’s rude” and hung up.

    Why would anyone trust any company that starts out lying and with deceptive practices?

  • Ryan

    This “company” spoofs their call numbers to match your local area code. i.e. My phone number is 815-494-XXXX, the incoming call was listed as 815-494-YYYY. I talked to the “manager” who sent me an email with a “verification form” to supposedly authenticate that they were a legitimate business. The email address is cruiseinfo@securecruisecabin.com. STAY FAR FAR FAR AWAY FROM THIS ORGANIZATION. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Sconnie Chick

    I just received a call with a bubbly girl saying I’d won a 3-day/2-night stay in Sunny South Florida, 3-day/2-night in Ft. Lauderdale, AND a cruise to the Grand Bahama Island for another 3-day/2-night stay at a 4-Diamond Grand Lucian Resort & Spa… everything was included such as three meals a day, 8-day rental car with unlimited mileage, and entertainment on the ship. They said the retail was well over $3,950 and i’d only have to pay $1,670 for 2. We would need to cover airfare to FL and alcohol/gambling costs. When i said I needed to talk with my husband, the gentleman I was transferred to said this was a live offer & it wouldn’t be fair to others who were booking right away. Then he knocked down the price to $996 and included $337/person airfare credit and a $500 upgrade to a luxury oceanview cabin on the cruise. WOW. Then i asked if there was a cancellation period, so if I talked to my husband and he wasn’t down, i could call and cancel. He said that no, there wasn’t… but he could extend the time i have to schedule the trip to 24 months instead of 18. He THEN threw in another trip to Mexico! I was still hesitant because that’s a huge purchase, and this was sounding too good, so he (Thomas Harden, is what he said his name was) went and got his manager “Greg”. Who then told me, well, there is a cancellation period, but it’s different for each state… CA was a 3-day cancellation period. ALL the while i’m on the phone, I’m googling Grand Cruise Line Free Trip scam, and came across this site!! Glad I did. I can only imagine being out $449 (initial payment with payment plan offer) or $996. If it IS legit… they should give you time to process and give you a call-back date & time! First the number was a local number, then after I had “lost connection in the middle of giving them my credit card #” they called back from a different #:1-310-627-0662. Thomas did give me a customer care phone number:844-554-7263 (which i called, and he said they had been in business for over 20 years) and his ID#:118. They are REALLY convincing! But nothing is FREE or that discounted! There was no rhyme or reason for us to have won this 8-night 9-day trip. Guess I’ll be talking with my husband… but glad I didn’t purchase w/o him; despite Thomas’s numerous attempts to get me to surprise him. :/

  • LadyC

    I just received a call from someone named Ivan that said I won a promotional cruise for the Bahamas for 3 days and 2 nights and said I would only be responsible for the taxes for 2 people which was $65 each person and they asked which card would I be using. I told them I didn’t know if I was going to use my visa or MasterCard and I needed to check with my bank. After I put them on hold and came to this site and found out yes it was a SCAM because they have done this before. I told them I wasn’t going to give my information over the phone to them and they said well when you make reservations on line you use your credit cards I said the difference is you called me I didn’t call you to make the reservation. He then said well have a good day and hung up.

  • Chelsie Weaver

    I was call yesterday and was offer a 6 day 5 night vacation in Orlando with a rental car and meals paid for the whole trip. It sounded great and have 4 kids the price was unbeatable. $499 dor all that! So I said I’d take. I was distracted with my toddler and did think to ask for a number to call or confirmation number. The lady said she was going to email me and I have yet to receive an email. Can anyone give me a number to call! Or should I just dispute the charges with my bank? I’m kinda freaking out! TIA

  • SS Bullship

    I just got a call from Grand Celebration Cruise Lines offering a very attractive & thoroughly explained deal. While I was on the phone, I googled them to find the video above as well as many other complaints and SCAM warnings which led me to decline the offer. But for those doing their research…

    The week & a half long trip included:
    –2 nts at Univ.Studios Orlando.
    –2 nts at a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale (I missed the name).
    –2 days at sea, departing from Palm Beach, staying in a VIP top level ocean-view cabin w/ all meals aboard included.
    –2 nts at Grand Lucayan Resort (meals not included)
    –1 nt at sea, reurning to port at Palm Beach.
    * You have 18 months to decide dates of travel.
    **NO Blackout dates, other than Dec.24-Jan.4**
    –Their 1st Offer=$1470.
    –Then they brought it down to $996 (as an airfare credit to allow me to save that amount in order to buy my own airfare).
    –Then they gave me the option of taking off the 1st 2 nts in Orlando and just going straight to the 2 nts in Ft. Lauderdale, cutting the trip short by only 2 nts, for a total of $748.
    –I was told I would be responsible for paying:
    –my own airfare for all guests.
    –All Tips & Gratuity, plus the automatic charge on board ship of $12.95/per person per day.
    –Upon entry a port fee will be charged for 2nd & 3rd guests only=$129/each.
    –All meals at Grand Lucayan are not included.
    –There is a 2nd day “resort tour”, but they claimed there would be no timeshare presentation b/c they are a cruise line and therefore are not trying to sell you anything but a cruise/vacation package.

