Costa LuminosaThis morning I learned that a fire reportedly broke out on a Costa cruise ship in the early morning hours on December 11, 2014.

The cruise ship involved reportedly is the Costa Luminosa.

Around 5 a.m. on December 11th, while the cruise ship was sailing in the North Atlantic, diesel engine number 4 reportedly caught on fire.

The fire was confined to the engine room and was extinguished. There is no indication that any crew members were injured.

The fire reportedly occurred on the same day as the deadly engine room fire on the Oceania Insignia.

Interested in the issue whether cruise ship fires are “rare” as the cruise industry claims?  Read our article: Ten Years of Cruise Ship Fires – Has the Cruise Industry Learned Anything?  (Written before the Carnival Splendor and Carnival Triumph engine room fires).


Photo Credit: Wikipedia / jpta Creative Commons 3.0

  • mary

    does not surprise me, think about it, these ships just keep going and going like the “energizer bunny”. Turn around time is HOW LONG????? When do these ships actually get any down time to get some rest and maintenance? We don’t even drive our vehicles this way! We used to cruise but not these days don’t trust the system anymore.

  • pepe

    I am on board of the Costa Luminosa, we just arrive to Antigua. There is a rumor that the ship can not continue salling and that were going to be informes of this situation tonight. Also they say that the croe is in very bad condiciones because of the incident. I wonder, If Costa decide to not continue or modify the cruise, what can we as pasassangers expect and Claim?

    Best regards

  • Pepe

    Hi, I want to update the situation. We arrived yesterday to Miami and everything was alright. Costa did not change anything and the rest of the trip was amazing. I appreciate the effort of the crew, making this cruise an espectacular one.

    Best regards

  • Georgina

    I was a witness of this incident because I was inside of this ship.

    I was sleeping with my mom and brother when this electrical generator exploted. The ship shaked as same as an earthquake and 400 passengers from lowered decks were evacuated but the rest of the passenger, like me, was inside of our cabins. The ship drifted and was turning 360* afortunally the sea was calm. All people got scared.

    It was a completly disaster about emergency evacuation procedures because they must evacuated all people from the cabins with the lifejackets and stay on the 3th deck in order to get inside of the lifeboat if it needed. I didnt understand why we needed to learn the emergency procedures at port when they didnt do it. They were playing with our lifes.

    We were 3-4 days from any nearest island or country.

    I prayed to God to arrive safelly to Antigua.

    The ship was delayed two hours to departure from Antigua.

  • Kees

    In de nacht van woensdag 10 dec. op donderdag 11 dec. zijn we om 4.55 uur wakker geschrokken op de Costa Luminosa van hevige schokken van het schip en een harde knal.
    Via de intercom werd omgeroepen brand in motor 4.
    Huilende mensen aan boord. Enkele lage dekken ontruimd.
    Spannende, emotionele momenten aan boord!
    Het heeft een dag geduurd voordat alles weer werkte aan boord.
    De dagen daarna minder ontspannen gecruised en thuis gekomen nog een nare droom over scheepsramp gehad en komen de emoties eruit.
    Tot nu toe geen compensatie van Costa ontvangen, wat we wel verwachten.


    Crying people aboard. Some low decks cleared. Thrilling, emotional moments aboard!

    It has a day time before everything worked again on board.
    The days after less cruised relax and come home yet had a bad dream about shipwreck and get the emotions out. So far no compensation from Costa received, what we expect.

  • caz

    Hi all I was aboard the luminosa when this incident occurred and my experience was a positive one. We were awakened when the ship juddered to a halt. We had a cabin on deck 5 we opened the cabin door to see what was happening and our steward was already in place as per the ships emergency drill procedures he reassured us not to worry and advised us to stay in our cabin saying should we need to evacuate he would let us know. Yes the ship was without power but the emergency lighting was bright. Had the sea been rough the experience may have been more scary, the public address system was used to update us on the situation and power was restored and we were moving again in about an hour. The next day it was business as usual there were rumours of problems ahead but as they didn’t come to fruition I believe they were unfounded. Throughout this 18 night cruise the whole crew (except the tour staff) were magnificent they were welcoming hard working and went the extra mile to make my holiday memorable. Thank you Costa Luminosa

  • ansaldi

    j’etais aussi a bord du costa lumionosa avec ma soeur.nous avons eu tres tres peur.tres peu d’informations a bord.j’en suis encore choquée comme beaucoup de croisieristes que j’ai rencontre

  • Peter Rabone

    Hi my wife and myself were also onboard during the fire incident. We were on deck 6. I thought first that we had collided with something although I knew we were far from land. Very soon we were informed over the intercom about the fire. We decided to get dressed in warm clothing and sit and wait. After a time we were informed that the fire was now extinguished and shortly after the ship got underway again. Our impression is that the crew behaved very professionally. I have training in offshore safety procedures and cannot find anything to criticize the crew for concerning their behaviour under the emergency.