The Sea Princess is back in the news.  Following widespread coverage of "cruise from hell" articles about a noro-infected  cruise from Freemantle where the ship was nicknamed "Pandemic Princess," Princess Cruises announced that the sailing to Brisbane was canceled in order to address "technical problems" causing the ship to lose speed. 

Perth Now reports that Carnival Australia spokesman, which is responsible for the Sea Princess, stated that “all guests will receive a full refund of their cruise fare plus a 100 per cent future cruise credit.”

Passengers had complained during earlier cruises that the Sea Princess had been suffering from Adonis Sea Princessreduced speeds which shortened times in certain ports of call and required changes in the ship’s itineraries including dropping Bali and Broome.

A poster commented on the Cruise Critic boards: "this ship has been limping along slowly and arriving late to ports/missing ports for months. Princess handled this situation badly."

Another person commented: "Really disappointing. All summer long people have been saying that Princess should just bite the bullet and cancel a couple of cruises down the line and fix this ship. People would have had at least a couple months’ notice. Instead, they now have 1900 passengers kicked off on the second day of a cruise that never left port. What a mess."

It’s currently unknown how many cruises will be affected.

The Sea Princess is an old ship. It was built by Fincantieri, Italy and began sailing in 1998. It was transferred to P&O Cruises in 2003 and renamed the Adonia (photo above right). It was transferred back to Princess in 2005.  

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Cruiser1210 Creative Commons

  • Sharon murphy

    My husband and I joined sea princess on April 7 in Brisbane and it was immediately obvious that the ship had mechanical problems. We spoke to Swedish marine engineers who had just joined and were staying on until Honolulu to help fix the many problems then. We had severe air conditioning issues in cabins throughout the ship which were not rectified as well as bathroom / toilet flooding issues. We were lucky to be offered a change of cabins where the a/c worked but only after 6 days of complaints to front desk. We were fortunate that the ship got us back to sydney on May 14 after a 37 day voyage. Our first and last princess cruise. Will be staying with cunard and holland america.

  • Jan Brown

    How very sad, I have been on Sea Princess a few times & it was wonderful.
    I feel shattered for the crew though as they work so dam hard & it means no guests no money, how wrong is that. It is not their fault that the ship requires fixing!!

  • Yvonne Hite

    After checking on our trip with the Sea Princess October 13th via New Zealand to 27th, also checked our tours and paid the balance $890.00, then I read the news of the cancellation of a current cruise.
    We are lost for words especially after paying for our tours(should have read the news first I guess)
    What happens to our tour now as from what we read the ship could be in dock for repairs etc.

  • Col Stockwell

    Have cruised many times with Princess Cruises on both the Sun and Sea Princesses. These ships are great to holiday on. These ships and others in the fleet are tired and need some major work done. Princess Cruises needs to schedule and do this work ASAP before it is too late and further problems arise. Take the ships out of service fix them up.

  • Janice Phoenix

    We boarded the ship in Singapore and although disappointed that we didn’t visit two of the ports the crew and management were amazing. We had a fantastic cruise and cant wait to cruise with Princess again.

  • Tony

    My wife and I have sailed on the sea princess a few times, including the 2013 world cruise and loved it… Yes on one of the cruises, there was a issue with the running to times and agree it should be fixed… However, it did not detract from the holiday… The ship’s amenities are still first class, the service that comes from the staff is of the highest standard and we both are looking forward to our next 42 day cruise in April 2014 with the Princess Cruise Line… See you onboard…

  • Russell Otway

    Love the page, love reading everything you post. But its ” Fremantle” with pnly one e. By the way I work onboard the carnival breeze. If you ever need anything

  • Carol Wood

    I have a group of 30 people booked through Tripaway Gold Coast leaving on 27th Oct. till 10th Nov. It’s the third group I’ve taken away. Previous two on Pacific Dawn…wonderful. Great time on Celebritiy Mellennium over Xmas New Year & thought we’d give the Sea Princess ago. What are we in for??? Should we look at transferring to another ship???? Don’t want to miss out on any of our Ports of Call due to a faulty ship.

    All very anxious…would appreciate your advice.

  • Ken W. Smith

    We had a disastrous experience on the Brisbane-Freemantle cruise starting June 22, 2014. The itinerary kept changing, long after we had purchased nonrefundable tickets (both on Princess and also airfare from US to Australia.) The cruise staff lied to us, misled us and simply kept smiling no matter what we said. (We needed resolutions, not fake smiles!)
    The shortened Broome stay was so disorganized that few people got off the ship. (They blamed the disorganization on the change in itinerary and seemed to believe that having cruise director Simon telling jokes while we all waited in the Vista Lounge for 3 hours was sufficient replacement for really seeing Broome. Not funny.)

    When I returned to the US, I looked up trying to complain to the Better Business Bureau, but Princess already has an F rating with BBB and apparently doesn’t care.

  • Mary Messer

    We are booked on the cruise leaving Brisbane on Monday 29th Sept. and are still waiting to hear if it is going ahead. I asked to get a refund and was told they have until the night before to let us know. I have taken holidays and arranged for someone to house sit and it’s all up in the air.

  • chris smith

    i am booked on the sea princess from brisbane to N Z and back to brisbane .all we have told is that the sea princess is in dry dock being repaired.we can not find out if they are still going on 29th sept.we live 5hrs from would be great if princess could tell us if the cruise is still going.regards chris

  • Chris Frederiks

    We are booked for our third trip on Sea Princess to New Zealand on 10th November. Our last trip on Sea Princess was in January this year 2014 to Fiji and South Pacific. Our toilet kept blocking up due to people putting foreign objects down the toilet system We were advised beforehand that the Norvovirus was onboard. We did not suffer from it nor see many people with it, fortunately.
    Hope Princess have ironing out all its problems with Sea Princess by then.

  • John Tonkes

    We are booked on the 27th Oct sailing, and having read all the comments, It would seem to be a simple action by Princess to be honest and advise at least impending passengers of the true situation.
    We can accept the truth, not a smokescreen.

    John Tonkes