Quantum of the Seas There came a point during the inaugural festivities aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas last night when I couldn’t help laughing.

The cruise line portrayed a gigantic (digital) American flag on the cruise ship’s massive screens. The crowd of travel agents, cruise bloggers, quasi-celebrities and Bon Jovi tribute band went wild.

The Royal Caribbean PR feed began releasing carefully posed photo-shopped images of the Quantum sailing next to the Statute of Liberty. The frenzied cruise fans and make-believe journalists began posting comments on Twitter like "iconic," epic" and "goosebumps."

Then one of my "Twitter friends" tweeted #USA #cruise and posted a photograph of old glory. 

What on earth does the USA have to do with the Quantum?

The ship was built in Germany. Royal Caribbean is incorporated in Liberia (think civil wars & Ebola) to avoid U.S. taxes. The Liberian corporation registered the ship in Bahamas (think corruption and crime) to avoid U.S. safety laws and labor regulations. After a few months, the ship will be home-ported in Shanghai, China (try not to think of human rights violations). The crew members are over 95% from the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Eastern Europe and South and Central American.  

About the only connection to the USA is that’s where the cruise CEO’s live in their waterfront Miami mansions. 

Quantum of the Seas Statute of Liberty

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Photo credit: Twitter and Royal Caribbean

  • Roland Edstrom

    What do you mean by “photo-shopped images of the Quantum sailing next to the Statute of Liberty” ???

  • Cynthia Neu

    But their best customers are Americans. I’d like to think Royal Caribbean was telling us, “Thank you!”

  • Sylvia

    So very well said Jim. People really are so gullible when the PR departments get a good campaign going. I really hope that one day people will come to realize exactly how the money they worked so hard for to spend on a Royal Caribbean cruise is being spent – it’s to make the owners extremely rich at the expense of the hard working crew who are only trying to make a better life for their families. Certain cruise lines just use these people as pure slaves! There are certain lines I will not travel with because of this very fact. To me, all the bells and whistles don’t make the cruise – it’s the hard working crew who are trying to make a better life for their families that make the cruise. And, Royal Caribbean is betting that their PR campaign will hook the North Americans into cruising with their line and will then have their “star” leave and be positioned so the Asian market can take it over. I’d guess that there will still be many North Americans who will be able to fly to Shanghai to board this ship – but they are only a minority and the ship will then be geared to the Asian way of life. And to the comment made by Cynthia Neu – you’re one of the gullible people who think that Royal Caribbean is thanking the “Americans”!!! They are thanking them by laughing all the way to the bank!

  • Tony Weaver

    As usual, you know fuck all…..!!!

  • Mr. Weaver:

    Nice to hear from you again.

    I see that the nanny goat is caught again in your Khyber you Wanker.

    Cheers . . .

  • John Goldsmith

    Hey Jim.
    I am from Canada and I know that we don’t get a great deal of cruise ships here, compared to the U.S. Mostly due to fees and the short seasons for cruising.
    Can your politicians not create a law in the Congress or Senate to require all Cruise ships that have head offices in the U.S. to register their vessels in the U.S. This will require them to comply with Labor Laws and Health Laws and the Man Overboard legislation, will it not.
    If nothing else it will literally close down the business that you comment on.
    Let me know on this Blog.

  • Steve

    Really!!!! Why dont you get a life and focus on something else…… you have no fucking clue what you are even talking about!

  • I agree with John Goldsmith – require all cruise ships headquartered in the US to comply with US laws. Then we can talk about the Statue of Liberty.

  • Linda

    Cruise ships are nothing but moving eco disasters. People that cruise are cheap and ignorant.

  • Mark

    It amazes me how you enjoy being negative about everything it comes from cruise lines.
    Bad news is the best news after all and how else the worms like you would live if world would be a nice place with no negativity to deliver..
    I wonder when you wake up and look in the mirror what do you see???

  • No last-name “Mark:”

    I see that you left an incomplete name and a bogus email address.

    Your internet provider (IP) address shows you’re sending me this message from a computer at Royal Caribbean’s headquarters in Miami.

    True “negativity” is perpetually over-working your stateroom attendants, under-paying your waiters, and forcing your crew to falsify time entries while building old school monster ships still burning nasty bunker fuel.

    True negativity is living a life of being a coward afraid to leave your own name.

    Can you even see yourself in the mirror?

  • Karl Meintzer

    All the money goes straight to the USA……

  • Marcos

    Unfotunatly all you care about is what some crazy thing you will do in the Bahamas and get smoked and buy some stupid shirt at Senior Frogs. You have no idea of what impact in eco systems these ships have. Why would you selfish ego centric we just need to know that the buffet is open 24hrs. Oh i love my waiter but i dont even know his name or, ups i mean i dont even care of what sacrifies he is making for your U$10.00 tips of your 7 day cruise! Enjoy!!!

  • Jonathan Ogden

    I have followed this blog for about 3 years now and I am a travel consultant who actively sells cruises among other vacations. I’d like to express gratitude to Mr. Walker for the knowledge he has brought to my profession. Though selling cruises is part of my job, I don’t believe myself to be a cheerleader for the cruise lines (I’ve heard you reference this many times). I believe that there are people that want/love to cruise and then there are others who want to really understand and enjoy a destination. I myself am not a huge cruise fan and after learning of all that comes with this business doubt I will ever become one.

    My favorite comments from your readers are the ones that attack you personally for providing information that the public should know before making a first time cruise vacation investment. One thing Dad always taught me is when someone doesn’t have a answer they will change the conversation to attack the opposition. I see this above. Americans should be outraged at the business politics of the cruise lines. As human beings we should be outraged at how the cruise line employees are treated. As parents we should be irate about absence of punishment of the pedophiles that are flown home to avoid US prosecution to save company face.

    From what I understand, Mr. Walker doesn’t make a living writing this blog. He makes his living as a Maritime Lawyer who represents victims of cruise related cases. You could argue that this blog is used to retain future clients or boost popularity but it doesn’t sound like that is needed.

    Mr. Walker simply tells you what the cruise lines don’t want you to know. I believe that knowledge is power and that is why I continue to stay informed. Thanks Jim!

  • David Baker

    Jim. Your comment about still burning nasty bunker fuel got me thinking.

    RCCL claim that they are above and beyond compliance with their environmental policies, yet they are still one of the lowest ranked operators in the industry in terms of how their operation affects the environment .. How can you be above and beyond compliance and not have an A+ environmental rating?

    Would you happen to know how many of the cruise companies are currently investing in developing cleaner fuels?

    I might be wrong but it is probably none, but they should be…

    The only reason why these companies care about the oceans is because it is how they make their money, and not for the better of the planet.

  • Lupin the third

    RCCL is not the only company that is registering the ships with “pirate” flags… Open your eyes Americans… Mr. Walker go further…

  • Robert

    It’s not just cruise lines that “flag” their ships in other countries. If you go to any port in the U.S. You will find most ships are flagged elsewhere. Due to the exact same issue.. MONEY….. As a follow on,,, The next time you drive around. Notice how many Tractor trailers have license plates for Oklahoma. A little known secret. Oklahoma used to UNDER cut fees for these registration plates. That is why you have so many trailers registered in Oklahoma… Sheeple just don’t want to know,,, Thanks Jim,,,