CNBC’s high-energy Simon Hobbs (my favorite) interviews Royal Caribbean Chairman Richard Fain about the Quantum of the Seas which is being called the world’s first "smart ship." 

Mr. Hobbs interviewed me last year about Carnival’s troubles following the ill-fated "poop cruise."  I found him to be fast-paced and quick-witted.

In the video, Mr. Hobbs asks the Royal Caribbean boss some interesting questions about Royal Caribbean’s decision to send the cruise line’s most spectacular cruise ship, with the NorthStar capsule contraption, iFly simulated sky-diving attraction (there’s already been an injury) and bumper-cars, to China.

Mr. Fain called the Quantum, his baby"wonderful, exciting, fantastic and terrific." He explained his intention of moving the cruise ship to Shanghai because his cruise line has received "terrific interest and great prices" from the Chinese.

I guess that sums it up.   


  • Leilah Geist

    I hesitate going on any cruise ship after my last experience. The toilet became disconnected and woke me up in the middle of the night ankle deep in water. I thought I was on the Titanic. We had to have a giant noisy fan blowing and walked in water for days. I have to calm down from that before I will ever go again. Let China have the ship

  • T2707

    The US should prohibit the ship from sailing in the US waters.

  • Michael Boxer

    My wife and are have been cruising twice a year since 1999 Millennium cruise and a hick up or two has occurred over these past years would never stop us from cruising on all lines

  • Barb Gerteisen

    We are sailing on the Quantum in April – can’t wait!! We plan to tack on a couple of days pre-cruise to spend in NY. We love the monster size ships of Royal Caribbean – we’ve sailed on the Oasis twice!! Looking forward to playing on the bumper cars and the sky diving simulator!

  • Chris

    you call this news? How about Royal Caribbean is building two more of these ships that will be placed in England and the United States?

  • Christeen Rossington

    Millions have been spent on entertainment.
    What about safety on board.
    Perhaps Man Overboard Systems.

  • yvonne

    We just got off the Allure of the Seas it was the best. We had never cruised before and out of 7 days I can count on one hand how many times we felt any waves. The ship was cleaner then any hotel we ever been too. It was a wonderful experience for the first time on a cruise.

  • Cindy Fitzpatrick

    Been on over 20 cruises with Royal caribbean. Never a problem.

  • ana

    Love it is the only company that gives money to.spend.the more you cruse the better for anyone food is excellent the crew very good the best with the guest.

  • Peggy GreenHickman

    I am sailing on the Quantum in May from Dubai. Can’t wait for this great experience!!!

  • Janet McKechnie

    Just four words.” You cant get better.”

  • Margaret

    can’t wait to sail on the Quantum this coming March 29th. We had our first Royal Caribbean Cruise last July and it was first class all the way. Can’t say enough about our experience. LOVED IT>

  • Annette Gordon

    I was invited as a Travel Agemt with Rubinsojhn Travel to be a Guest on the Quantum.

    I am looking forward to sailing and reporting back my
    reviews to my avid cruise clients.

    Annette Gordon

  • Shecara

    I have been on 3 cruises aboard Royal Caribbean ships. The crew are always friendly. The ships are always clean and their food is amazing. I love cruising and look forward to my next cruise with them.

  • David

    I can not believe some of the remarks on this. I have been cruising for over 12 years and yes have had a few troubles but it is the best way to see the world. As for not letting it in us waters that is so crazy a lot of the people in the USA want to close the door and not know nothing about the rest of the world I just got back from a cruise in Asia and it was the best It started in Shanghai went to north China Korea and Japan I learn so much from this cruise I have now seen most of the world from the deck of a cruise ship and as for safety they put a lot of money into making sure you are safe. with security cameras and other things that would take to long to write I have found out a lot of people who hate cruise lines are people who never have been on one I always use royal and celebrity and at the end of the cruise i feel like I was a king on board the ship by the way they take care of you.

  • Hayward

    I have been on other cruise lines, Royal Caribbean the best hands down.

  • McAdams

    I have been on the cruise ships almost once per year (sometimes more) for last 8 years, and recently encounter more numbers of Chinese on board. Which was not my favorite people.
    I was very much annoyed the way they don’t follow the waiting lines at buffet restaurant, eating like dogs, speaking (almost yelling) and eating at same time, sometime spit on the floor.
    And in theatre they keep whole row of the sheets.
    I have more to wrote.
    But I just want to say that I am worried that this beautiful ship might be quickly ruined by some people who did not (learned to) care or respect others.

  • Brenda

    R.C.C.L is my favorite I have been on 15 cruises and never had a problem, I would cruise with no other but Royal, I would love to cruise on this ship next year. Save sailing everyone. Those people who never went on a cruise please try it and you will want to go back every year, book with Royal Caribbean. Thank you Royal for keeping us happy and safe

  • Gerard

    Uwielbiam Royal i tylko te linie polecam

  • buffetman

    McAdams, I have seen that exact same set of behaviors by Chinese at a local (near Boston, MA) buffet. It is probably a straight up cultural difference.