News reports are saying that a body washed ashore from the the Aegean Sea with characteristics of missing crew member Denisa Markoska who disappeared from the M/S Serenissima under suspicious circumstances 24 days ago. 

You can read articles from Macedonia here and here.

There is reportedly a similarity in the clothes with those worn by Ms. Markoska and Denisa Markoskathose on the body of the deceased person who washed ashore island of Karpathos.

There will be an autopsy and DNA analysis which should confirm the identity of the body. Such analysis may shed light on the cause of death and whether she drowned or died on the ship. 

The articles discuss that suspicions surround what occurred to the young woman on the cruise ship. Her mobile phone was found with the SIM card removed. The captain continued to sail for many hours knowing that Ms. Markoska had gone overboard, and he let the passengers all disembark before police began investigating the woman’s disappearance. There is widespread speculation in the Macedonian press that some women on the ship engaged in prostitution, although I have seen no direct evidence of that.    

We previously reported on the case in our article Mystery Shrouds Disappearance of 23 Year-Old Macedonian Crew Member from M/S Serenissima

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  • Valerie Hathorn

    my dad is retired and has been on 18 cruises around the world and so far hasnt run into any trouble so far. my question is do Cruise. lines do extensive back checks on all potential crew employee.???? It seems as if missing passengers especially crew members is turning into an epidemic. or work place violence.

  • Marianne Fearnside

    Too many mysteries surround people disappearing overboard. CCTV cameras on deck would help in some instances.

  • ivan

    Prostitution on board of Any vessel is common-use practice.All my experience on the ships shows the same,the girls wants More money to earn.But, sorry for that girl,which authority found in greece?So,,,i can say, not only girls are made prostitution, but many asian boys..!!Yes, indeed..They calling themselves not “gay” but–“girl”–

  • Robert Dean

    The girl Denisa Markoska from the city of Prilep, R.Macedonia, was the most decent person you can ever meet. It is more than clear that evil people took advantage of her. Maybe she was kidnapped, but if the DNA analysis proves it was her body found on the coast of the island Karpathos in the Aegean Sea, then serious international murder investigation must take place right away. The murderers of a such a lovely innocent girl must be brought to justice with no further postponing.

  • ivana

    J think that dead of Denisa is in very, suspicios circumstances, it’s very seed, shee vas very good person and she loves the life, j,am shore that she never doo suicide.The Company and the Capitan of the Ship, sey that to hide the trooth, because they should be responsible for her missing or dead.It’s totaly unbelivible the person who pllaning suicide to think on SIM card, of her mobile phone. How cen the ship,continued to sail, when capitan knows that crew member is missing,they whant to hide something.

  • Human

    It is very simple, the captain should be held as accomplice to murder and all of his crew that did not ask him to hold the ship and make further investigation. If the authorities consider that the life of a 23 year old is of no importance or less important than the life of the one who killed her, then whatever I say would be only a waste of breath…do not fall for the prostitute stories, no matter how appealing or interesting it seems, it is of no importance to the outcome….should we seek for a human with a candle??

  • Dule

    Sorry Denise she was a good and valuable employee I could not believe it when I heard. and when I was on that ship 2013. And I happened to be attacked by a crew member of the same from the Croatian like me and tried to kill me in Norway and the captain, he has not called the police did not even write it on report that he was drunk as they is not even vijerovatno given from the company to called the police because of their interest in the ship does not stop or whatever goes.

  • Lawrence White

    Very sorry this tragic situation befell beautiful Denisa. You can see in her pictures her love for life. The railing on the back of the MS Serenissima ship seems robust enough to prevent an accidental fall. It seems someone cruelly robbed this lady of her hopes and dreams. They need to be held accountable for their actions. Any word on the identification of the body found?

  • Vasil

    Denisa is not killed by herself, someone planned her murder. The murderer MUST BE IN PRISON-THE CAPTAIN MUST BE QUESSTIONED. Dule you have very good proofs! If it is true why do not you do something?
    Jesi iz hrvatske , onda shta ne prezemesh neshta, prijavi u hrvatskoj policiji, pomocicesh Denisi i njenjoj porodici! Molimo te ne stoj ukrshcenim rukama!