    Too good to pass up, right?! Well, I passed. There’s just no way it could be legit. Sorry to “Charles the Cruise Director” and “Thomas in the Welcome Center” (who admittedly were standing right next to each other). They were kind and thorough. But your jobs are going to bring nothing but bad karma. You should look for a more honest line of work.

  • Judi Maas

    I was the phone with this group for about 15 minutes yesterday and talked to 3 different people. I was offered a 3 days and 2 nights stay at Ft. Lauderdale and free car rental for the entire time we were there. Then a cruise to the Bahamas for 3 days and two nights with free food and entertainment on board plus dinner with the Captain oen night. After that we would spend 3 days and 2 nights in Orlando at one of the Disney resorts, with offers to Disneyland, Sea World, etc. They would give us $100 for gas reimbursement, if we drove our own car. We had a year and a half to use the offer. All for the price of $776./person plus $118 taxes. They did say we had to listen to an hour and half talk about buying property. I said I wouldn’t do anything without talking to my husband because he is having surgery coming up and couldn’t commit to anything at this time. I was transfer to a woman who couldn’t believe it that I wouldn’t take advantage of this offer. I asked them to send me the information in the mail and that I would get back to them. They said they would email it to me, I gave them my email address. I received nothing. I got transferred again to another guy who assured me that the info had been forwarded to me. He was very pushy. I told him that I couldn’t talked to my husband now because he was playing golf. He told me to call him and he would explain everything to him. I told him no. He said “can’t you make any decisions on your own” and I said not for something like this. He told me that I was going to lose this offer if I didn’t make up my mind now. He kept arguing with me and finally said “cut her off”. Line went dead.

  • Heather
  • Anita

    Well, I too was targeted by this Grand Celebration scam today as well. The call came from 951-406-2063 so they use local numbers to make you think they are legit. This guys name is Gabriel. He tried to convince me this is a limited offer and would terminate as soon as we hang up. He asked for my address which I quickly responded by saying I do not give anyone my information with out knowing anything about him, I need time to research the company and/or cruise ship before giving him my money. He claimed that this is a “Live Offer” and needed to be completed with registration and $118 payment. He told me he understood my hesitation and that I could do my research at MS GRAND CELEBRATION and so I did to find this site with a wealth of information, all while he was on the line. I shared I found this site mentioning they are scam artist, he didn’t deny it and hung up. Had a good solid feeling there was no truth to this offer. Please people, always remember…. nothing in this life is free – always use caution and safety before disclosing personal information. Good Luck.

  • cora

    Got a call from them today about me being selected for a one time 75% discount for a 7 day stay to ft Lauderdale, the Bahamas and Orlando. He told me the about the free rental car and the cruise to Bahamas. I asked him was this a timeshare. He said without all the” business aspect of it”. What does that mean? Well he told me I had to pay 1670 upfront I said I didn’t have it so he told me to hold so that he can go fetch his manager but I just hung up. After reading these comments I am so happy I didn’t fall prey to their foolishness

  • Amanda NT

    WOW Its amazing the spiel these guys give and want you just to give you $1552.00 I was looking it up as he was talking I randomly asked how much more for 2 kids he got someone else which then turned into way more than i could handle glad i read all of these too!!

  • David

    We have been plagued by these robot calls, two lines, a call every 4 or 5 days. Today I played along with one from “Grand Bahama Cruises” without giving him any real info. I then asked to be put on their Do NOT Call list. He politely agreed. We’ll see.
    Does anyone know how to PERMANENTLY stop these nuisance calls? They use virtual numbers to disguise their origin so it appears impossible to stop them.

  • Acaria

    Big scam- do not give your credit card to them.

    They call me from 925-306-1727 saying they want to promote free cruise to the Bahamas and pay port taxes today for $130.00 for two and have 18 months to use the free cruise.

  • Vicki

    I got a call from 813-533-9223 in Florida, a recording from a radio station—I had to answer 3 questions to win the trip for the cruise to the Bahamas (all inclusive all expense paid). Once I humored myself and answered the questions by pressing the keypad on my phone they hung up. Never got my name or anything. I got paranoid thinking “omg, did they hack my phone!!??” lol. So I called the number back, and it wouldnt go thru. I called from a landline and it went through, and I did the 3 question answers–but chose wrong answers and no matter what I answered it said “that’s correct”. I am talking about “which artist wrote and performed the song Beat it?” I said Pink lol and it said “correct”. It is a scam all the way. I dont know if this is the same company, but it freaked me out.

  • Christine Lewis

    Booked a cruise on the Grand Bahamas ship, cant seem to get a confirmation email on travel dates. I feel like I am in the same boat(no pun intended) as all of the above. I live pay check to pay check and have just been ripped off for plenty. I dont see anyway to get my money back and am supper upset. If anyone has successfully been given a refund feel free to share, please. I will be making a big stink about this for sure.