As I mentioned in my article two days ago, ICV’s Ken Carver Outlasts Cruise Industry, Ken Carver has been on a crusade to bring greater safety and transparency to the cruise industry since 2004 when his daughter Merriam disappeared on a Celebrity cruise to Alaska. In my opinion, it was not only the loss of his daughter which motivated Mr. Carver, but the despicable way that the cruise line treated him that turned him into a lifetime advocate for families who lose a family member on the high seas.  

According to ABC 15 Phoenix, "Kendall Carver said his story is proof that the cruise industry hasn’t been honest about crimes committed on board. He said he hopes new legislation will keep what happened to his daughter from happening to anyone else." 

"Every two weeks somebody goes missing on a cruise ship. Merriam’s case was just one of the ones that happens every couple of weeks."  

Mr. Carver and the organization which he founded, International Cruise Victims, have brought international attention to the problem of missing persons and crime on cruise ships. This morning, the U.K.’s Daily Mail published an article about Mr. Carver and the new cruise safety law entitled "New Regulations Force Cruise Companies to Publish Online Crime List Documenting Statistics for Thefts, Rapes and Murders Committed on Ships." 


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  • Axel Krack

    Happy New Year Jim and the rest of the world…

    From a distance, for me it looks like a typical American problem. Well, it is a shame with all the crime, but I was there several times, Bahamian Islands, I had spend my honeymonn on this place.
    I guess, the major problem is the huge amount of pax on this ships, landing every week, like a bus.

    Crossing fingers for improving of all problems

  • Kudos to people like Kendall Craver, who turn a personal tragedy into an opportunity to create a better world. This is what he has done with the enactment of this law. But I think, this is just the beginning, there is a lot to be done to prevent the loss of lives in various cruises around the world.

  • Hi Ken

    Keep up your good works as I take my first cruise with Carol Morris a 15 cruise veteran going down Mexico way. Did an in depth investigation on the cruise industry I cannot believe up until your work this industry has been allowed to run wild practicing reckless endangerment and all of the rest. Your actions will add a much needed level of responsibility.

    Thanks for your time
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    Phoenix AZ

    Banker turned Private Investigator Retired