A cruise passengers is missing from a Princess cruise ship heading towards Sydney today. The ship in question, the Sun Princess, is completing a 13-day cruise to New Zealand.

There is no explanation how or when the passenger went overboard.

Unfortunately, it again appears that this Princess cruise ship does not have am automatic man overboard system as required by the 2010 Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act.

Sun PrincessLast year there was an overboard passenger from the Sun Princess. I wrote this article last October: Princess Cruises: Why No CCTV or Man Overboard Systems on the Sun Princess?    

Princess Cruises released the following statement: 

"Princess Cruises confirms that an 84-year-old male passenger was reported missing early today onboard Sun Princess, which was on the way to Sydney completing a 13-day New Zealand cruise.

A thorough search of Sun Princess was conducted but the passenger could not be located.

The Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) in Canberra was contacted and Sun Princess turned around and retraced its path off the coast of New South Wales.

Sun Princess was scheduled to arrive in Sydney this morning.

She will continue its search efforts until released by the RCC.

Sun Princess’ arrival in Sydney will be delayed and the next cruise will be impacted." 

You can see a video of the story here.


Photo Credit: Daily Telegraph

  • Christeen Rossington

    Our son also went overboard to try and save his girlfriend who had jumped from a Carnival Cruise Line.

    They weren’t discovered missing till the ship arrived in Sydney …14 hours after they were reported missing.

    Neither body was ever found.

    When oh when will these multi-million dollar conglomerates invest in Man Overboard Systems for the safety and peace of mind of the general public Cruising.

    My heart goes out to the 84 year old’ family.

  • John Goldsmith

    I am reading the Act right now.
    In Section 3 Par (a) the act reads.
    ” Each vessel to which this subsection applies shall comply with the following design and construction standards”
    My question is.
    Does this act apply only to U.S. Registered Vessels?
    In Sec 2 Paragraph (7) it reads.
    “Except for United States flagged vessels, or foreign flagged vessels operating in an area subject to the direct jurisdiction of the United States, There are no Federal statutes or regulations that explicitly requires cruise lines to report alleged crimes to the U.S. Govt….etc”
    Where in this act does this say that Foreign registered vessels are subject to the requirements of this act.
    Can you help me with that?
    If they are not subject to the laws of the country they embark from, even if they are owned by a U.S. Corp. How can this Act be enforced?

  • Andy Smithers

    Here is a novel concept. Coast Guard will not allow passengers to board ship anywhere in the US until required safety equipment is on board and crew trained in its use. The overboard warning systems are required by law yet the Coast Guard still clears ships to sail from our ports. How is his possible?

  • John Goldsmith

    How about, not allowing U.S. or Canadian citizens from boarding vessels not registered in the U.S, or Canada, that do not comply with the standards established?