Cruise Passengers in JamaicaNewspapers in Jamaica are reporting that two U.S. citizens from a Carnival cruise ship are unaccounted for after disembarking in Falmouth on Monday, January 12th.

The two men are identified in the Jamaica Observer as 42-year-old Shelby Person and 45-year-old Tyrone Rideout, both of Weeping Willow, Maryland.

They disembarked from the Carnival Victory shortly after its arrival in port around 10:00 a.m. The Jamaica Observer newspaper said that the men have not been seen or heard from since. Police officers conducted checks at various hospitals and the surrounding areas but they proved futile.  

There is speculation on the Jamaican Observer website about what might have happened to the men, ranging from the men might be partying out in the mountains to being victims of a crime.

There were a couple of incidents like this a couple of years ago when a passenger from the Carnival Freedom disappeared when the ship reached Ocho Rios in August 2012.  

A family of three temporarily could not be located after the Carnival Freedom ported in Ocho Rios in August 2012. They left with their luggage but were later located by police.

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January 15, 2015 Update: Carnival said today: "Please note that these guests simply missed the ship but we have been in contact with them and are assisting in getting back home."


Photo Credit: Jamaica Observer


  • Anonymous

    My guess is that they disappeared on purpose and are up to no good.

  • tinikini

    Oops smoked a little bit too much and missed the ship. LOL Glad to hear that they are okay!!!

  • Teresa Hatfield

    I am the common law wife of Shelby Person, he did not intentionally “disappear”? I haven’t heard from him since 3pm yesterday stating he was boarding a ship back to the US and I have now read an article stating he had been arrested for breaching immigration laws? I have no way to contact the police, to see if he’s safe, or to aid in his return to the US? Please HELP!

  • Roger Ritthaler

    I recently went out the security gates in Falmouth. It was scary to me. One should think many times before doing so.