In a short article entitled "Man Shot Dead," the Nassau Guardian announced today that 99 people have been murdered in the Bahamas so far in 2014. The murder rate will exceed last year’s total.  The majority of the homicides have occurred in Nassau.  

The Tribune newspaper in Nassau contains a letter to the editor from a Bahamian citizen after he and his family were robbed for the eighth time. He said that his mother and sister were recently held up at gunpoint in their driveway. Criminals had previously kicked in his front door and ransacked his home, despite his "outdoor lights, alarms systems, powered gates." 

Nassau Bahamas CrimeHe lamented that he was "exhausted" and "fed up, despondent and depressed" that he could not protect his family and felt like a "prisoner in my home."

He expressed his conflict being torn between being a Christian and wanting to grab a gun and seek retribution.

The Bahamian newspapers announce armed robberies daily in New Providence, which is just one-tenth the population of Miami-Dade County.  

Will the $40-billion-dollar-a-year cruise industry do anything about crime in one of its favorite ports-of-call in the Caribbean? Will it invest any of its tax-free money into Nassau and focus on creating cruise-related jobs for the local citizens and security for the local residents and the tourists who travel there by cruise ship? Will it offer cruise jobs to the unemployed young men on the streets of Nassau?  Or will the cruise ships just up and leave if the 100th person gunned down in Nassau turns out to be a U.S. cruise passenger?   


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  • Matt

    Might want to insert “so far in 2014” in the headline and article itself.

    Enjoying your site very much!

  • Alana21

    OMG! is there no end to this madness?

  • Bengj

    As a former whale tail employee I can safely say that your articles need to be seen by many more eyes. While working I found many wrongs with the industry, the company, and the ports we visited. Thankyou for shinning a spot light on otherwise rarely publicized issues.

  • Dana
  • R#34

    The Bahamas’s front pages are starting to look like Mexico’s. Every day, year around, death, murder, death, how much can the human mind see, read, until it starts to fail? Isn’t there a word for that, it’s used on soldiers that have seen to much death in war.

  • D.C. 45

    Holy crap, this is the Bahamas, no way? I though it was in Cape Town, South Africa or something? I was just checking out some cruise around Italy and Ibiza Spain to see if it’s safe in that area and happen to hit the wrong page or something. My wife and I now since I’m tired , travel everywhere. We went to Turks and Caicos Islands about 4 years ago and we loved it. Now, we know it’s not part of the Bahamian chain, but you would think crime that close to their country would affect them too in some way. But we had no problems what’s so ever in TCI. The place is beautiful, the people were nice and the beaches are unbelievable. Well, hope all goes well for the Bahamas, never been there, got to get back to my search, see ya.