WTSP 10 in Tampa reports on a cruise where Carnival disembarked a couple in Cozumel from the Legend after the husband had a “minor Alzheimer’s episode, leaving his stateroom alone at 4 a.m. for a cup of coffee.”

Carnival personnel claim that they found the husband disoriented and the ship doctor declared him to be a danger to himself, so the ship disembarked the couple off the ship at the next port.

But when the news station contacted Carnival, the cruise line “quickly admitted the situation was Carnival Legendmishandled” and reimbursed the cost of the cruise and the airfare home.

Carnival claims that it initially provided a future credit for the unused days of the couple’s cruise. However, given the “specialized circumstances” in this case, Carnival said that it was proceeding with a full refund for the unused days of the cruise as well as reimbursement for their flights home.

The strange thing about the story is that neither the cruise line nor the passengers explained what the “specialized circumstances” were.

Cruise lines are legally entitled to remove a passenger from a cruise ship if the captain or ship physician determine that they present a risk to their own well-being or that of any other passenger or crew member.

We have reported on cases similar to this before. It sounds like Carnival handled the situation better than Celebrity Cruises did when it kicked an elderly couple off the Millennium and abandoned them after the wife exhibited signs of dementia.

Watch the video here.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Robertsrules Creative commons 3.0

  • Bonione

    I feel Carnival followed the right procedure. It is their responsibility to keep all passengers safe from anything on their ship and that would include the gentleman with Alzheimer. What would stop him from jumping into the big swimming pool or going down below to the engine room and getting hurt? The wife knew her husband had Alzheimer moments so yes, she had a responsibility to/for her husband also.

  • tinikini

    Bet they wouldn’t have kicked them off if they were drunk and roaming around at 4 a.m. looking to buy a drink. Geeeeeze everyone has a “moment” every now and then. What ever happened to being kind and just assisting the person. The ships personnel could always monitor the situation. They say they don’t have cameras all over in real time, but they do. A good family friend makes and sells the ships the systems for security and surveillance.