The St. Lucia News Online reports that a fire aboard Oceania Cruises’ Insignia cruise ship has resulted in three people being sent to the hospital this morning.

The online newspaper states that a fire broke out on the Oceania cruise ship which was docked at Port Castries this morning.

The newspaper further states that according to the St. Lucia Fire Service, one of the three persons is being treated for exposure to the fire (smoke inhalation & respiratory distress). There are no reports Oceania Insigniaregarding the medical condition of the other two persons. The reports do not mention whether these individuals are passengers or crew members.

There are hearsay comments on the Cruise Critic boards that a crew member died, although this has not be confirmed at this time.

The information currently released is that sometime after 9:00 a.m., the fire broke out in the engine room of the Insignia which was moored in Berth 5 at Port Castries. 

The Insignia is an old ship, constructed in 1998. 

December 11 2014 Update: Oceania has confirmed that the fire caused three (3) deaths. The cruise line released this statement:

"Three crewmembers and two contractors who were working onboard were transferred to a local medical facility. We are deeply saddened to learn that two contractors and one crewmember did not survive. We extend our deepest condolences to their families during this very difficult time." 

According to the St. Lucia News Online, the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) stated at a press conference that the three men died after sustaining "severe burns." 

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Ivan T.

  • I am forever astonished that ship built in 1998 is referred to as an ‘old’ ship. Do they use dog years to make this determination? And wasn’t she completely re-done very recently?

  • 16 years is about as old a ship you will find in today’s bigger, better, smarter & more expensive cruise ship environment with cruise ships costly in excess of 1 billion dollars.

    $50 million (pocket change) was poured into the ship this year in mostly cosmetic “improvements.”

  • abejeh

    Three people have been confirmed dead after a fire broke out on Ocean Cruises’ Insignia at Port Castries this morning. At a press conference at the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) headquarters this afternoon, officials said the three crew members sustained severe burns.

    A 42-year-old male is also under observation at hospital for mild smoke ingestion. The names and nationalities of the dead were not disclosed. According to the authorities, the fire started in one of the ship’s four engines.

    All 600 passengers were evacuated. The ship had 400 crew members. The cruise ship will be docked in Port Castries, until the engine is repaired. In the meantime, reservations are being made for the passengers at various hotels. The cruise ship came from Barbados and was heading to St. Vincent next.

  • Theodor Keil

    We are booked on this ship on Dec. 17th to cruise to the Amazon River and back to Miami.
    Are we going or what happens?

  • Carmen Romo

    I’m so saddened by the lost of crew members IRE

    I’m so sorry to hear that crew members were lost in the fire I was thinking about my first trip on Insignia in September of 2011 It such a Beautiful Ship and I had a pleasant and wonderful trip it was the trip of a lifetime and how all the crew members made me feel special My prayers are with you all God bless everyone

  • Narine Karinyan

    The engine has issues back in August (Lisbon-Barcelona cruise) and had to move slower for 2 days changing schedules and they were not able to fix it and had to bring somebody from outside…we never heard back whether the issue was solved or not.

  • Janice

    What is the anticipated repair time?

  • Ma. luisa Hilario

    pls, give me an update and information about 3 person died in tragic accident,my husband is one of the crew of that ship. And until now i haven’t hear any news from him, If he is safe. I read in your facebook page that there is a comment from, Mr.Sandy Aton del Castillo extend his condolences to the Family of a 1 Filipino who died in that tragic accident.
    Thank you for your concern and it may help me a lot.

  • George Cobb

    Any estimate of repair time?

  • Tarrick nicholson

    i have work on that ship for , four years . Really old , yes . But donot care of us – crew only went got hurt they try to put us aside , I have old fore on there bigger ship . In 2011 , and they give me hard time afther . Cause try my best rise my life to out the fire an I got noting in the only , they just give us , more drill . I hope at lease the family can get some thing I did not . How they care for us , rising our live an in the end . Got shit .

  • gene0

    three people died and others have only concern for themselves by asking how long the ship will be out of commission…i guess that if you can afford the daily rate on this luxury line you don’t have to have concern
    for others !!! shame on you !!!

  • mary

    Very thankful that all my colleagues are safe and for all guests onboard that time.there is the reason why this things happened and only god knows…I am praying that insignia will done soon and the voyages will resume.
    Dear almighty god,
    400 crew need a job to support their families. Your great and good we cn’t do nothing without and support whos people working now to fix the engine, give them knowledge and this thing will not happen anymore.

  • inco

    I was working at the sistership.The common problem, which can lead to a fire, is engine vibration which affecting on engine high pressure fuel pipes. The weakest place situated very close to a turbocharger and if the pipe cracked, the fuel 120 degrees and 9 Bar pressure sprying directly on turbocharger 350 degrees working temperature….
    Fire occurs very fast..seconds…
    All depends from crew, their reaction and correct action…
    Regular proper inspection to be done as well to prevent all potential hazards….

  • Story from a St. Lucian online newspaper with photo of ship burning:

  • Dewight Batucan

    Please take good care of those people who died, their family, son, daughters, waiting for them this Christmas, hoping for them to come back after their work. Provide them their benefits, it isn’t easy to lost your love one’s.


    My wife and I were aboard this ship at the time of the fire. The confusion by the crew, the lack of information and misinformation by the crew all is inexcusable. No one but no one mentioned what we heard about 913am. We were getting onto the aft elevator on deck 6 when the power went out. Simultaneously, we heard an explosion. The doors to the hallways and those in the hallways automatically closed. The ship’s medical team was no where to be found throughout the day and evening. A passenger, a USN doctor, Cindy Stevens spent the day and evening attending to anyone in medical need. She was the only one doing this. The ship’s doc did appear very late in the evening in the ferry terminal to attend to a passenger with a spider bite! Doctor Stevens is a true HEROINE for doing what she did. In my opinion she saved lives of some passengers in medical need. Oceania needs to review what and where the ship’s medical team was, why they failed to aid passengers on the dock or in the terminal and if necessary, fire them!