One of the focuses of Cruise Law News is not only crime on cruise ships, but crimes in ports of calls. 

Cruise lines have a legal obliCrime in the Caribbeangation to warn passengers of crimes which occur in the ports of call where they take their passengers. Cruise lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean have agents in the ports and have first hand knowledge regarding which ports are dangerous. 

Cruising is not considered by the courts to be just "point to point" transportation, as in the case of the airline industry which has no duty to warn of crime in a destination the passenger picks to vacation. The ports of call are considered to be an integral part of the cruise experience. Cruise lines must tell their passengers if its safe to proceed down the gangway with their children. Unfortunately, cruise passengers have been mugged, raped and shot and killed. The problem is that many cruise lines don’t bother to tell their guests what their crew members already know. Some crew employees don’t get off the cruise ship in certain ports because of the fear of being a victim of armed robbery, but the cruise lines refuse to pass this information on to the passengers. 

Next week, I’ll publish the "Most Dangerous Cruise Destination of 2015." You can read my last list here. I’d like to hear from our readers which ports they have found to be dangerous, what experiences about crime ashore they wish to share, which itineraries they totally avoid, and what ports they chose to stay on the ship.

The cruise industry is too busy promoting the image of idyllic ports of paradise and selling excursions to tropical wonderlands to be honest with you. Next week we’ll give you our predictions regarding which ports you’re most likely to be at the wrong end of a gun during your cruise vacation.

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  • tinikini

    Oh no Jim, you better put on your backlash armor!!!!!

  • joanna Crewes

    Hope the locals and expats in Roatan will show some decorum and consideration before attacking Mr. Walker for reporting the truth. The statement from Dale Jones Wood from an older
    post was just horrific, and a direct display of the drug/gang related crime that plagues the Honduran mainland and a very small percentage of the local culture in Roatan.Even though a small number of these drug affiliated persons are and have infiltrated these idyllic islands, the numbers of direct crime on cruiseship visitors are still low and the current government is trying to keep Roatan crime at bay, so, local and expats please keep the comment postings at a CIVIL level; it could help Roatan in more ways than one.

  • Axel Krack

    Well, I had visit often the Bahamas and other places. You’ll find crime everywhere around the globe if you take a closer look. How ist the situation on other cruise lines outside the Carnival companies? In Africa for example. I guess, the increase of criminal acts could be also a part of the behavior. Especially of the US-citizen. It seems for me, it’s a special problem of US passengers.

    It looks like from the far distance, the the crime is waiting for the incomming cruiseships. For me as a German, who worked for European cruise companies, it’s quite easy to separate US citizens for maybe European people. So it’s maybe a “housebacked” problem.

  • Andy Smithers

    I will never go to Nassau or Ocho Rios ever!

  • Why?

    Nassau Bahamas without a doubt, Ocho Rios too, but I felt more danger in Nassau. Why do cruise ship companies continue to endangering people’s lives by going there? I’ll never go on a cruise ship vacation again, my life is worth more than that.

  • Tammy Rolle

    Just returned from visiting my family in Freeport and so glad to be back it Miami. I don’t know what has happened to my homeland, but it isn’t for the good of it that’s for sure. Last time I was there was 20 years ago, and it was already starting to get bad, but what is happening there now is sad, real sad. I didn’t even recognize the place, it was such a beautiful place when I was a child. Now all I saw was litter, graffiti, and heard loud gangster music through out the night, where is my culture? No one, and I mean no one was in the Christmas spirit, all they talked about was, taxes, crime and the Chinese buying everything they can. Honesty, I don’t think I will ever visit again, my two daughters were so depressed, and they don’t need that in their lives, life is hard enough being a teenager. I truly hope my country becomes great again, but from what I heard the people talking about, and saw their division among themselves, it seems it may take a long time for change; I’m heartbroken.

  • Paige Smith

    I think it is interesting to learn that there are some dangerous cruises to be aware of. I think that if you are properly prepared that you would be ok. I would definitely like to learn more about preparing for cruises.